Sablelock (Sablock), Sabledonk, Sableye Honchkrow, Sableye Garchomp, …

by Ed ~ April 8th, 2010.

Sableye - SFSome call it the Secret Florida Deck. Others call it Sablelock (Sablock), Sabledonk, Sableye Honchkrow, or Sableye Garchomp. Does it win by donking? Does it win by locking your opponent? Does it win by starving them of resources? Does it win by controlling their hand? Let’s just say that it wins by making the opponent lose!

I’ve not seen the deck around here, but I can say that it is causing a bit of a stir on the interwebs. There are a bunch of people discussing this deck in various places. Let’s go through the list. No, not the decklist, yet. Here’s the list of who’s talking about the deck:

1) People begging for info about the deck that took 2 of the top 4 spots in Florida and was seen topping at other states.
2) People like Curry/Silvestro that obviously played the deck, but don’t want its secrets made public.
3) People that have played against the deck and either got donked or annoyed to death.
4) Trolls

Now we can add “5) Team Omar” to that list.  I’m not going to pretend that I know the deck.  I just want to fan the flames a bit, and see if we can get something going.  This is going to be a deck workshop, so I’ll post a quick and dirty version of the deck.  Hopefully I’ll get some good ideas from people, and we can fix the deck up.

From what I gather, the deck focuses on 2 things.  The first one is the donk.  Sableye with Special Dark Energy can do 50 on the first turn (under the proper conditions).  If you go second, it can Expert Belt, Crobat, etc for even more nastiness.  Garchomp C with Double Colorless Energy can do 30 on turn 1.  If you go second, an Energy Gain or Expert Belt can move you into the 50 damage category.  With all the Magikarp, Baltoy, Hoppip, Unown Q, etc. floating around these days, there’s a fair chance that you can get a turn 1 KO and maybe even a donk.

Giratina - PLThe second thing the deck seems to do well is limit the opponent’s ability to do anything useful.  This is accomplished by devastating their hand and messing up their draws.  Giratina’s Let Loose ability makes both players shuffle their hands into the deck and draw 4.  To the Giratina player, this is like a mini Uxie Set Up.  To the opponent, this is like a slap in the face (when played on turn 1).  You play your hand out, drop Giratina, get 4 new cards and hopefully the opponent had more than 4 so that it hurts them.  Then, if it’s turn 1, and you can’t donk, you can use Sableye to Impersonate Cyrus’s Initiative causing the opponent to lose between 0 and 2 cards (depending on coin flips).  Then the opponent starts the game with 2 to 4 cards in hand.  If you’re really nasty, you could drop a Chatot G between the Giratina and Impersonate to stop the opponent from drawing anything useful.

It seems that, in some ways, the deck plays like SP Toolbox.  To be honest, that may be because I have a faulty idea of how the deck is built.  At any rate, I think that the deck would play pretty fast and very frustrating (for the opponent).  Here’s the list I came up with.  Let me know what’s wrong with it or the writeup, so that I can improve them.

Cyrus Initiative - SV
Version 5

Pokemon: 19
4 Sableye
3 Crobat G
2 Honchkrow G
2 Garchomp G
2 Garchomp G Lv. X
2 Uxie
2 Giratina (PL – Let Loose)
1 Ambipom G
1 Chatot MD

Trainers: 20
4 Poke Turn
4 Power Spray
3 Energy Gain
4 Super Scoop Up
2 Expert Belt
2 SP Radar
1 Luxury Ball

Supporters: 11
3 Team Galactic’s Wager
2 Cyrus’s Initiative
3 Pokemon Collector
2 Cyrus’s Conspiracy
1 Aaron’s Collection

Energy: 10
4 Special Dark
4 Double Colorless
2 Dark

Option: Remove 1 Crobat G to include Moonlight Stadium or Uxie Lv. X. If you use Uxie Lv. X, I recommend making room for at least one Bebe’s Search by removing a Cyrus’s Conspiracy or maybe a Pokemon Collector. Also, SP Radar can be replaced by Pokemon Communication, because there are so many basics in the deck.

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  • MamoPig For The Win

    JordanBaker, 1 day ago in reply to JWittz, “thats why I'm sticking with my Burmy/Mamoswine/Electric deck. gotta play what you're comfortable with.”

  • Waxman

    My son played the Silvestro list in GA states and got second in Seniors. I would say your list is 6-8 cards off and most of what has been said here is such a joke. Silvestro using Honch SV?? Chatot MD??? Where do you guys get this stuff? Surprise factor is gone and we are on to the next secret deck.


    trash players are trash

  • Murder

    The Honch made it look somewhat fun to play and somewhat different

  • try to geuss who I am

    Boring!!! Back to techy archetypes for me, especially since I can now expect a million and 2 copies of this deck that don't work being played by players that would perform really well of they were to just put in their own effort and develop their own decks to play with. This is why I like the Japanese manor of discussion, much like you guys and and, where all you need is someone to start a conversation and you'll get some constuctive thoughts, but forums are losing their efficiency, especially 'Gym. But thank you again for making Regionals so much easier this year.

  • Ed

    I'd be surprised if this article has any real effect on regionals, but it would be entertaining if it did. You'd be very welcome.

    Thanks for chiming in. It gots to show that you don't just have to make decklist suggestions to be constructive.

    Oh, and do I HAVE to try to guess who you are?

  • Ed

    If you're running those, yeah, I think you'd want the Moonlight. In the article's current build, there isn't much that you can't easily retreat or PokeTurn.

