Deck Workshop: Will Gyarados Stil be Atrocious After Rotation?

by Pikkdogs ~ July 7th, 2010.

A big hello to all of you in Omar-Nation.  This is Pikkdogs here with a deck workshop.

Before we get started I would like to talk a little about Twitter.  I loved hearing you guys tweet during Nationals, and because of that I decided to get into Twitter more.  I have started to tweet about my decks and have found a couple of other people who do the same.  So if you are on twitter I would love to have you follow me and hopefully we can converse about the game.  Also, if you know anyone in the game who tweets also about it, please let me know.  My user name on there is “Pikkdogs.”

Like most of you, I am currently working on getting my decks post-rotation ready.  Some of my decks are working well, and some aren’t.  One that I am kind of on the fence about is Gyarados.

Just a small run through the strategy of the deck for all the new-comers.  Gyarados decks try to discard three Magikarps by turn 2 and then promote a Gyarados SF to do 90 damage with its “Tail Revenge” attack.  To get the karps in the discard pile, most people use Sableye SF’s “Impersonate” attack to set up, and then use Regice’s Poke-Power “Regi-Move” to discard the karps.

I have been talking to Ed about this deck and how it will be post-rotation.  As some of you might know, Ed has been playing Gyarados for a while and is somewhat of an expert on it.  When he tried to make it post rotation he noticed that he really missed the card called “Felicities Drawing.”

When I made my deck post-rotation I didn’t really notice this too much.  My major problem was mid game draw power. I can usually set up in 2-3 turns, but I had trouble recovering from a knock out.  My deck really misses Claydol and the draw power it provides.

So I will provide you guys with the list that I’m currently running and would appreciate any fixes to it, or any comments on post-rotation decks.

Sableye - SF

4 – Gyarados SF
4 – Magikarp SF
4 – Sableye SF
1 – Azelf LA
2 – Crobat G PT
2 – Uxie LA (The main draw Power of the deck)
1 – Regice LA
4 – Special Dark (For the Sableye Donk)
Trainers- 38
1 – Bench Shield (Just for those matchups versus snipers)
2 – Expert Belt
2 – Warp Point (mostly to get Regice out of the active spot)
3 – Poke Turn
3 – Pokemon Collector
4 – Super Scoop Up (To reuse Uxies and to heal Gyarados)
1 – Engineers Adjustment (To make some use out of the energies after the donk fails)
2 – Bebes Search
1 – Copy Cat
1 – Judge (One of the better cards in the format, man is this card great.)
1 – Cynthia’s Feelings
2 – Volkner’s Philosophy-2 (To discard a Magikarp)
1 – Pokeradar
1 – Luxury Ball
1 – Quick Ball
1 – Pokedex
3 – Pokemon Rescue
3 – Broken Time-Space
4 – Pokemon Reversal

Version 2 Changes

-1 Quick Ball

-1 Bench Shield

-1 Pokemon Reversal

+1 Uxie Lv.X La

+1 Copy Cat

+1 Pokemon Rescue

So there it is, nothing special.  Just a post-rotation form of a basic Gyarados deck.  My Gyarados deck is just supposed to be a prototype used only in testing,  because  I dont like the deck enough to bring it to a tournament.  Of course other decks use Luxray Gl, and thats a good choice,  and Adam from swears that a build with Lunatone and Solrock is  best.  But this is just supposed to be a bland build.

Any hints to make it faster and better mid-game would be great.  Thanks

Hopefully we’ll see ya on Twitter.

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