Ava’s Research (Supporter)

by Ed ~ December 28th, 2009.

Well, we went to the Rapid City Pokemon League on Saturday. It was the morning after a pretty good snow storm (and Christmas), so they didn’t get a good turnout. They said that they’d usually get around 20 players, but they got 3 (besides Ava, my two brother-in-laws, and myself). I was hoping to earn some Claydols, but they didn’t have any. I ended up with a new Uxie and a Snorlax. The guys there were cool, and they taught me how to play 2-vs-2. I accidentally won our first 2-on-2 match when I double-donked each of their only Pokemon for the win. The second game was much longer.

Ava wouldn’t play at league. She did play around and one of the guys played her Next Quest TFG with her, so that was cool. After league, though, I was getting convinced that Ava would not play in the City Champ on the 10th. I asked her if she still wanted to, and she said she did. I told her that she’d have to practice with me every day, and she agreed.

Sunday evening, I got her to play against me. I used VERY suboptimal green deck (Beautifly) against her, and she whooped me. I believe that she double-donked me on her first trainer turn, and she finally won after getting 6 prizes. I was very pleased with how she played. I helped a bit, but she remembered how to play most of the cards. She even used a double Poke Drawer+ the right way and got 2 Crobat Gs for a midturn prize.

This morning, they went skiing, but I asked her to play me before they went. I played my somewhat junky (but sometimes effective) SP deck against her. I don’t think she got any midturn prizes on this one, but I ran out of energy and didn’t put up a real fight. At one time, though, I did Cyclone up one of her Uxies and then put it to sleep for a couple turns. I helped her out a lot on this play, but she went drawing with Uxies/Bucks/etc. and finally (on her third Super Scoop Up) returned Uxie to her hand and KO’d Whiscash. That was pretty much the end of the game, because after 3 KOs, I ran out of Pokemon.

Before leaving to go ski, Ava asked if we could have a mini-tournament. I think we are going to get Ava, Tonya, myself, and one of Tonya’s brothers to play a 4-player bracket. If Ava wins, she’ll get a good prize, but she’ll have to do it without help this time.

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