Rap Video Explains The Pokemon TCG

by Ed ~ April 13th, 2010.

First of all, I’ll try to give credit where it’s due. It sounds like Bret Brander, the New Mexico state champ, was asked to explain the Pokemon TCG, so he came up with this video with Ian Brander (his brother) and Disney Gonzalez.

If you want to read more about Bret, check out this article in the The Gazette of Colorado Springs. If you’re going to regionals in Denver, maybe you can get him to sign a Donphan for you. He’s obviously on his way to rap stardom.

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  • PKMNPrime

    The article is really dumb. Congrats to him on winning New Mexico State Championship, but that really doesn't mean much in POP lol.

    That columnist basically praises him like he's some sort-of Pokemon prodigy, but he's still got a long way to go to win Worlds.

  • Ed

    Yeah, that's how the press works. The columnist wouldn't have a job much longer if she was like, “Bret plays this card game, and he won a recent tournament.” It's always embellishment and fluff. That's why I can't stand watching weather reports (and most of the news) on TV. You'd think that the weather is straight-forward enough to just predict/report. Nope.

    So, as far as this article goes, I think that it's interesting whenever the news does a piece like this, but mainly just to add exposure to something that doesn't normally receive media attention. The main point of my post was the video, though. Hopefully you found a redeeming quality in that piece.

  • pikkdogs


    Kinda funny rap.

    Of course its corny, its a rap about pokemon how could it not be corny. But a couple of the rhymes were pretty funny and they were having fun with it, so all in all its pretty good.

    I like to point out that the gyarados player held out a piece of bread and called it toast. Bread is actually not toast, bread needs to undergo a chemical change to be toast. But other than that and insinuating the only way to win is to take 6 prizes, the information was good.

    And Ed's point is vaild too, any press for pokemon is really good and should be relished.

  • Ed

    Yeah, and they can't seem to decide if Donphan is toast, dead meat, or old news.

    Also, after you toast bread and let it sit around for a day or so, is it still considered toasted? What about if you then put it back in the toaster. Can you still be considered to be making toast the second time around? What is it if you decided to scrape off all the toasted part with a butter knife?

  • pikkdogs

    Well since we're on the topic, toasting a piece of bread is known in science as the Malliard reaction. Which means that heat causes a reaction with amino acids and the starch and sugars in the bread. This causes different flavors. So to answer your questions

    1. Yes once you toast the bread, you can leave it to be for several days and it will still keep its chemical composition, and still be toast.

    2. If you put toast back in the toaster it would continue the Maliard reaction. You would not be making it toast again, or anything like that you would just continue the reaction and the sugars and amino acids would react again making a stronger odor and flavor.

    3. It depends on how thick the bread is. I guess if you had a half of a loaf, put it in the over and toasted it for a little bit and then cut away the toasted side, it is possible that the inside of the loaf would not have undergone the Malliard reaction, but I'm not sure. But, I hypothesize that the whole loaf would undergo the reaction at the same time.

    Wow I think is the most in depth topic on toast we had in a while.

  • Ed

    Way to back your argument up with science.

    I think that we could agree that Donphan could be made into dead meat, but could it be made into toast by an atrocious water dragon Pokémon's Dragon Beat attack? It seems unlikely.