Coon Rapids BR 1st Place Report

by Andy Wieman ~ June 15th, 2010.

Jumpluff - HGSSI show up to Outpost 2000 100% set on the deck I’m am going to play (which is very odd for me). The only decision is what will be my 60th card. I am stuck between Mespirit, which is good in every matchup and can catch people totally off guard, and Unown G. I end up choosing Unown G because Emmanuel is going to be playing Gengar FB. We have tested that deck a bit and I realize the way he wins our matchup is by dragging up Claydols.

Small turnout. 10 Masters. 4 Rounds, Top 2.

Round 1: Michael- Gengar C
He is playing a fairly traditional Gengar C build. He sets up very fast using 3 Communications in the first two turns. I cannot find an energy for the first few turns and am under Pitch Dark so I can’t build my side up. Eventually he uses Garchomp to snipe my benched Luxray (for sure the right play), but this allows me to fully setup. We trade prizes back and forth. The major difference in this game is two turns that he cannot kill my pluff, just damage it. That and a missed Fainting Spell flip gives me a very close game.


Round 2: Ed (the card selling Ed)- Machamp
As long as I don’t get donked I have a huge advantage in this matchup. I am terrified when I draw my hand and start a lone Unown Q to his Machop. My hand is very good if I can survive turn 1. I rip a Hopip, attach and Bounce back to Q for 10 still fairly worried. He looks at his hand, Unable to do anything he sighs, attaches and Kicks for 10. I use a collector and my BTS and go off to donk his Machop and bench him. Sorry Ed.


Round 3: Emmanuel- Gengar FB
This game ends up very close. Early on he Passes on Pitch Darking and uses Blaze to drag up a Claydol instead. I retreat it with Unown Q and an energy and KO his Blaze. I end up with 3 Claydols out, one with G, one with Q, and one with an energy so I can retreat any of them. This also allows me to control how many trainers I have in my hand which comes in handy. I end up taking six prizes without ever letting him flip for Fainting spell. Just how it’s supposed to go.


Round 4: Ed (the Team Omar one)- Gyarados
I haven’t tested this matchup, but I know it isn’t my best. I really played this game badly, allowing Ed to Flashbite KO two Hopips which really hurts me in a prize race. I can’t recover and he wins an easy one.


I wait and hear that I am second with Emmanuel and some other 3-1 3rd and 4th.

Top 2: Ed (the Team Omar one)- Gyarados
Game 1: I get out very quickly in this game without using BTS. I am able to KO a Gyarados with Leaf Guard with a belted Pluff, then do 120 with the same Pluff before he dies next turn. These two turns with the same Pluff allows me to Flash Bite KO a Gyarados. He can’t find a BTS and this forces him to sacrafice a Sableye, giving me a prize lead I don’t relinquish.

Game 2: This ends up being a very good game. It is an even prize race going back and forth. I have 3 Claydols up and running allowing me to very easily setup Pluff after Pluff. However, the turns before he kills my last Pluff, I am unable to find my lone Palmers to recycle one. I am also out of Multis to attack with Luxray. I finally find it a turn late. I use it and promote Lux X hoping he doesn’t have a belt, he does, and we move on to game 3.

Game three ends up being Sudden Death because time is called while we are shuffling. We setup and I choose to go second.

Sudden Death: I start lone Hopip and he starts Uxie. Terrified he can either flashbite me to death or kill me with Uxie I breath a sigh of relief when he basically does nothing on his turn 1 or 2. For two full turns am unable to find a BTS or a candy, and so I cannot knock anything out. Meanwhile, he can’t find an energy to retreat his uxie or attack so we just sit. He did miss a SSU flip to potentially win, and on turn 3 I am finally able to manually evolve a Pluff and KO the uxie.


So this is my first BR victory to go along with one cities win and MN States this year. This confused my deck choice for Nats however, because Pluff really is very good and probably doesn’t have a bad matchup in the meta.

Props (do you guys do these on here)
-First Victory Medal
-The teched Unown G which definitely helped
-Ed for three good games
-No Radu crew
-Getting done fairly early

-10 players?!?
-No Radu crew
-Playing a really boring sudden death game

Thanks for reading.

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