Itty Bitty Cards of The Day: Possible SP Techs?

by Bittyboy72 ~ September 2nd, 2010.

Hello Team Omar fans! It’s Bittyboy you probably know me from Sixprizes, I am now proud to be writing for Team Omar! Now to the article!

I wanted to talk about some cards from Unleashed that actually caught my attention! Just to forewarn you this is an article geared towards SP’s. The two cards that caught my attention were Drifblim and Muk believe it or not.

I’ll start with Drifblim. Drifblim is good for two reasons: one he is a good counter to Mewtwo X, and two as a Machamp counter, it could also be used as a quick/cheap way to end the game if need be. Driblims first attack “Balloon Tackle” for one Psychic energy and one Colorless energy lets you do 60 and 20 in recoil, but with Mewtwo’s X2 Weakness to Pschic it gets OHKOed making it worth the 20 in recoil damage. Also if you have Lucario GL in play and you can use Crobat G’s Poke Power “Flash Bite”, you can the OHKO Machamp. Then we get to Drifblims second attack, “Take Away” lets you shuffle Drifblim and the defending Pokemon back into each players deck. This could easily be a game ender as I said above, but could also be a deadly compo with Luxray GL X up  and you it’s “Bright Look” power to drag up something loaded on the bench or a tech and then retreat for Drifblim and just Take Away into the wind.

Now onto Muk, Muk has a lot of positive things going for him in my opinion. Muks first attack “Sludge Drag” lets you drag up any of your opponents benched Pokemon active then poison is and confuse it. This could be used to stall, gust up techs (Ninetals, Regice, ect), or even Drag up Mewtwo Before it levels up. Muk’s second attack “Pester” does 50 damage plus 30 more for each special condition on the defending Pokemon. This could go either way, good or bad. If you bring Muk out after Mewtwo levels you only do 100 to it and you need to drop two Crobat G’s  to finish it off, or if you drag it then in levels you only need one Muk requires more resources to use but I think it is a better choice in the long run, because of it’s similarity to Luxray GL X, also you can use the attack to drag up Vileplume and hopefully kill it, breaking a trainer lock that hurts SP a lot!

I know there are tons of Mewtwo counter and Champ counters out there but I think these two are actually some of the better ones in my opinion. Another thing I like about these two is that they can be used for either Machamp or Mewtwo, whereas some counters (such as Dialga G X) can only be used for one. I hope you liked my article, and I look forward to writing more in the future! Sorry this one is kind of short I am just getting back into school and have a lot of work.

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  • Ed

    Hey Bittyboy. I’m glad to finally see your first TeamOmar article. I like when I get to read some analysis on specific cards like this. It gives some insight into things I may not otherwise consider. I really like Drifblim’s second attack. Combined with his Balloon Tackle and free retreat, I think he can be abused in decks that have a tough time finding answers to tanks and other hard to OHKO Pokemon. Immagine Drifblim using Take Away against Gyarados. The Gyarados player is used to either SSU or Rescuing that Karp. Now he has to reassemble from the deck. It’s not the end of the world, but it just changes the game so that you need to account for new possibilities.

    I’m not yet sold on Muk. It’s much more situational, I think.

  • pikkdogs

    Well as one of the writers for Team Omar, I’d like to officially welcome Bitty Boy to the staff. We are very excited to have a new writer on the site, so thanks Bitty Boy.

    If you guys don’t know Bitty Boy, he is still a young player but is a pretty smart player. He plays out of Pennsylvania with our friend Adam from

    As for the cards, I do like both of these cards. Drifblim is something a little weird that I won’t touch until someone teachs me more about it and uses it in a good way, but it has potential.

    Muk I think can make an immediate impact in the game by giving SP decks a shot at beating the much hyped Gengar VileTomb deck. I think it could be a great tech, but we’ll see what happens.

  • Guest

    Honestly, why do you people talk about Muk? Both Pikkdogs and you have both commented on it as being either techs against Vileplume or techs in an SP deck.

    1) Its a stage 1 that requires a psychic energy to attack with(you would run very few psychic if any, specifically for promocroak IMO), and then for its second attack, a double. It has a three retreat, so once it goes active, its staying active unless you waste a warp energy. You can never get the energy off of it, so now you have wasted a Double Colorless on the thing. That could have been say a Garchomp snipe or something.

    2) It is a bad tech against anything, and the best thing it has going for it is countering Vileplume. So you could run like a 101 Muk if you wanted, or you could run Luxray, or Blaziken as well, both of which are staple SP pokemon, both of which can be set up easily, and both who had either a good power or a good attack for this specific situation.

    3) With the inclusion of Toxitank lines in a lot of SP decks, you can simply use Luxray to pull up Vileplume and then Toxitank it, or you can simply pull it up and use UXIE X, a staple in all SP decks.

    Honestly. The card has 100 HP, takes 2 turns to set up, costs a double(or 3 turns of energizing) and a psychic to use, and is ONLY “good” for one situation, when you could just run other SP stuff that works for that specific situation…as well as many more! Its not a good card, stop promoting it. Pikkdogs, you yourself said you want new players to see these articles and learn from them. So stop promoting bad advice.

