Deck Workshop: Arceus

by Pikkdogs ~ June 2nd, 2010.

Hey Guys

Its me, Pikkdogs.  I just stopped by for some deck help.  Recently I have decided to try to make an Arceus deck, and see how good the deck could be.

I have never liked this deck.  It is much too slow and doesn’t hit hard enough.  But, because I’ve been wondering what the game might be like next year I thought Arceus might be a viable deck. I also made it because its just a fun deck to play.

In case you don’t know the strategy of this deck, I will do a quick run through.  The purpose of the deck is to take advantage of your opponenet’s weakness.  To do this the player uses the attack “ripple swell” which attaches 1 energy to each of your Arceus’s in play, as long as you have 6 different types of them.  So obviously the player will try to fill their bench on turn 1 or 2 and then use “ripple swell.”  Arceus is a somewhat complex deck that can be very difficult to master, and difficult to play against.  It hasn’t seen much serious play, but it did take top 4 in Michigan’s states.

I made this deck last week and have tested it multiple times.  It has only won one game, and that was to my woeful Luxchomp deck.   It seems like I always get a bad draw, and once I do im not able to do very much.  I shall give you my list, and hopefully you guys will be able to help make this deck a little better.

2- Arceus X (Omniscient)
2-Arceus X (Meteor Blast)
1- Arceus X (Psychic Bolt)
3- colorless Arceus (pack not promo)
2- lightning Arceus
2- fire Arceus
1- psychic Arceus
1- grass Arceus
1- dark Arceus
1- water Arceus
1- fighting Arceus

4- Beginning Door
2- Warp Point
2- Expert Belt
3- Ultimate Zone
4- Pokemon Collector
1- Pokemon Rescue
2- Professor Oaks New Theory
2- Copy Cat
1- Fisherman
1- Luxury Ball
1- Night Maintenance

4- Warp
2- Double Colorless
1- Fire
1- Fighting
2- lightning
2- Grass
1- Dark (basic)
1- Water
1- Metal (basic)

Well thats the list, I think its a pretty basic list.  I tried to put in as many platinum on cards as possible.

So I hope you guys can provide some help and make this deck at least a little competitive.

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  • Michael

    Hate to break your balls, but Warp Point AND Night Maintenance wont be legal next year if the format is PT-on. Also, why PONT if you run Copycat? Run Judge instead…and I would up the DCE count, because your going to want to have Fire Arceus on the bench, and a fire energy and a DCE attached to your active pokemon(whatever type it may be), as well as Lucario GL on the field so you will always have type advantage, and always hit for 160.

  • Ed

    Michael, please! Can you keep the swearing down a bit? I mean, come on. Balls? Clean up your act.

    Seriously, though, I think you've got some good points. I can understand why someone may want to run both Copycat and PONT, but I think I'd just pick your favorite (or chose based on metagame). Unless you have some way to grab the right one for the situation (Sableye, VS Seeker, or something), I'd go with one or the other.

    As for other comments, I'm no authority on Arceus. I'm glad people like Michael can help out with the constructive criticism, so I can just try to add some witty banter to make it look like I'm helping.

  • pikkdogs

    Thanks for the insight Michael

    Yeah I know im running Call and warp point, which wont be legal. But those arent cards that will make or break the deck. I dont want older cards that will change the deck, but for now there okay.

    I dont like the idea of running Judge at all in this deck. Your hand is already extremely limited, and when you are lucky enough to draw a supporter you need to get as many cards as you can. Judge can only bring you 4, while PONT can give you 6, and Copy Cat can average around 8. I like to run them both because sometimes certain decks have small hands, so Oaks would be better, then other times decks have bigger hands, so copycat would be better. There is room for both so why not bring them both in?

    Lucario Gl is an interesting tech in here. Obviously it would be used only after you ripple swelled, but it still can come in handy versus decks like Charizard. Its something to think about, especially if your meta has a ton of Platinum Pokemon.

    Thanks for the comments. I hope someone will try this list on redshark or something and tell me what they think of it. I know we can get a good solid Arceus list.

  • Michael

    I just noticed you're also running warp XD. But anyways. Its really the only way to run Arceus. If you start w/ Lucario GL you lose the match basically, but if you don't, you are good to go. And I'm telling you. The way to play it is fire Arceus on the bench with whatever type you need to get the advantage with active. This way, with Lucario GL, you smack your opponent for 160, which is guaranteed knock outs on almost every single pokemon in the entire metagame.

  • NoBeBe

    why play metal energy with no metal Arceus???

  • Tj

    -4 rainbow energy
    +4 multi energy

    -2 warp energy
    +2 call energy

    -1 metal energy
    +1 fire energy

    -1 psy. bolt arceus
    -1 ripple
    -1 pokemon collector

    +2 pokemon communicator
    +1 expert belt

    My friend has long played a very competitive Arceus deck, and that changes your build more to his.

    Lucario Gl helps, yes, but all HG/SS have 2x weakness already. All lv x's do, so no need to worry about them, and Sp's do as well. that covers most of your cards. it's not worth having the pretty much loss with opening up with Lucario.

    My friend has found that the whole fire, discard the energy to not be too great. yes you have the energy you need, but when it's gone it's gone, and if you get knocked, there goes 3 energy. Get heatblast arceus on your bench, and use multi type on your active to roll for heatblast on what's super effective against them. you hit from 100-200 depending on your roll, without discarding.

  • Lordiebevan

    hi i'm new here so i may not be right

    but where's the draw power so uxie lv.X as it's still goin to be around (it's MD downwards) or claydol for now or things like that. Also uxie uses DCE for zen blade and oh you only run 2 anyway it helps


  • Ed