Battle Roads Report: The Source, St. Paul, MN

by Ed ~ June 5th, 2010.

Shuppet - PlatinumI’m going to keep this short. Maybe Omar will add his report, and mine won’t be as interesting. In fact, mine probably isn’t that great, but since it’s the first time I’ve played in top cut, I figured I’d better add something for the archives.

The details will be a bit blurry and maybe inaccurate. I didn’t take any notes, and I didn’t have my camera.

Game 1: Mark – Eevee
Mark goes first and attaches a call energy to his 50HP basic. He calls for Eevee and something else. On my turn, I KO his Eevee. He goes again, and doesn’t do a whole lot. I think I may have had Mr. Mime active. On my turn, I KO something else. Mark scoops.

Game 2: (different) Mark – Jumpluff
Mark starts with active Azelf (IIRC). I donk.

Game 3: Tre (also Team Omar) – Tyranitar Prime
This is a good long match. I almost get him right from the start with KOs on Sableye and Spiritomb. He gets TTar set up, and things get tough. Tyranitar is resistant to Shuppet, and he keeps stacking up damage on my benched Uxies. The main move that won me the game was when I had 60 damage on 3 Uxies, I used one to attack (with Expert Belt) his TTar. That sent Uxie to the bottom (removing damage), and put 20 on TTar (setting me up for the next turn KO). Tre takes 2 prizes the next turn, but then his belted TTar is ready for the slaughter. It comes down to me getting a reversal heads for the win (when he only has 1 prize left).

Game 4: Thomas Veazie – DialgaChomp (I think)
Thomas starts with Ambipom G. I start with donk.

Game 5: Michael Slutsky (you know, the short one) – Baltoy
I don’t even recall what Michael was playing. He started Baltoy. I started donk.

If you’re keeping track, that’s 3 donks out of 5. Out of the other two, one was a turn 2 (I think) scoop by the opponent.

Top cuts are Abdi, Omar, Sudi, and myself. Of these, Sudi is the only non-TeamOmar player. Sudi plays Abdi, and I play Omar. Sudi wins.

Top 4: Omar
I play Omar, and he starts with Pitch-Dark. I HATE that. I actually get going a little thanks to 2 Roseanne’s. Game 1 takes a LONG time, and it comes down to my final topdeck. I don’t get the card I need to win, and Omar takes his last prize the next turn. Game 2 starts fairly similar, but somehow I get going and take the prize lead. I get 2 prizes, and then time is called. Even though I’m ahead, neither of us has taken enough prizes to count the game, and Omar wins.

This is where my day ends. I watch Omar’s match against Sudi. It’s a rematch of the previous MN Battle Roads. I won’t tell you any details, because I wouldn’t do them any justice. Hopfully Omar will come and explain it. Basically, game 1 is a long drawn-out close battle that Omar wins. Game 2 is a donk by Sudi. Game 3 is another hard-fought duel, but time is called during Omar’s turn (tied at 5-prizes left for each). Omar extends and ends up getting just enough for the sudden-death prize.

Team Omar wins their second BR of the season. Out of 2 top-4s, we’ve got 5 of the 8 spots with Omar beating Sudi in both finals. I’m pretty pleased. I’m not confident that it’ll continue, so I’ll just be happy while it lasts. Tomorrow gives us a Battle Roads at Dreamers (our “home” card shop). I expect some of the top players (that were absent today) to be there. In particular, Radu wasn’t in attendance at today’s tournament. He’s always got a chance to top cut. Andy and Emmanuel were also missing, and they’re the top ranked players in the state at the moment. Andy is the state champ, and Emmanuel X-0’d Swiss in regionals. If those guys are playing, our chances drop. Again, I’ll stay pleased for now, but the streak will be difficult to maintain.

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