  • Guest

    Also, Pikkdogs, you really have no idea what you are talking about. Gengar Viletomb isn’t a hyped deck. Bad players think its gonna do good, but then again, those are bad players. You really think Muk is better than Drifblim? Thats a sad, sad thing. What is there to leran about Drifblim? Two attacks. One of them does 60 damage. The other returns both active pokemon and all cards attached to the deck. Really that complicated to learn?

  • Anonymous

    I was just pointing out that its not a straight forward attack. Its kinda risky, attaching 3 energies to a Pokemon and then get rid of it without getting a Kill. It needs the right player in the right situation to use it.

    Its not as straightforward as a Donphan deck.

    And you don’t think Gengar Viletomb is hyped. On 5 of the last 7 deck discussions had to do with trainer lock of some kind, most of them with the Viletomb strategy.


      Only a _______ ______ wont be able to tell when to use drifblims second attack. Pokemon is such a simple game i feel sorry for mindless _____ like yourself.


      And yea its hyped. But so were a billion random other things the never panned out. Why? Because the pokemon player base is composed of many autistic socially retarded kids who would agree with just about anything to fit in, and a bunch of home schooled freaks how are equably socially retarded and also jump on every bandwagon, oh and old _____ like yourself who have no business playing this game. Normal “sane” people are few and far between.

      • Ed

        Wait a second. I let a lot slide by here, but did you, Radu, just accuse someone else of being socially inept? I always knew you thought you were smarter than everyone, but I didn’t realize you were THAT delusional. Weird.

        Oh, wait. Nevermind. I just re-read it, and I suppose that you could be including yourself with the socially less-than-gifted. If read that way, then it could restore my impression of you as at least being mentally gifted.

        At what age do you have no business playing? I don’t get the impression that Pikdogs is that much older than you, so, once again, it seems that you’re lumping yourself in with the people you’re ripping on. That’s an argument against your mental capacity. It just keeps going back and forth here.

        Oh, and do I get a free pass on the “no business playing” bit, since I’m a PokeDad? I’m just trying to figure out how this game works.

        • RA-FUCKIN-DU

          I lump myself in the category mentioned in the last sentence. About parents its somewhat acceptable to play if your kids do, also the terms Pokemom, Pokedad, Pokeparent are by far the most _______ ________ things ever(except for pikkdogs and the ______ ____ who posted this article.) I’d say if you start past 20 except if you’re the parent of a kid/you have a ton of friends that play, you _______ suck at life and i hope you die

  • Guest

    I tried to reply to Pikkdogs last statement 3 times now, but it never showed up. Here is what I wrote:

    1) 3 energy is tough to get out especially with Bronzong G and DCE in the format, thats for sure. Also, what the hell is that “right situation, right player” crap? If your opponent has Mewtwo X, there you go. You don’t have to be the right player, you need to be a player with half a brain. But maybe because Asshole says you don’t have one, he is right, because if you think Drifblim is that difficult to use and you think that Muk is such a good card, then you are pretty wrong. Its not as straightforward as Donphan. Donphan only does damage. Shocker, but other cards do other things besides damage.

    2) 6P is full of bad players, so thats why its hyped. Bad players hype bad cards. Next, they will be talking about Yanmega prime and how that card is amazing. “Zomg copycat+Yanmega = broken combo”. Then they will talk about going to a tourney and running the deck. Then they will come back with a report that says how bad they did with it and then they will just say that the card is for “the right player in the right situation”. Its not a goomd deck. Try to run it at a tourney, and watch from the lower tables as the top ones don’t have Gengar Viletomb.

    Also, if for some reason, my other posts got posted and I just cant see them, thats why I reposted so many times. Because your points and arguments are that dumb.


    You’re talking about Muk clearly you’re a _______ ______, I hope you die, seriously I hope you get cancer and die a slow painful death in some hospital bed by yourself.

    • Ed

      Who else would die in a hospital bed with him?

      I love me some misplaced modifiers.

      • RA-FUCKIN-DU

        Sorry brah i don’t give enough of a ____ to actually think about what I write or how i write it. Especially when replying to trash.

  • Ed

    It’s probably because you’re part of Team Busty, and the internet hates that. If you acted less like your Busty pals, then maybe things would come easier in life.

    Copycat+Yanmega isn’t broken. It’s Judge+Yanmega. Get your hype straight.

  • Ed

    But, to be fair, you hope everyone dies, and you think they suck at life. I don’t know how that is any different than the under 20 crowd.

    From what I’ve seen, I wouldn’t lump you into the “normal” or “sane” categories of life. Though, I’m not sure I, myself, would want to be lumped into the category of “normal” in this world. Sanity is fairly difficult to self-diagnose, so I can see why you stumble on that one.

    I agree that the “Pokedad” label is pretty absurd. I just use it here, because I know that the meaning is understood. Sadly, I may hide behind the title more and more as I drift further from being a player myself and more toward focusing on my daughter’s game.

  • Anonymous

    maybe he’s wishing that I don’t share the bed with bed bugs

  • Kratos

    now thats just mindless, heed your elders! I’m 78 and I play still.

  • Kratos

    –shouldn’t be playing Pokemon with an attitude like that–

    …I heard u liek Mudkipz