    I think I saw part of your deck. It seems less donkish than the one posted here. I can't say which would be better, but I feel like the current format has a lot of decks that are donkable.

    I think you're right about the surprise factor being the big deal. I also suggest that all teams get together and practice their RPS skills before regionals. That could be the key to earning those byes.

  • try to geuss who I am

    Unless you're from Florida or someone who personally knows me (mostly Floridians), then I'd highly suggest against it since I haven't been to active recently. But for those who care to try, here are some hints:

    I'm in the masters division in Florida.
    I mostly hang out with some of more recognizable names from there, but I do enjoy helping those with less experience then I.
    I am very enthusiatic about collecting and have gathered more than one japanese item that is almost impossible to find (including a charizard sketch deck box, PSA 10 mysterious pearl, and the original japanese tournament sleeves)
    I prefer techy decks that are mostly my own, but I tend to build copies of winning decks just because I have nothing else to do.
    I'm currently happiest when playing Gyarados and Luxchomp, but I have been trying to find out how other countries metagames go, but I don't know where to find their forums.
    And just for the heck of it, my attendance has been pretty random recently with anything POP hosted.

  • Saturn

    I know your name: Troll!

    Besides if any of that was true WHY IN THE WORLD do you care or even POSTING?

    Just by YOU posting, proves two things:
    1. Trying to hide something. (You can't hide a deck that won a tournament for very long with the Internets, sorry.)
    2. TROLL

    So… yeah…by the way Gyarados and Luxchomp are BOTH POPULAR decks that are on the internet! So why are you concern about this one? It's no different…or is it? O_o LOL

  • you found me out

    Well I have done a pretty good job at obscuring information, and I've managed to find a few new interesting ways of building several things, but no matter where I look, I have still yet to find anyone give away the critical bits, but that's just my searching.

    I am trying to hide something, and believe me, it's still hidden, and it's even hit the internet already. But that's where it pays to be well experienced at obscuring information.

    Oh well, time to find a new website to get some laughs out of.

  • Rish

    what about absol sw…wager+baleful wind….seems good though

  • tybojames

    Pretty funny how everyone was saying this is a joke deck and Profit one regionals with a variant. Lol @ that.

  • Ed

    Yeah, and it got second in my regional. It's definitely not a joke deck. I think that was clear from States. What wasn't clear to me (at the time) is how potent it really can be. When Omar first built and tested it, it was with a fairly unoptimized build and very little experience running the deck.

    He now has a better version and plays it better. Last night I tried my luck against him. It was frustrating beyond belief. Let me just say that if “SPionage” gets a nice start, you won't. Here's about how it went. Sableye starts the game with Collector for Giratina and some other junk. I have a great draw, but can't Lv. X on my first turn. I attack for something small. He plays a bunch of stuff and then Giratina. I think from there it was like Chatot G and 2 Cyrus's Initiative (thanks to Impersonate). The rest was a slow, frustrating, and painful death. It's so maddening.

  • James

    You should really use 4 initiative, and less wager. The original deck didn't even run a single copy of wager.

  • Ed

    I agree. I haven't looked at the deck in a while. Now, I would run Judge instead of Wager. I figure that some players that like RPS would still try Wager, though.

  • No Idea

    Well Aaron Curry's list at FL States ran at least 3, so I don't know where you are pulling this bullshit from. I played against him, did you?

  • Ed

    I just reread my reply. Just to clear it up, I meant that I agree that I'd want more Initiative. The Wager is still good, but now I think I'd prefer Judge in those slots.

  • luxray

    How many moonlight to you guys think should be played and how many superscoop-up? There has to be some way of getting giratina out of the active spot if it gets pulled out there.

  • Ed

    I've not messed with the deck in a while, but I'm not convinced that it needs any Moonlight. With Judge out now, I think you can run less Giratina (I'm thinking 2 max). Run a Warp Point or two and probably 4 Super Scoop Up. In my mind, SSU is one of those cards that seems like you either run 0 or 4. I'll try to get Omar to reply, though. He's worked on different versions of this recently.

  • luxray

    Thanks for the help! Im trying to decide if judge is a good card to play in this deck. I think using giratina and then impersonating Cyrus's impersonation is alot more disruptive than just playing judge, or impersonating judge early on. Also, was scoop up played in J-wittz list or in the Silvestro, Curry lists and how many were played? I can't seem to find room for 4 of them in my list.

  • Omar


    As for your decision on SSU and moonlight, i have played the deck enough and teched enough that i don't see any reason for moonlight. The chances of you starting giratina isnt high enough for it to be that much of an issue, and on top of that, any normal player runs some sort of switch card, like warp. But i have yet to have that issue. Also, SSU would be nice, but your hp counts are pretty low as it is, and the only realy things SSU will do for you is get giratina up or re-use uxie or an SP chatot or crobat. But turns are more consistent and there are better things to put in those 4 slots imo then SSU. Judge is a great help though. It made it so i could lower the giratina count to 1, and have another searchable way to scrap a hand. Yeah, giratina and cyrus combo is more disruptive, but there is also the fact that giratina takes a bench slot, and you can flip double tails with your cyrus. Isn't likely, but it can happen, and there are times that you play judge from your hand, and then sableye. But i tested it for the longest time sure that i was going to play it, but i wouldnt say that i'm an expert or know 100% exactly the way it is “supposed” to be, just what i liked and what i didnt. I would try out all the ideas and make a decision that fits your play style

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  • the weezings espeon

    you cant even use it now