Pikkdogs Pikks Three: Dusknoir DP, Poke-Radar, Judge UL

by Pikkdogs ~ May 7th, 2010.

Hello to the Omar-Nation.  This is Pikkdogs again, and I am once again Pikking three cards.  One card that is a staple, one card that I feel is underrated, and another from a new or unreleased set.

Sorry for the lateness of this post. Final exams mixed with an illness and my moving to forced me to miss a post last week.  But, this week I am back to give you a little insight into the Pokemon TCG. As always, feel free to post your thoughts, comments, or reviews of the cards in the comment box.

The Staple- Dusknoir Diamond and Pearl

Description-Dusknoir of course is a stage 2 Pokemon, it has 120 HP, a 3 retreat cost, a +30 weakness to Dark, and a -20 resistance to Normal.  These stats aren’t too impressive, but aren’t that bad either.  120 HP is decent and the resistance helps against Flygon and Garchomp C  But that retreat cost is pretty high.  It has 1 attack called “Hard Feelings.”  This attack for PPC places five damage counters on the defending Pokemon and one more for each prize your opponent has taken.  “Hard Feelings” is nothing special, its damage output will only average around 70, it is very expensive, and the attack can be nullified if your opponent attaches an Unown g to the defending Pokemon.  So the stats can only be described as decent and the attack is only useable as a desperation attack, so why is it so good?  The answer is that this Pokemon has a game changing Poke-Power.  Its called “Dark Palm.”  If your opponent has more than 4 benched Pokemon, this Poke-Power lets you choose one of them and all cards attached to it and have your opponent shuffle it in your opponent’s deck.

Comments–  Dusknoir DP has been some what of a staple since it was released about three years ago.  Two years ago all the best decks were playing Dusknoir to disrupt the opponent.  It has lost some of its momentum in the last year as the format has become faster, but it is still a prevalent card in a lot of decks.

Today a lot of decks like Jumpluff, Gengar, and Gyarados rely on a large bench.  Dusknoir DP can be used as a tech to deal with these decks and slow them down.  It can be debilitating to lose your Claydol or primary attacker midway through the game.  “Dark Palm” can be just what you need to turn the game around.

8/10-  Its a great tech card, but it can be hard to establish a benched stage 2 Pokemon.  Some decks like LuxChomp can also play around this card by limiting their bench.

The Underdog- Poke-Radar LA

Description– Poke-Radar is a simple trainer.  All the user does is plays the card, then looks at the top five cards of his/her decks, and chooses as many Pokemon there as he/she wants and put it into his/her hand.

Comments– I love Poke-Radar.  Some people hate it and group it with Potion and Switch as unplayable cards.  But, I contend that every deck should have room for one Poke-Radar.  It lets you grab a hand full of Pokemon and it’s a trainer so you can still use a Supporter that turn.  Yes sometimes you will not reveal any Pokemon in the top 5, but more times than not, multiple Pokemon appear.

There are a couple of drawbacks of this card.  Some decks, like SP decks, don’t run a lot of Pokemon and use other trainers and supporters to get the Pokemon they need.  Also the card is not as useful in the first turn or two, and is very useless late game when you are all set up.

8.5/10-  Like I said before I just love this card.  Most of the times that I have used it in games I have revealed useful cards.

The Young Gun- Judge

Description– Judge is a supporter card from the new Unleashed set that instructs both players to shuffle their hands into their deck and draw 4 cards.  In this way it is a supporter version of Giratina’s Poke-Power “Let-Loose.”

Comments– This card is the latest in the long line of hand disrupting Supporter cards.  Other similar cards include Team Galactics Mars, Team Galactics Wager, Cyrus’s Initiative, and Lookers Investigation.  This card is unlike the others in the fact that it makes both players shuffle their entire hand into their deck and only draw 4 cards.  It can be used to kill your opponents set up, but at times it could help your opponenet.  It can be especially efficient in SP decks, because Cyrus’s Conspiracy can search out a Supporter from your deck. 

But, as I mentioned before this effect can be used by playing Giratina Pt, and saving your supporter for something else.  It is more advantageous to use “Let Loose” and then use a card like Cyrus’s Initiative or Team Galatics Mars.  But, Judge can be used later in the game when you have filled your bench, while “Let Loose” can not.   Im sure that the really good players will find room in their deck for this card.  This card can also fit into a Sablelock or an Empoleon Deck rather easily.

6.5/10- Giratina does this effect a little better, but this card should fit into the popular Sablelock deck pretty easily.  It also is an excellent card to upset Judges at a tournament.  Just say the name of the card loud when you play it and you’ll have 2 or 3 judges scrambling to your table for no reason, haha.

Well thanks for listening to my ramblings, and I look forward to your reactions.

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  • Ed

    I like this column. It's a quick fun read. I'd like to see more people weigh in with their reviews of the 3 Pikks, though. Oh well, I'll offer a quick reply.

