Deck Workshop: Will Gyarados Stil be Atrocious After Rotation?

by Pikkdogs ~ July 7th, 2010.

A big hello to all of you in Omar-Nation.  This is Pikkdogs here with a deck workshop.

Before we get started I would like to talk a little about Twitter.  I loved hearing you guys tweet during Nationals, and because of that I decided to get into Twitter more.  I have started to tweet about my decks and have found a couple of other people who do the same.  So if you are on twitter I would love to have you follow me and hopefully we can converse about the game.  Also, if you know anyone in the game who tweets also about it, please let me know.  My user name on there is “Pikkdogs.”

Like most of you, I am currently working on getting my decks post-rotation ready.  Some of my decks are working well, and some aren’t.  One that I am kind of on the fence about is Gyarados.

Just a small run through the strategy of the deck for all the new-comers.  Gyarados decks try to discard three Magikarps by turn 2 and then promote a Gyarados SF to do 90 damage with its “Tail Revenge” attack.  To get the karps in the discard pile, most people use Sableye SF’s “Impersonate” attack to set up, and then use Regice’s Poke-Power “Regi-Move” to discard the karps.

I have been talking to Ed about this deck and how it will be post-rotation.  As some of you might know, Ed has been playing Gyarados for a while and is somewhat of an expert on it.  When he tried to make it post rotation he noticed that he really missed the card called “Felicities Drawing.”

When I made my deck post-rotation I didn’t really notice this too much.  My major problem was mid game draw power. I can usually set up in 2-3 turns, but I had trouble recovering from a knock out.  My deck really misses Claydol and the draw power it provides.

So I will provide you guys with the list that I’m currently running and would appreciate any fixes to it, or any comments on post-rotation decks.

Sableye - SF

4 – Gyarados SF
4 – Magikarp SF
4 – Sableye SF
1 – Azelf LA
2 – Crobat G PT
2 – Uxie LA (The main draw Power of the deck)
1 – Regice LA
4 – Special Dark (For the Sableye Donk)
Trainers- 38
1 – Bench Shield (Just for those matchups versus snipers)
2 – Expert Belt
2 – Warp Point (mostly to get Regice out of the active spot)
3 – Poke Turn
3 – Pokemon Collector
4 – Super Scoop Up (To reuse Uxies and to heal Gyarados)
1 – Engineers Adjustment (To make some use out of the energies after the donk fails)
2 – Bebes Search
1 – Copy Cat
1 – Judge (One of the better cards in the format, man is this card great.)
1 – Cynthia’s Feelings
2 – Volkner’s Philosophy-2 (To discard a Magikarp)
1 – Pokeradar
1 – Luxury Ball
1 – Quick Ball
1 – Pokedex
3 – Pokemon Rescue
3 – Broken Time-Space
4 – Pokemon Reversal

Version 2 Changes

-1 Quick Ball

-1 Bench Shield

-1 Pokemon Reversal

+1 Uxie Lv.X La

+1 Copy Cat

+1 Pokemon Rescue

So there it is, nothing special.  Just a post-rotation form of a basic Gyarados deck.  My Gyarados deck is just supposed to be a prototype used only in testing,  because  I dont like the deck enough to bring it to a tournament.  Of course other decks use Luxray Gl, and thats a good choice,  and Adam from swears that a build with Lunatone and Solrock is  best.  But this is just supposed to be a bland build.

Any hints to make it faster and better mid-game would be great.  Thanks

Hopefully we’ll see ya on Twitter.

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  • I really don't know if the deck will work anymore. Lunatone/Solrock and Felicity's Drawing were crucial parts of the deck for me at Nationals.

    You lose tremendous draw power with those cards and they don't seem to be easily replaced. Gyarados relies on having a big hand with lots of options and Uxie doesn't really help that. The bench space it takes up can also be an issue if you're running a lot of Crobats (I think all Gyarados should be playing 3).

