Pikkdogs Pikks Three: Uxie La, Handy 910s Pokedex Pt, and Ursaring Prime UL.

by Pikkdogs ~ May 16th, 2010.

Greetings to Omar Nation, once again I am Pikkdogs, and I am here to “Pikk” and review three card; one being a staple, one being an underrated card, and one being a card from a new or unreleased set.  As always, feel free to comment on the reviewed cards and let others know what you think of them.

On a side note, just a reminder for everyone out there that the Spring Battle Road season starts very soon.  So start finalizing your battle road decks and get ready for some fun tournament action.  I love Battle Roads because they are fun informal tournaments where the pressure is off.  So I hope you all have fun at your local BRs.

The Staple: Uxie La.

Description­-  Uxie is a very useful and a very versatile card, but let’s start the analysis by looking at Uxie’s stats.  It’s a basic Pokemon with 70 HP, a +20 weakness to Psychic,and  a 1 retreat cost.  Its Poke-Power is awesome; it’s called “Setup” and lets you draw cards until you have 7 cards in your hand when you play him.  Its attack is also decent; its called “Psychic Restore” and it does 20 damage for C, and gives you the option of putting it and all cards attached to it on the bottom of your deck.

Analysis– Wow, this card is one of the best in the current format.  One of the reasons why it is so good is that it can be used in many ways.  It can be used as a draw engine, for alternate draw power, or as a main attacker.  Some decks like Shuppet decks use Uxie as their main draw engine.  The user lays down Uxie to draw a lot of cards, then they can use Super Scoop Up to pick him up and use it again.  Other decks like SP decks use Uxie as an alternate draw engine.  SP decks use the Cyrus’s Conspiracy draw engine and use Uxie to help draw cards when the player is in a bind.  Other decks that use Claydol also use Uxie to get a fast setup.  It can also be used as a main attacker in a donk deck.  The player could add an expert belt to Uxie, attach any energy card (including Cyclone), and as many plus powers as you want, then put them all on the bottom of the deck and get ready to draw them again next turn.  It is also a staple card in an AMU deck.

Rating– 9/10- it is very versatile and very useful.  Almost every deck can use Uxie to make their deck better.  It also have a very helpful Lv.X card that any deck could use.  So whether he is your main attacker, your draw engine, or a mixture of both, most players love their Uxie for a good reason.

The Underdog- Handy 910s Pokedex

Description– Handy 910’s Pokedex is a simple trainer card. It allows you to look at the top 2 cards of your deck and choose 1 to put in your hand, then put the other on the bottom of your deck.  It is similar to Uxie Lv.X’s Poke-Power “Trade-Off.”

Analysis– Pokedex is a card that not many people talk about, and only a few people play it seriously.  But it is a good card and should be used more often.  It is mostly played in speed decks like Shuppet Donk.  It allows the user to go through their deck pretty fast and get a card that they want without using a supporter.  But it can be used in almost every other deck to increase speed.  The downsides of the card are that you never know what card you are going to reveal with the top cards of your deck, so it’s a bit of a risky card.  There are cards that can help you re-arrange your deck to your liking like Ralts Pt, but they aren’t really worth it.

Rating– 6.5/10- It’s a good card that can be used in any deck.  It is indispensible in a speed deck, like Shuppet, and helps the deck work.  Even though it can work in almost any deck, I would only run it if I have speed issues or have open deck room.  But when it is used, it can be a very good0 card.

The Young Gun: Ursaring Prime UL.

Description- Ursaring Prime is one of the new Primes from the Unleashed set.  It has 110 HP, a Fighting weakness, and a three retreat cost.  Its Poke-Body “Berserk” adds an extra 60 damage to any of its attacks when it has at least 1 damage counter on it.  Its first attack, “Hammer Arm” does thirty damage for CCC and lets you mill one card from your opponents deck.  Its second attack, “Megaton Lariat” does 60 damage for CCCC. Ursaring’s attacks aren’t very flashy, but when combined with its Poke-Body its attacks are dangerous.

