Porygon-Z and DCE

by Ed ~ February 17th, 2010.

JWittz had this competition where he wanted people to “Construct the best 60 Card Deck using 4 double colorless energy!” Check it out at Prof it Competition! Best Double Colorless deck!. If you want to see the results, check out Profit: DCE Contest Winners.

I had previously posted about my experiences with Porygon-Z in the article, “The Problem With Porygon.” I thought the deck would adapt well to the new DCE-rich format, so I sent in a decklist to JWittz’s competition. I didn’t win any prizes. I think the Porygon idea is a bit more mainstream than what he was looking for, but I do think the deck is a good fit for DCE. I’m sure Omar would like to discuss how it may be a bad fit for the metagame, but that’s what the comment section is for.

I figured that the writeup that I did for JWittz would go to waste if it only made it to the judges, so I decided to copy it here. Maybe someone else can benefit from it, too. I feel like I should say that I did go 3-2 with Porygon in a City Championship, but it was (of course) a non-HGSS version. If you are interested in how I would (fairly quickly) mod it to be a HGSS Porygon-Z Lv. X deck, read on.

I think that Porygon-Z Lv. X will do quite well with the Double Colorless. First of all, each evolution of Porygon can use DCE for its highest cost attack. The main one being Porygon-Z’s Overload attack which does 40 + 20 for each TM attached. To exploit this attack, the deck runs 8 TMs. 4 of them help evolve the many Porygons or Baltoys. The other 4 mainly are just for extra Overload damage, but once in a while they can be useful to devolve an opponent’s Pokemon down to KO range.

The deck is full of synergy like the aforementioned TMs. Another good example is Porygon2’s Download Poke Power that helps play extra supporters quickly. It obviously helps you play extra Roseanne’s and Bebe’s, but when using a supporter like Volkner’s Philosophy, it combo’s quite nicely with Porygon-Z Lv. X’s Decode power. Decode lets you search your deck for any 2 cards, shuffle, and then place them on top of the deck. Volkner’s Philosophy or Claydol can then get those 2 cards into your hand. Do you want more synergy? Most decks won’t play Poke Healer+ or Blower+ because they’re not that good unless you can get 2 in your hand at once. Well, the Decode plus Claydol/Volkner combo I just mentioned can guarantee that you get 2 Healer/Blower+.

Porygon-Z’s Install power lets you move your TM’s around so that you don’t have to pile them all on a single Porygon. Double Healer+ helps insure that you don’t lose a loaded Porygon at the wrong time.

But, this is supposed to be about Double Colorless Energy, right? I already mentioned that Porygon itself benefits from DCE. With Broken Time Space, it can fairly easily attack for 100+ damage on the first turn if you can download enough supporters to get a couple Claydols and an attack-ready Porygon-Z all set up. But, what is one thing that you are SURE to go up against when DCE comes out? That’s right DCE itself.

Porygon-Z Lv. X eats opponent’s DCE, Call Energy, etc. for breakfast. It’s Mode Crash Poke-Power makes the opponent discard all the special energy they have in play when Porygon-Z gets leveled up.

Here’s the list. Try it against any deck. It can hold its own.

Double Colorless Energy

Yeah, it's from Base Set, and if you can get 4 First Editions in play, you automatically win.

Pokemon: 21
x4 Porygon GE
x4 Porygon2 GE
x3 Porygon-Z (Promo)
x1 Porygon-Z Lv. X MT
x2 Baltoy GE
x2 Claydol GE
x2 Unown G GE
x1 Uxie LA
x1 Mr. Mime MT

Supporters: 10
x4 Bebe’s Search
x2 Roseanne’s Research
x2 Volkner’s Philosophy
x1 Palmer’s Contribution
x1 Marley’s Request

Trainers: 18
x4 Technical Machine TS-1
x4 Technical Machine TS-2
x3 VS Seeker
x1 Luxury Ball
x4 Poke Healer+
x4 Poke Blower+

Stadium: 2
x2 Broken Time Space

Energy: 8
x4 Call Energy
x4 Double Colorless Energy

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