Pokemon Deck Workshop

by Ed ~ January 21st, 2010.

I really like how this website is shaping up. We’re getting a good amount of interesting Pokemon TCG articles here. We’re even getting more and more traffic from people searching for information about different decks and cards. In fact, our top search is for info about a dialga garchomp deck, so Omar will need to write an article titled “Dialga Garchomp Deck” in the near future. [winks and points finger at Omar]

So, the site is becoming a good repository of information, but I feel like we’re missing out on it being a good resource/medium for discussing things as a team and working together to create something or come to a decision as a whole. A tournament report really ought to be one guy’s take on what happened, and the comments are probably just going to be like “good job” or whatever. Reporting about how a deck worked while play-testing or in an actual tournament/league situation (like what I did with The Problem With Porygon) could generate some interesting discussion if others show up and have questions/comments, but it really is just another report. These things are in the past, and therefore they can be somewhat standalone and don’t require much interaction.

I’m thinking, though, that we need a new way to interact in such a way that there is a back-and-forth discussion that results in and end product. I know that Omar tried to do something like this in the past with articles like “Palkia G Lock and Lady Gaga.” I’m going to create a category called Deck Workshop for this.

Here’s how I am hoping it will work. This could go for things other than deck building, but building a deck is the focus for now. The original author will lay out a request for comments. Then, anyone who wants to help can leave comments with suggestions. This includes the original author. This can go back and forth, round and round, etc. All the while, the original author will be taking the best pieces from the comment section and using them to build up the original main article. Instead of having a static original article with a bunch of comments below it, parts of the original article will be in flux based on the comments and suggestions. Let’s test it out while trying to build me a winning LuxApe deck.

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