Itty Bitty Cards of The Day: Possible SP Techs?

by Bittyboy72 ~ September 2nd, 2010.

Hello Team Omar fans! It’s Bittyboy you probably know me from Sixprizes, I am now proud to be writing for Team Omar! Now to the article!

I wanted to talk about some cards from Unleashed that actually caught my attention! Just to forewarn you this is an article geared towards SP’s. The two cards that caught my attention were Drifblim and Muk believe it or not.

I’ll start with Drifblim. Drifblim is good for two reasons: one he is a good counter to Mewtwo X, and two as a Machamp counter, it could also be used as a quick/cheap way to end the game if need be. Driblims first attack “Balloon Tackle” for one Psychic energy and one Colorless energy lets you do 60 and 20 in recoil, but with Mewtwo’s X2 Weakness to Pschic it gets OHKOed making it worth the 20 in recoil damage. Also if you have Lucario GL in play and you can use Crobat G’s Poke Power “Flash Bite”, you can the OHKO Machamp. Then we get to Drifblims second attack, “Take Away” lets you shuffle Drifblim and the defending Pokemon back into each players deck. This could easily be a game ender as I said above, but could also be a deadly compo with Luxray GL X up  and you it’s “Bright Look” power to drag up something loaded on the bench or a tech and then retreat for Drifblim and just Take Away into the wind.

Now onto Muk, Muk has a lot of positive things going for him in my opinion. Muks first attack “Sludge Drag” lets you drag up any of your opponents benched Pokemon active then poison is and confuse it. This could be used to stall, gust up techs (Ninetals, Regice, ect), or even Drag up Mewtwo Before it levels up. Muk’s second attack “Pester” does 50 damage plus 30 more for each special condition on the defending Pokemon. This could go either way, good or bad. If you bring Muk out after Mewtwo levels you only do 100 to it and you need to drop two Crobat G’s  to finish it off, or if you drag it then in levels you only need one Muk requires more resources to use but I think it is a better choice in the long run, because of it’s similarity to Luxray GL X, also you can use the attack to drag up Vileplume and hopefully kill it, breaking a trainer lock that hurts SP a lot!

I know there are tons of Mewtwo counter and Champ counters out there but I think these two are actually some of the better ones in my opinion. Another thing I like about these two is that they can be used for either Machamp or Mewtwo, whereas some counters (such as Dialga G X) can only be used for one. I hope you liked my article, and I look forward to writing more in the future! Sorry this one is kind of short I am just getting back into school and have a lot of work.

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