  • Andy Wieman

    One of trainers make my head hurt. Especially when you can't search for it with Cyrus. I just can't understand why one Pokeradar Or one Quick Ball would be useful at all. Also, what are you hoping to protect with Bench Shield? Let them snipe the bench while you do a consistent 90 with a huge guy.

    I'd take out the one of trainers and max out on Bebes. I'd also choose between Copycat or Cynthias. Both are good, but consistency is key. I'd also find room for a fourth Rescue and a fourth BTS. Less draw means they will be harder to find.

    Speaking of less draw, I'd add a third Uxie or Uxie X. Both will help combat the Power Sprays that will hurt you a great deal.

    I'd take out the one of trainers, and add two Bebe's

  • Ed

    Okay, okay. First of all, I have to side with Andy on the 1-of trainer bit. The bench shield can protect you, but what benched Pokemon do you really care to protect? Crobat is the only important one (for the free retreat), and you should have ways to either get another Crobat or Rescue it. The rest are expendable.

    I find that Warp Energy are very good in the deck. I talked to Adam about this before, too. Yeah, he runs the deck differently, but that doesn't stop us from discussing. :) Anyway, Warp Energy can give you things that Warp Point can't. I played in one game against a Blaziken in BR where he just kept bringing up my high-retreaters. With Warp Energy, I was able to attach for a retreat. Then he brought it up again, so I SSU'd it. That put the Warp back in my hand so that next time he lured, I could drop the Warp Energy a second time.

    But enough of this nitpicking. Let's get to the big things. Regice has now become your main source of discard. I believe you need 2 of them. Imagine if you prized one. For one, you don't want to have to Azelf for it, ESPECIALLY if you also prize a Karp. That's just a game loss right there. Running 2 Regice really ups your need for Warp Energy, so I'd run 4 of them.

    I have been trying to run 3 BTS, but Andy is again right. I think you need 4 due to the lack of draw power. It could be a metagame call, though. More and more opponents run BTS, so maybe you can use theirs.

    I think you need to max out the Pokemon Collector. They really run the deck. I even tried some Dual Ball in mine. Getting those Karps discarded is harder, now. You have to get creative.

    The Sableye donk is a really nice trick to have up your sleeve, but now I think you might have to drop the probability of that to make room for more consistency.

    So, we get to the ultimate question. “Will Gyarados Stil be Atrocious After Rotation?” I feel like the answer is a resounding YES. Two days ago, I wouldn't have said that, but now I will, and here's why. ITEM FINDER

    Yeah, that's right. Base set Item Finder. Just imagine if you could put that card in Gyarados. Discard 2 Karp and get any trainer back from your discard. It's too bad we can't combine it with Computer Search. Well, the reason I mention Item Finder is because PokeBeach just released scans of the “Clash at the Summit” set. There's a card called “Junk Arm” that is essentially Item Finder. Sure, it won't be around for a while, but it will have the potential to bring Gyarados back from his shallow grave.

    For now, though, we'll have to stick with Regice and Volkner. You could also try “Unown ?” if you want something new.

  • Ed

    TWITTER: I really liked how the Twitter deal worked during Nationals. Now that the activity has died down, I had to remove it from the front page. It was getting weird posts with the #TeamOmar hash tag. I assume they were somehow automated posts just to get on feeds like ours.

    I would actually like to come up with some sort of plan to get tweets on the TeamOmar home page. I think it's an excellent way to include people and their updates in a format where they don't need to type up an entire article.

    I could target specific users, but I doubt that people want all their updates showing up on the page. The only good way I can see to do it is to target specific users that use a certain hash tag (#TeamOmar, I suppose).

    If you guys have an idea of how we could use Twitter (or any other micro updates) on the website, let me know. I think it's a fun way to include a wider audience, but I'm not sure how it should be done.

  • Thomas Veazie

    This deck is garbage. GTFO the internet kthxbai.

