Winning LuxApe Deck Workshop

by Ed ~ January 21st, 2010.

I just got done laying out a plan for our Pokemon Deck Workshop. If you are confused by how this article looks, go back and read that.

Now, let’s get to building me a winning LuxApe deck. Here’s the deal. I recently got myself an Infernape 4 Lv. X and an Uxie Lv. X. Now, I want to use them for fun and profit (where profit may be league stamps, premier rating points, etc.). What deck should I build? I think the obvious choice is Luxray GL with Infernape 4. Let’s start there. What else do I need? Other people run all kinds of crazy stuff that should be considered, but that’s not part of the article, that’s part of the discussion. I’ll wait to add my thoughts to the discussion until after I get at least one comment, and we’ll build the decklist together.

Here are my guidelines for this deck:
1) It needs to include Uxie Lv. X and Infernape E4 Lv. X.
2) I want it to be fast, because that’s how I roll.
3) I want it to abuse some game mechanic(s) that most decks don’t use, plan for, have a hard time responding to, etc.

Infernape E4 Lv. X
==== Team Omar LuxApe ====

Pokemon: 18
2 Luxray GL
1 Luxray GL Lv. X
2 Infernape 4
1 Infernape 4 Lv. X
2 Uxie
1 Uxie Lv. X
1 Bronzong G
1 Crobat G
1 Lucario GL
1 Vulpix (Shiny) PL
1 Ninetails MT
1 Toxicroak G (Promo)
1 Azelf LA
1 Rayquaza LA
1 Unown G GE

Trainers: 17
4 Poke Turn
4 Power Spray
4 Energy Gain
3 SP Radar
1 Night Maintenance
1 Luxury Ball

Supporters: 10
4 Cyrus’s Conspiracy
4 Roseanne’s Research
1 Aaron’s Collection
1 Bebe’s Search

Stadiums: 2
2 Stark Mountain

Energy: 13
3 SP Energy (or Call Energy)
1 Psychic Energy
3 Electric Energy
6 Fire Energy

NOTE: If you don’t like the Raquaza / Stark Mountain combo to get energy back from the discard pile, here’s the recommendation.

-2 Stark Mountain
-1 Raquaza

+1 Aaron’s Collection
+1 Unown G
+1 Expert Belt

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