Spiritomb Porygon

by Ed ~ January 5th, 2010.

porygon2-geI’d like to use the new Spiritomb AoA to annoy opponents for fun and profit, but I really don’t want to play that Glistomb lock. It just seems mean. Omar recently supplied me with a Porygon deck, and I was wondering how Spiritomb might work with Porygon.

Porygon2 GE allows you to “play” an extra supporter each turn. While running such a deck, you’d use lots of supporters available to abuse this power. Of course, Spiritomb can rain on your own parade, because you’d also run trainers (like lots of TMs and VS Seekers). What I’m curious about, though, is if Spiritomb can stall the opponent enough so that, when you are ready to attack, the opponent isn’t sufficiently prepared.

Spiritomb ARTo do this, you’d want to start with Spiritomb. This stops the opponent from playing trainers. It also stops you, but you can stick to supporters until you’re ready to retreat the Tomb. Having Tomb active really isn’t bad either, because his free Darkness Grace attack helps you evolve your benched Porygons. Ultimately, you’d want to play an early Roseanne’s to get a benched Porygon (and Baltoy, Unown Q/G, Energy, a second Porygon, Uxie, etc.) and then Darkness Grace in a Porygon2/Claydol. When you’re ready to rock, get yourself an Unown Q (or an energy) to allow you to easily retreat the Tomb, play all your trainers/TMs, and attack for big damage.

I’m also curious if Staraptor FB LvX would help this strategy by potentially getting extra supporters. The big drawback here is that it’d have to be active to level up. Porygon-Z’s free Learning attack can level it up on the bench, but once you have an active Porygon-Z, I think you’d want to be using the Overload attack instead. It is worth mentioning that Staraptor has a free retreat, so it’s not horrible if you can Warp Point him up, LvX him, and retreat him (or something like that).

All this being said, though, I’m still not convinced that this Porygon/Spiritomb combo can be really any better than Porygon without Tomb. I mean, you can always stall for a turn or two with Mr. Mime, but that doesn’t hinder the opponent from setting up. The question here is whether or not Spiritomb would sufficiently hinder your opponent while allowing you to set up, and (if it does) whether it makes the deck better, worse, or just different.

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