  • Ed

    Since when do you use the word “garbage?” I thought it was always “trash!”

  • pikkdogs

    Thanks guys for the help and the discussion

    Like I said this deck is supposed to be a prototype deck, not a real serious one, so thats why the trainer and supporter lines are a little mixed up.

    Yeah Bench shield is kinda weird in this deck, but again this is just an example list for us to talk about. That really should go. And I could drop the warp point for another copycat or cynthias.

    Junk arm looks like a cool card, not just for this deck but for almost any other. There will be a lot of speed decks and with that you get extra BTS's that clog up your hand, so its easy to discard those with junkarm. And you can always use another trainer card.

  • Ed

    Clash had a few cards that just screamed “Gyarados” to me. Junk Arm was the one that seemed to replace the gaping hole that Felicity's loss creates.

    So, if you're following the Deck Workshop guidelines (… ) you ought to go back and edit your original article when you get a chance. Use the input that you like to change the decklist. Maybe even put a “version 2” or something on it. That way we can keep improving it as we discuss.

  • pikkdogs

    The trainers in Clash are awesome.

    That card Twins lets you pick two cards from your deck and put it in your hand. Thats just awesome, and anyway who doesn't like twins?

    That Rescue energy is like the old recycle energy, and that thing was almost broken.

    Black Belt lets you do 40 more damage to the defending Pokemon, if your behind in prize cards.

    And the legends don't look amazing but they look semi-playable.

    And we get a porygon and porygon 2 in the format so we can use the promo porygon and the level x again.

    Ok I'll make in updated version

  • Ed

    Yeah, and I just sold my Porygon-Z Lv. X. :) The cards you mentioned were the ones I liked for Gyarados. Twins is awesome with a Sableye-heavy deck like 'Dos. Just run one, and if you get behind, Impersonate it. Rescue Energy is like 2 Pokemon Rescues in one (assuming you get the basic and the evolution back), and you don't have to hold on to it, so it's a bit more Judge-proof. I'm sure it'll take a while to get all these cards, but they're going to have a big impact when we do.

  • djerf

    I'd cut the gyrados down to 3 and add a cyclone energy or two

  • nardd

    aren't we losing night maintenance? And you want to get rid of a gyarados?

  • Ed

    In the current format, I'd play 3 'Dos. Post-Rotation, I would probably play 4, but maybe something else will come along and change that back.

  • Cheffords

    Yes, Night Maintenance is out post-rotation: you need to Pokemon Rescue or Palmer's now.

  • Wegothem

    Your articles are pretty bad, sorry to be blunt


    Your trainer line is dumbest fucking thing i have ever seen. Fuck you, for wasting the 2-3 mins that it took me to read this.


    Ill agree with you on the Item finder issue, the problem is that its in no way searchable. Also its likely that deffen, tomb, AND Plume will be played enough to make GAYrados, damn near unplayable. Felicities made that damn deck

  • 4-4 Gyarados
    4 Sableye
    2-1 Uxie
    2 Crobat G
    1 Regice
    1 Combee
    1 Azelf
    1 Unown Q

    4 Call (not sure about this, because without claydol its really not needed, but 30hp basics are scary to start with.)

    4 Collector
    3 Bebe's
    1 Luxury ball
    3 Volkner
    3 BTS
    1 Warp point
    2 Expert Belt
    4 Pokemon Rescue
    2 PONT
    1 Cynthias feelings
    4 Super Scoop up
    3 Poketurn
    4 Pokemon Reversal

    You could try something like this, but this deck is pretty much dead anyways…

  • Ed

    Thanks, Mike. I've talked to some that think Gyarados is still powerful enough with Volkner replacing Felicity, but when I've played it, it just doesn't fly. The one nice thing, though, is that it deals with trainer lock better than many decks.

    I think that Warp Energy is far superior to Call in this deck, mainly due to the inability to pay retreat costs. I also like the Special Darks for Sableye donks.