Deck Workshop: Egg-Meg = Blissey + Meganium Prime

by Ed ~ July 15th, 2010.

Meganium Prime - GSFirst of all, I want to make it clear that I’m not trying to rip anyone’s idea off. It should be obvious to anyone that reads SixPrizes regularly that this “Egg-Meg” idea was from the recent Egg-Meg: Optimism for new seasons article by doeigts.

The basis of the deck isn’t completely novel. I mean, the idea of pairing these two cards that came out in the same set should have been considered by many. The same powers have been around since base set. Base Set Venusaur’s “Energy Trans” Pokemon Power does the same thing as Meganium Prime’s “Leaf Trans,” and Blissey Prime’s “Blissful Nurse” Poke-POWER does the same thing as the Base Set Pokemon Center trainer card. You can see that the themes are nothing new. In fact, I played a deck that centered around Chansey, Alakazam, and Pokemon Center in a recent unlimited tournament. It has the same idea, except that it moves damage to an energyless Pokemon, while this Egg-Meg deck moves energy to an undamaged Pokemon. The Alakazam deck I played recently was based off a deck that my wife used to play back in Base Set. When I saw the HGSS cards, I thought about building her the Blissey/Meganium version, but I never did. That is, until I saw doeigts’ article. So, I took his list and built a version of it for her, my daughter, and I to all mess with.

Doeigts’ deck used an SP engine to do extra damage with Crobat G and bring up key targets with Luxray GL Lv. X. I don’t want the complexity SP adds, trying to stick with his intent, I swapped Cherrim SF in as a Crobat G replacement and Pokemon Reversal (which fairly quickly got changed out for Warp Point) as a Luxray replacement. Keep in mind that I want to keep this a bit more simple, so that non-experts can play it.

I built the deck, and gave it to my wife to play. I was excited, because I thought that she would like having a deck similar to the old Alakazam deck that she has fond memories of. Basically, she thought the deck sucked. I played it, and I had a better time with it, but I have a different perspective. When it doesn’t work for her, she’s frustrated and loses. When it doesn’t work for me, I try to figure out how I can play or build it differently.

Cherubi - SV 096It did win one good game for me against Pikkdogs. He was playing his experimental deck that runs a bunch of Spiritomb for early game evolving and trainer lock. I happened to get 2 energy out on my turn 1 (thanks to Cherubi SV) and then do 60 damage on my second turn. He couldn’t keep the Tombs in play. He did get the game turned around, but I was already ahead on the prize race. I was able to finish the job.

The choice to put in a 4-4 line of Cherrim is suspect, though it did win me the game against Pokkdogs. Options such as Sunflora have been suggested in place of it. Running Spiritomb myself would not be a bad option to stall and evolve early game. Metapod may be nice to help against fire, but I don’t even want to worry about bad matchups yet. I just want to make a deck that works fairly well in general. We’re probably talking about a league-caliber deck anyway, so worrying about specific matchups isn’t a high priority.

So, here’s my list. It could be a fun league deck as it stands, but I want to make it more consistent. I think I need more search (Collector?), and maybe Judge should be swapped for PONT or some such. Please give me your ideas, but keep in mind that this deck must be kept a bit on the simple side. I don’t want the whole SP thing to creep back in.

Blissey Prime - GS

Pokemon: 24
3 Chikorita
3 Bayleef
3 Meganium Prime
2 Chansey
2 Blissey Prime
2 Uxie
1 Chatot MD
4 Cherubi SV
4 Cherrim SF

Trainers: 14
1 Luxury Ball
4 Pokemon Communication
4 Super Scoop Up
1 Expert Belt
4 Warp Point

Supporters: 7
2 Pokemon Collector
2 Bebe’s Search
2 Judge
1 Palmer’s Contribution

Stadiums: 3
3 Broken Time-Space

Energy: 12
12 Grass

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  • Pikkdogs

    Theres a supporter that I think is coming out in undaunted that lets you bring a Pokemon back from your hand, that could work here to re-use the Blisseys.

    Yeah I would add another collector and another Bebes. Maybe go 2-2 on Cherrim 1-1 on sunflora hgss and drop to 2 BTS.

    But as a whole I don't think this deck can work, its a good idea, I just think it could use a better attacker. I think a 4 energy attack is too much.

  • Ed

    Well, the deck can definitely work. It's just a matter of at what level. I would never expect it to be tier-1. If it can serve as an interesting fun deck, that's all I need for this one.

    I can't see dropping any BTS. The whole point is that you could use SSU to heal your guys (either with Blissey or by themselves). With “Leaf Trans” you move the energy off, SSU, use BTS to replay, and then “Leaf Trans” the energy back. If the damage is on multiple guys, then do it to Blissey. If not, then you can just do it to Meganium (without the need for Blissey in play). Multiple Meganium (and probably Warp Point) gives you the ability to spread some damage around before healing. I'm considering an Unown Q also. Retreating is kinda important with this deck.

    2-2 Cherrim would be fine. I like Cherubi as an energy accel starter, but Chatot (or Spritomb) may be better. 1-1 or 2-2 Sunflora is acceptable. 1 or 2 more Collector and/or more Bebe is also good.


    This Deck a joke?

  • Ed

    That depends on your definition of “joke” I suppose. It's not to be taken too seriously. I would like to make it consistent, though. It can be fun to play, but we both know it won't compete with real good decks.

    Your comment a joke?

  • I wish I could give you some input on this but I don't really know how decks are going to function MD-on.

    Maybe use Call Energy?

  • Ed

    Yeah, I'd like to run the Call. My rationale for excluding it was that it can't be Leaf Trans'd. I'm not sure if that's a good enough reason, though. Maybe I'll try it.

  • Pikkdogs

    Its called a fun deck Radu, you should try to have fun sometime

    You might lighten up a little.


    Spoken like true trash. Haha Trash is talking about a trash deck

  • Ryan Vikander

    You may want to consider teching in a 1-1 hgss metapod since charizard is probably going to see more play.

  • Ed

    Yeah, I've considered that. I haven't thought much about the deck recently, but I'd still like to get it working a bit better. Every once in a while, it works as planned. Otherwise, it sits around doing mostly nothing.