Analysis–  As mentioned Ursaring needs at least 1 damage counter on it to be dangerous, and it has a high energy requirement, so it will need some support to work well.  But, Unown P and DCE are in the format and could come into a deck to help Ursaring.  Unown P has a Poke-Power called “Put” that allows you to place a damage counter on one of your Pokemon.  This will help to make the most out of Ursaring’s attacks.  Double Colorless energy is also a great card that can support Ursaring.  It provides CC instead of just C, making it possible to have Ursaring hitting for 120 by turn 2.  Another thing about Ursaring Prime is that since it does not need any specific energy cards, it will be able to utilize the Ninetails HGSS draw engine.  That means if Claydol and Uxie are bounced from the format, Ursaring can just use Ninetails and not miss a step.  I also love the “Hammer Arm” attack because it mills a card from your opponents deck.  The milling may not have a huge effect on the game, but then again if you mill the right card you might be able to change the game around.  If you love this attack as much as I do, you might feel like adding Chatot G as a combo, for its Poke-Power “Disrupting Spy”, so you will almost always mill something good. 

Rating– 7.5/10.  It does have high energy attacks and a fairly low 110 HP, but I think Ursaring can be playable after the rotation kicks in.  Even before the rotation, it is still a decent card, and can be used to supplement a lot of other cards in the format.

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  • Ed

    I love drawing cards, therefore I love Uxie. After it rotates out, please wake me up when they reprint Professor Oak. Rating: 15/10

    When I got back into Pokemon, I wanted to find something like Bill. Deck thinning was an important part of deckbuilding back in the day. With most decks, now, it's not as important, because there are so many ways to search for that one card you need in any specific situation. Pokedex Handy was the next best thing to Bill. It makes me SO sad that they ruined Bill by making it a supporter. WHY? WHY? WHY? Couldn't they just reprint Mom's Kindness and leave Bill alone?

    Pokedex's only competition is PokeDrawer+, and it's a close race. Pokedex can be used in just about any deck, and you don't NEED to run 4 copies. PokeDrawer+ is better for some decks, but you pretty much need 4 copies if you're going to use any. Did I mention that I love drawing cards? Rating: 7.5/10 It's won't necessarily help all decks, but I believe you could make an argument for including it in any deck you might build.

    Ursaring Prime is a card I feel has abuse potential. I'm not sure if the card pool supports abusing it, yet, but maybe sometime it will or maybe someone will come up with a good combo. For now, I see Rainbow Energy, Donphan Prime, and Luxray GL Lv. X as the viable combos, but most of those are better combo'd with something else, anyway. Rating 6.5/10 until someone breaks it wide open.


    The problem with ursuring and why it likely will never be broken by anyone, is its simply inferior to already existing cards that can exceed its damage output much easier, like jumpluff, donphan, kingdra, and SPs etc, you have plenty of other options, even after rotaion.

  • Brant Gracia

    I don't think pokedex 910s is an underdog card at all, I believe it is very prominent as a card between staple and underdog, world championship decks from 2008 and 2009 both contain pokedex and I would run it staple in some decks that really heavily on trainers

  • Ed

    I think that any deck that is very focused on a few key cards can use deck thinners like this to essentially reduce the card count of the deck. Putting 4 Pokedex in a deck is like running a deck of 56 cards. In Magic: The Gathering (at least when I played), this was a pretty big deal. A card like this would give you a better chance of drawing whatever you needed, because there isn't much deck search.

    In Pokemon (at least now), most people don't build decks like this. The only popular one I know of is Shuppet/Uxie. Many decks can be built this way, though. My daughter plays a Scizor/Cherrim deck that can't rely on PokePowers, so it has a lot of thinners. In regionals, I played against a guy that built his Gardevior/Gallade deck with Quick Ball, Pokedex, etc. I found it pretty interesting.

    Anyway, yeah, maybe it's not an underdog compared to some of the past underdog Pikks. I don't see it getting much recognition as far as top-tier decks go, but it's a card that anyone can use if they're short on cards to build their deck.

  • Ed

    I kinda agree. I'm not sure if it will ever be top tier, but I think it could work well given the right structure. The fact that its cost is completely colorless and it has the discard are both pluses. It is entirely conceivable that it can do 90 with the discard on turn 2. That's not lightning fast, but it doesn't require a whole lot of pieces like some of today's decks do, and many of the pieces can be interchangeable or missed and it could still function.

    I don't know. Maybe it's destined to be a secondary attacker in a deck that can otherwise utilize DCE and Rainbow. Maybe it's just destined for the trade folder.

  • blooper785

    so true if you combine it with Donphan prime it would be awsome .