Quit With the Expert Belt, Enough Already!

by Ed ~ May 14th, 2010.

Expert Belt - AR

He swings for 100 damage (belted).

His attack hits for 80 damage (100 with belt).

He’s got 100HP (Expert Belt attached).

He’s got 150HP (if you attach belt).

How many times have you seen phrases like these? They’re all over the Pokewebs. We get it! The Expert Belt gives your Pokemon +20 HP and +20 damage.

Why doesn’t anyone write up a new deck analysis like this?

“When you attack with Kingdra, you can take 2 prizes if you KO the defending Pokemon (when he’s belted).”


“One of Luxray’s drawbacks is that the opponent takes two prizes when you KO him (with Expert Belt attached).”

How about we all just quit with the gratuitous Expert Belt inclusions in deck posts? Raise your hand if you don’t understand that you can attach an Expert Belt to do 20 extra damage and add 20 HP to your Pokemon. Nobody? Good!

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  • Hahah yeah that's so true…I don't think anyone is going to stop though. It makes cards look better than they actually are, but in some cases Expert Belt is the key to the deck. Gyarados for example thrives off of it which I'm sure you know.

    In decks where Expert Belt is not really a key, then yeah no reason to mention it.

  • AzNightmare

    Yes, this is extremely annoying.
    People would say something like, “so it does 80 damage for only 1 energy for the KO”
    Then I would reply in the next post… “80?? Where did you get that from?”
    They would then say, “well, with Expert Belt of course”
    So I simply stated, “But the opponent also has expert belt, so you actally need to do 100 damage for the KO now.”


  • Ed


  • pikkdogs

    I cant say that I agree with you guys

    Expert Belt is pivotal to some decks and if people run that deck without the belt, the deck would fail. So you must emphasize the importance of Expert Belt.

    Like say Kingdra Prime, if you run it without an expert belt, it only does 60 damage and is a poor card. But with expert belt it does 80, which makes it really good.

    Its the same when people talk about BTS with gyarados, gyarados and BTS are a pair, so are some cards and expert belt.

    I see no problem emphasizing it for beginners.

  • Ed

    No, that's not really what I'm getting at. If you want to write a post/article about a Kingdra Prime deck, go ahead and explain that you think Expert Belt is necessary because it moves Kingdra from poor to good.

    What I'm tired of seeing is when people talk about cards, they just act like damage and HP is 20 more than it really is. They just add that on by default now, to make the card/deck sound better than it is. They don't consider the drawback or do any real analysis of the ExBelt combo with the main attacker or the rest of the deck. It's just assumed that their Pokemon are better for being in the same deck as Expert Belt.

    So, when I said, “How about we all just quit with the Expert Belt analysis in the deck posts?” I may have misspoken. I don't mean that you shouldn't ANALYZE Expert Belt in your deck discussions. I actually mean that you SHOULD. What I don't care for is the common assumption that ExBelt is just there at all times and the almost utter lack of mention of its drawback.

    So, now I'll have to go edit that line.

  • Cheffords

    A similar phenomenon happened with SP pokemon and energy gain. You would hear stuff like “60 damage for 1 energy cost” when the speaker was assuming energy gain attached. I am also hearing this more and more in regard to DCE – “ooh that attack only needs two energy attachments… if one of them is DCE”. And so it goes.

    I think this is all about trying to figure out how to make pokemon work. We are all looking for the right combination to make our favorite pokemon work well enough to build a deck around them, or we are looking for the next BDIF. When you get in that frame of mind, then assumptions run rampant and before you know it your “theory deck” is running 4 BTS, 4 rare candy, 4 expert belt, 4 DCE, 4 energy gain all so that your pokemon lineup “can work”.

    So, a call for better analysis is good to see. Hopefully some people will see this and take heed, but I am not holding my breath.


    Well said ed