Next Deck to Run

by Omar ~ December 22nd, 2009.

Well, now i go back into that mode where i have no clue on what i wanna play that will win, and at the same time, will be fun. Flychamp and Gengar are both out of the picture as of now, since they are both extremely boring :S. The more and more i think, the more and more i want to go SP, but unfortunately, i would need to spend like 100$ on 3 cards. lawl. Uxie lv. X, Luxray g lv. X, and Promocroak (toxicroak G Promo) inorder to do so.

With those cards, options start to fly out of nowhere, i could run Luxray infernape, i could do Blaziken Luxray, i could try palkia lock with of course luxray, and even beedrill with a luxray tech. So many options.

If i dont go SP, i dont know what other deck to play other then Gengar and flychamp. Porygon Z is for next season when i have the double colorless and i can abuse my opponents double colorless and calls and whatever they be using :)


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