Pikkdogs Pikks Three: Gengar SF, Shedinja SV, Umbreon Prime.

by Pikkdogs ~ August 6th, 2010.

Hello to all members of Omar Nation.  This is your buddy Pikkdogs here to review three cards in a segment I call, “Pikkdogs Pikks Three.”  As always the first card I review will be a popular card, the second will be one that I feel is under-rated, and the third will be a card that is from a new or unreleased set.

Before we get started I want to remind you guys to check with your local tournament organizers because Pre-releases will soon be under-way for the Undaunted set.  These tournaments are always a blast because you get to play some fun games with people from your area, you get a lot of cards, and you can trade for the cards you need.  Just a heads up for you guys, if your local tournament organizers offer a sealed theme deck event I would recommend going to that too.  TPCI has changed the format for theme decks this year so that there are less energies in the deck, more rares (5!), and each deck comes with a pack of Undaunted cards.  Add all those extras to the 4 packs you get just for being in the tournament and thats 5 packs, 60 cards, and a deck box for 25 bucks!

Oh I would also like to wish whoever is headed to Worlds good luck!

…..Well what time is it geeky sidekick?

Geeky Sidekick:  “Its time to Pikk Three!”

Ok, lets do that!

The Staple: Gengar SF

Description– Gengar is a stage 2 psychic Pokemon with 110 HP, a +30 weakness to dark, a -20 Resistance to normal, and free retreat.

It’s Poke Power is called “Fainting Spell.”  The wording of the power is weird, wrong, and confusing; so errata has been issued for the card, and this is what the Pokemon TCG Compendium lists for the Poke Power “Once during your opponent’s turn, if Gengar would be Knocked Out by damage from an attack, you may flip a coin. If heads, the Attacking Pokemon is now Knocked Out.”  So basically if any Pokemon knocks out Gengar by means of damage, the Gengar player may flip a coin and if heads the Pokemon that attacked Gengar is knocked out too.

Gengar also has two attacks, the first of which is “Shadow Room.” For one energy Gengar SF can put 3 damage counters on any Pokemon on the field, or 6 damage counters on any of your opponents Pokemon that has any Poke Powers.  Its second attack is called “Poltergeist,” and does 30 damage times the number of trainers, stadiums, and supporters in your opponents hand.

Review– Man I love this card, its amazing.  It has seen a lot of play since its release in the Stormfront set, so lets see why this card is so great.

Its stats are not that great.  110 hp is low for a stage 2 Pokemon, the weakness to dark really doesn’t hurt you until you play Tyranitar, and having a normal resistance is great due to Garchomp C.  Its Poke Power is probably one of the best in the game.  It lets you knock out a Pokemon without even attacking.  “Shadow Room” is also very useful, its helps you snipe those Uxies and Azelfs that your opponent always plays.  And “Poltergeist” is a good attack against SP decks since they use a lot of trainers and supporters.

But Gengar does have some draw backs.  Its two attacks are conditional, depending on things that your opponent does.  Gengar isn’t really a great attacking Pokemon, and has fairly low HP.  But these things are made up by some great combos.

One combo is Nidoqueen RR.  Nidoqueen’s “Maternal Comfort” heals one damage counter from each of your Pokemon between turns, this makes it tough for your opponent to get around “Fainting Spell” (by using Uxie or Crobat G). Crobat G is also a great combo for Gengar, because it lets you knock out Uxie LA out with just one attack.  The most important combo for the current format is Machamp SF.  They don’t really seem to have much synergy, and the loss of roseanne’s research hurts this deck, but some how this deck is really good.  Machamp and Gengar are a good combo that will see play after rotation because they are decent SP counters.

Final Review9/10.  Gengar SF is almost a game changer its very fast and is deadly to any deck.

The Underdog: Shedinja SV

If you think Gengar had low HP just wait till we talk about Shedinja, oh well I guess you won’t have to wait much longer.

Description-Shedinja is a stage 1 Grass Pokemon.  It has 60 HP, a +20 Fire Weakness, and 1 retreat cost.  Those stats are less than stellar but this Pokemon is used for its Poke Body, “Marvel Shell.”  This Poke Body prevents all effects of an attack (including damage) done to Shedinja by your opponents Pokemon that has any Poke Bodies or Poke Powers.  It has one attack (“Spike Wound”) which does 30 damage to any of your opponents Pokemon that has any damage counters already on it.

Review– As you see from the description, Shedinja isn’t  a tank.  But he is an excellent wall, and walls are needed because Mr. Mime MT is leaving the building.  Most Pokemon today are chosen for there great Poke Powers or Poke Bodies.  Well all of those Poke Powers/ Bodies can’t do a single thing about Shedinja. It can really turn the game around if you get it at the right time.

That being said, Shedinja doesn’t just fit into every deck.  You need a deck that needs a wall, like shuppet or cursegar.  And his Poke Body can be gotten around  by most, but not all decks.

Final Rating7/10. There are good and bad things about this card.  But one thing is sure, he is under-rated.  Many people don’t know about this card and are shocked when they see their opponent play it.  So if your deck needs a wall, look at this card, but if not just be aware that Shedinja is out there.

The Young Gun- Umbreon Prime

When I first started reviewing Undaunted cards I started with Espeon Prime.  Today we get to see another eevelution, Umbreon Prime.

Description– Umbreon Prime is a stage 1 Dark Pokemon, with 100 HP, a x2 fighting weakness, a -20 resistance to psychic, and a 1 retreat cost.  It has a Poke Power called “Cloud Covered Moon” which is essentially a built in Super Scoop Up.  It has one attack called “Evo Bloast” which for DCC does 50 damage plus 10 for each of your Pokemon that evolve from Eevee.

Review– Here is what the eevee decks have been missing, a bit of power.  For just 1 special darkness energy and a Double Colorless energy you can do a maximum of 100 damage!  And “Cloud Covered Moon” is very helpful just in case he ends up with a lot of damage counters on him.

But Umbreon has a couple huge downsides.  It only has 100 HP and a 1 retreat cost, I would expect better for a Prime.  It also has a fighting weakness which is not good for a format that is Donphan and Machamp freindly.

Final Rating7.75/10. This card finally makes Eevee decks semi-playable.  They still aren’t even close to tier 2, but are still fun for people who like Eevee.  It is a good card that might see some play early in the next format.

Well thats what I think of these cards, I encourage you guys to tell me what you think of them by leaving comments.

As always I sign off by saying, “So long and thanks for all the fish.”

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