Are You Atwitter For Nationals?

by Ed ~ June 18th, 2010.

First of all, I’d like to hear some comments on this one. I have some ideas to present, and I would appreciate some input. Before we get to that, though, I am curious how many of you are going to the US Pokemon Nationals. If you didn’t know, it’s in Indianapolis, Indiana on June 25 to June 27. Here is some recent news about the registration process.

So, while you’re chiming in about how excited you are to go to Nats or filling us in on your sob story of why you can’t attend, maybe you want to weigh in on the idea of a twitter feed. For those of us (like myself) who won’t be attending, this is a way we can follow fellow players during their stay and while they progress through the tourney. For those of you that will be attending, it will be a way for you to let us know how you are doing, what the metagame is like, how your nightly partying fares, and brag about your wins to a wide audience.

So, that’s the idea, but the implementation is up for discussion. Here are some basic questions. Maybe you have some ideas about them or whatever. If you’re willing to tweet from Nats, let us know, and let us know how you’d want it to work. If you aren’t going, but you have experience with this sort of thing, let us know. If you think this is a stupid idea, let us know.

This is how I see it working, but I’m not even sure how to implement it yet. This is very much open to change. I propose to make a hash tag like #teamomar or something like that. Anytime anyone adds a tweet that includes that has tag to their twitter feed, it would show up on I’m not sure where on the site it will show, yet. Maybe it will be in the sidebar or something like that. Anyway, if Andy wanted to tweet something like, “I just beat Torterra. After the bye, that puts me at 2-0. #teamomar” then it would show up on the page. Then readers could follow him and anyone else that is tweeting.

After thinking about this, I just searched around a bit. It seems that some at the Pokegym have had a similar idea. Pokegym also did something similar for regionals. The problem there is that the stuff gets pretty buried under all the noise that goes on. But, that does pose one question. Should we have our own “teamomar” specific hash tag, or should I try to follow one of the ones they use?

Please comment with your ideas/thoughts especially if you’d want to use the Twitter functionality I’m proposing (either writing or reading them).

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  • Andy Wieman

    I like the idea a lot Ed and will be tweeting to keep my wife in the loop. The Regionals hashtag didn't have a ton of action, but it was a cool idea. I would be happy to add #teamomar for a hashtag if people would rather follow just me (not sure whole else on Team Omar is going). Let me know what you would like to do.

  • Ed

    Omar keeps acting like he wants to go, but he won't commit to going. Maybe if you invited him, he'd accept. :)

    I tested out some of the Twitter stuff, today. I haven't hashed it all out yet (pardon the pun), but I think I will follow the #teamomar hash tag for sure. If you use that, I think it will show up. I think I can add other tags, too, so I might follow more than one. If you want to use #teamomar, that would be excellent. If you use something else, let me know. I have the option of following only a single person (maybe you), but I'd like to keep it open to whoever might be interested in posting their updates. Hopefully over this weekend, more people will comment, and maybe we'll get some others that are interested in adding the tag to their tweets.

    For now, I will set it to only follow #teamomar. If you want to post a test tweet about preparing for Nats or something, then you can see if it shows up on the TeamOmar home page.

  • pikkdogs

    Its a good idea. People at Nationals get to see a lot of things, while those who can't attend are left in the dark.

    Hopefully Andy and the crew and who ever else is going can keep everyone else abreast of whats going on.

  • Andy Wieman

    I just threw something out there to see if it would work. I only know of a few other players who tweet, so I'm not positive how much action you'll see, but I will certainly be updating results.

    I definitely think Omar should go. I heard that Jake Long is riding with Mark, so there is open space in that car. Ours would be too tight with five.

  • Ed

    Your Twitter is, right? I don't see anything with the #teamomar tag.

    I'll tell Omar to check this out, too. He doesn't tweet, but it'd be cool if I could get him to do it for Nats (and get him to go).

  • Andy Wieman

    After speaking with Jake Long today I know that he and Mark are going and prolly have room. Unfortunately we are full with our four in the room. I think Mark will be getting a room though, so I'm sure he could find a place.

    Glad that my first tweet came through. I'll try to hashtag he pokemon related tweets.

  • Ed

    Good deal. I emailed Omar. I really have no idea what he's planning at this point, but he's running out of time.

    If you talk to any other players that might try the Twitter deal, let them know, too. Obviously you're the only one that's chimed in so far. I don't mind if it's just you, but more might be more interesting.

  • I think that Lukas has a Twitter account as well. Not sure about anyone else locally. I tweet with a few other good player from other areas that might be willing to use the hashtag to give you guys a different perspective. I'll see what I can do.

  • Ed

    For people like Nugget Kay, this is for everyone. Don't worry who's on what team here. We're all just interested to hear about Nationals.

  • Ed

    I should have clarified. Nugget posted an update with “Btw sorry Omar people if this is treason. seeing as how im ot on Omar.” Don't be sorry! That's what this is about.

  • Ed

    That sounds good. I'd welcome all to post about their experiences. Pictures would be cool, too!

  • Cheffords

    My daughter and I will be at Nats, and I can Tweet from my phone during the event (I did this 2 years ago at states as an easy way to take notes on my matches.)

    It sounds like you have settled on the hash-tag of #teamomar, is this correct? I will plan on adding that to my tweets then.

  • Ed

    Great. Thanks, Jona! We will use #teamomar, but I could also add others to follow if I find out about them.

  • It looks like #pokenats10 is what many will be using. Not sure how much noise there will be though.

  • Ed

    Thanks again, Andy. I changed things up a bit. The home page will show the latest 3 #teamomar updates. will show all the #teamomar and #pokenats10 tweets.

    If you want to, maybe you can post wherever you saw that #pokenats10, and tell them they can watch it all on, too.

  • Done. I posted it on the Gym, sp hopefully you'll see an uptick in traffic.

  • Ed

    Man, you're all over this, AND you're the state champ. Too bad is already taken.

  • pikkdogs is a strange place.

    Lots of Japanese figures all over, and a girl looking at a magazine.