Deck Workshop: Arceus

by Pikkdogs ~ June 2nd, 2010.

Hey Guys

Its me, Pikkdogs.  I just stopped by for some deck help.  Recently I have decided to try to make an Arceus deck, and see how good the deck could be.

I have never liked this deck.  It is much too slow and doesn’t hit hard enough.  But, because I’ve been wondering what the game might be like next year I thought Arceus might be a viable deck. I also made it because its just a fun deck to play.

In case you don’t know the strategy of this deck, I will do a quick run through.  The purpose of the deck is to take advantage of your opponenet’s weakness.  To do this the player uses the attack “ripple swell” which attaches 1 energy to each of your Arceus’s in play, as long as you have 6 different types of them.  So obviously the player will try to fill their bench on turn 1 or 2 and then use “ripple swell.”  Arceus is a somewhat complex deck that can be very difficult to master, and difficult to play against.  It hasn’t seen much serious play, but it did take top 4 in Michigan’s states.

I made this deck last week and have tested it multiple times.  It has only won one game, and that was to my woeful Luxchomp deck.   It seems like I always get a bad draw, and once I do im not able to do very much.  I shall give you my list, and hopefully you guys will be able to help make this deck a little better.

2- Arceus X (Omniscient)
2-Arceus X (Meteor Blast)
1- Arceus X (Psychic Bolt)
3- colorless Arceus (pack not promo)
2- lightning Arceus
2- fire Arceus
1- psychic Arceus
1- grass Arceus
1- dark Arceus
1- water Arceus
1- fighting Arceus

4- Beginning Door
2- Warp Point
2- Expert Belt
3- Ultimate Zone
4- Pokemon Collector
1- Pokemon Rescue
2- Professor Oaks New Theory
2- Copy Cat
1- Fisherman
1- Luxury Ball
1- Night Maintenance

4- Warp
2- Double Colorless
1- Fire
1- Fighting
2- lightning
2- Grass
1- Dark (basic)
1- Water
1- Metal (basic)

Well thats the list, I think its a pretty basic list.  I tried to put in as many platinum on cards as possible.

So I hope you guys can provide some help and make this deck at least a little competitive.

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