    Dusknoir: I can't give him too high of a rating, because he's not generally useful. I'll go with a 7/10. He can be very powerful, and he can be very useless. At a stage 2, he won't fit into just anything. It has to be used just right.

    PokeRadar: It's not really a bad card. It's just that I think there are other things that I'd rather play in its place. To me, Quick Ball would be even better. I get that you might get multiple Pokemon at times, but how often are they all something you can really use at that moment? Pokedex even seems better to me. I will underrate it, too. 4/10 (Heck, if everyone rated it high, it wouldn't fit in your “Underdog” slot.)

    Judge: This card is awesome, compared to its Unleashed peers. It's one of the standouts, though that's not necessarily high praise. I think this card will see a lot of initial play. It draws cards and disrupts the opponent. In Claydol decks, it can get 4 new cards, cripple the opponent, and Cosmic Power back to 6. In Sableye decks, it can draw, disrupt, and disrupt more (with Cyrus's Initiative).

    I get your argument about Giratina, but Judge is actually better in many circumstances/decks. It's a great compliment to a deck that would already run Giratina, and it can work in decks that wouldn't otherwise run any disruption. It's not a great card, but it is a card that any deck can easily run. That doesn't mean it'll help the deck, but compared to, say, Dusknoir, there's a very minimal change to accommodate a couple Judges. I also like your comment about saying, “Judge” just loud enough to get a reaction out of the judge. 7.5/10

  • Brant Gracia

    I completely disagree with your view of pokeradar. Pokeradar is a good card if you can play it early. Otherwise, when you play it you will have most of your pokemon already on the field, substantially decreasing the probablity that you will find at least 1 pokemon in the top 5. And even if you can find just 1 you could use a card like great ball to get ANY basic you want, or pokedex handy to get 1 of 2 cards. So based on the probablity, more times that not you will find 1 or 0 pokemon in the top 5 cards. If you contend that every deck should run at least 1, and this card is really only good early game, its like saying run 1 call energy in every deck (this post makes me sound like a douche but I mean all of it in the nicest possible way :P)


    You're an idiot pikkadogs. How the fuck do you give Poke Radar a higher rating than judge. There is NO reason to ever use poke radar anymore. We have things like lux ball and communication which are both so much more effective. Its not underrated its being rated by most players just fine. Just brain dead morons like yourself think its underrated and that it should be in every deck.

    Dusknoir is nowhere near staple level, it never was. It was good in a few decks but any eventually everyone who was anyone was prepped for it and knew how to counter it. A lot of gg decks stopped using it entirely. The card was format changing thats true, but so was luxray and many other non-staple cards. Learn what staple means scrub.

    Honestly i would rate judge at about 6.5 or 7 too, but given that poke radar got an 8.5 and this is x100000000000 better idk what to say. Crawl back inside your mothers womb so no one has to deal with your ignorance

    NOTE: If this post is deleted i will post it 500 more times tonight.

  • Ed

    Man, Radu, you really go out of your way to try to upset people. I think that you should realize that it's going to take a lifetime of comments like this to inflict emotional damage on par with your classmates/father.

    If you could just learn to redirect this effort/energy, I think you might finally realize people do give you the respect you deserve.

  • Brant Gracia

    Wow, well put

  • pikkdogs

    Thanks guys for the comments.

    I understand what you guys are saying about Pokeradar, it shouldnt be that good of a card. But it just is, everytime I use it it works wonders. While the alternative you suggested just arent as good.

    I never seem to get anything good with quick ball. Great Ball is nice but you can only grab a basic and you need bench space. Pokemon communication is an awesome card, but it fails when you dont have a Pokemon in your hand, besides we already have Bebe's search.

    Radu: I see your point on Dusknoir, its not as popular as other things are. BUt the fact is its just a fun card to talk about. I cant be talking about jumpluff, gyarados, or luxchomp cards every post. It is a good card and still sees some play, so why not talk about and let the beginners know its out there?

  • Cheffords

    I like that Dusknoir, it is very disruptive for your opponent, especially now that there are so many ways to send the defending Pokémon to the bench. You attach Cyclone to your active to send the defending Pokémon to the bench, then you drop Duskull – Rare Candy – Dusknoir and Dark Palm their main attacker and all its energy back into the deck. Or something similar. Can be brutal. Of course it won't fit into every deck and once it is in play, the surprise factor is gone and your opponent might be able to play around it.

    Personally, I don't like Poke Radar unless I have a high-Pokémon-count (say 25 or so) in the deck. It just isn't statistically sound enough to warrant running it.

    I am testing Judge out in some of my play test decks and so far I am liking it. It's nice for a hand refresh on your own side if you plan on it (i.e. before Cosmic Power or Volkner's) and reducing your opponent's hand down to 4 cards is great bonus.


    so confused? Since when is he being trash about me?