Pikkdogs’ Stupid Deck Idea: AlaDialga (Alakazam 4 + Dialga G)

by Pikkdogs ~ September 6th, 2010.

Hey to all of the members of Omar-Nation.  This is Pikkdogs here to discuss a stupid deck idea I had.

I don’t know if this deck is good enough to ever be brought to a small tournament, but its a deck that is fun to play.  I came up with this deck idea last Thursday night in a time of great sorrow.  My area had just experienced a nasty thunderstorm, I was okay but the great sorrow happened when my cable (and internet) went out for almost a day.  So all I could do was watch my Seinfeld DVD’s and play games on Redshark.

The idea is to take a basic Lady Gaga deck then take out the Luxray Gl line, trim down the Garchomp C line, and add in a 2-1 Alakazam 4 Lv.X line.  Then for the trainer line add in some Warp Energies, Energy Exchangers, and extra Pokemon Collectors, and you basically have the list.  The goal of the deck is to get a Dialga G Lv.x active with at least 2 Special Metal Energies, an expert belt.  Once you get set up, you can move damage counters from Dialga G Lv.x to another Pokemon to Poketurn later. You can do this because of Alakazam 4 Lv.x’s Poke Power “Damage Switch” which allows you to move 1 damage counter from 1 SP Pokemon to another as many times as you would like.

Here is the list I was using on Redshark:


  • 2-1 Alakazam 4 Lv.x
  • 2-Crobat G
  • 1-Ambipom G
  • 2-2 Dialga G Lv.x
  • 1-1 Garchomp C Lv.x
  • 2-Uxie Lv.x
  • 2- Unown Q
  • 1- Bronzong G
  • 1-Azelf La


  • 4-Cyrus’s Conspiracy                                                                                                          
  • 4-Poketurn
  • 3-Power Spray
  • 3-Energy Gain
  • 3- SP Radar
  • 3-Energy Exchanger
  • 3-Pokemon Collector
  • 3-Bebes Search
  • 1-Aarons Collection
  • 2- Expert Belt
  • 1- Premier Ball


  • 3-Double Colorless Energy
  • 4-Special Metal Energies
  • 3- Metal Energies
  • 3- Warp Energies

As you may know I’m not the best SP player or deck builder.  There are many other people who can build better SP decks that I can but this is just my build.  Its  a decent basic build for you to build off of if you wanted to test this out.

Again for a strategy: establish a benched Alakazam 4 Lv.X, get Dialga G Lv.X active with at least 2 Special Metal energies and an Expert Belt.  If need be you can heal with Garchomp C Lv.x and then attack with Dragon Range.

I know this deck is weird, its not the best idea.  I know Garchomp C Lv.x is a good healer for Dialga G, so some may say that Alakazam 4 Lv.X is not neccessary.  But then again thats why this is under the “Stupid Deck Idea” category.  It is a fun deck that lets you not worry about switching out Dialga G all the time.  Also it allows you to use Alakazam 4 which has always been a favorite card of mine.

I did test this against a weaker version of my Gengar VileTomb deck.  This deck was able to get up four prizes early, but had a hard time building up a second Dilaga G Lv.x.  It was unable to break the trainer lock and take the last couple prizes.

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  • Guest

    …Why would you waste the energy and time to “move” the damage off of Dialga G with another benched SP X, when you can just HEAL it off with Garchomp C in DialgaChomp? This deck idea is stupid and bad, and an already proven deck does much better at keeping Dialga alive.

  • Solemnparty

    That’s kinda being a bit harsh. Yeah, Garchomp is the better option, but you don’t have to be a douche about it.

  • Ed

    Right (I agree), and Alakazam is, well, Alakazam. He’s one of the originals, and nobody really ever gets to play him since his evolution line is broken.

  • Anonymous

    You said my deck idea was stupid…… well so did I, its in the title.

    Like I said its a “Stupid Deck Idea”, just because I like Alakazam. Its not supposed to win worlds, just for fun.

  • Pmccarty7

    I actually play a deck with this idea but I use Alakazam to unload the damage off Dialga onto other pokemon till I have 3 or 4 fully loaded with 80-90 each then heal everything off with a Garchomp C.

    This let’s you rush everything 3 or 4 turns and save the healing breaths.

    I also run several key Sp basic as tech for different archetypes with SP energy.

    The other idea I’ve laced in that works is Mismagius lv x which lets me move around tools and energies. It all runs on a Cyrus engine.

  • Pmccarty7

    Or in a pinch I can poketurn a high HP basic and unload the damage that way.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah I love Alakazam 4 its such a fun deck. Too bad I can’t ever get it to be near Tier 1

  • Guest

    Oh yeah, I have a deck like that also. It uses every single SP pokemon printed with every single SP level X. I use Alakazam to unload damage onto my other SP Xs and heal them off with Garchomp. I use Gallade for a little spread damage so that my big hitter SP pokemon like Dialga, Palkia, Infernape, Blaziken, and Rayquaza all hit for knock outs. I make sure that I use every kind of basic energy to ensure that every level X can attack if I need to. I only run basic energy and SP energy. It works really well. Also, it runs on the Cyrus Engine, like a normal SP deck would. We should totally compare lists. Alakazam is super good. I mean sure Garchomp C just heals all the damage off, but Alakazam, he moves it! So I can just move it to a different pokemon of mine until all of my pokemon have a bunch of damage on them so my opponent can swiftly and easily get knock outs, but who cares! Why heal when I can just move them away and heal later provided my opponent hasn’t already won the game based on the fact that I have set up free prizes for him to take.

    And what are you talking about Pikkdogs? Alakazam is super fun, but it is obviously tier 1. Anyone who is good could see that moving the damage using a level X that has 2 retreat cost and 100 HP is better than a level X that can heal it off, has 110 HP, and can snipe for 80 damage w/ a double and an e-gain. Its obviously Tier 1. OBVIOUSLY.

  • Ed

    Hey Guest, how come you don’t use your real name when you post?

  • Pmccarty7

    Hi guest, do you realize you just spent 20 minutes ranting sarcasm about a fun card game?!?!

    I come here to read about different ideas on deck building and pokemon I would never haved looked at otherwise.

    You obviously have a superior intellect to all of us inferior fun deck players but why are you here looking for Tier 1 deck ideas?

    Anybody who plays seriously knows, if you see it on the internet, it’s old. The real new ideas are NEVER posted openly for us trolls. You need to meet good players and gain their trust.

    And believe it or not alot of Tier one strategies (ie, Gyarados, jumpluff, lock decks, etc) were onced ridiculed.

    Maybe you should think about why you come here? Is it to learn? Is it to share your knowledge? Is it to slam? Or is it to get a good laugh? This really is an important question for you as everything you do affects you more than others. What you say doesn’t bother me but there are a lot of kids out there reading this stuff and just don’t need more bad examples.

    I think you obviously have a passion for ptcg. I am sure you have some ideas we can all learn from. Share them CONSTRUCTIVELY.

    Pikkdogs, I like your articles. I like your willingness to look at different ideas even if at first glance, they aren’t “competitive”. I admire your tolerance of people who criticize or ridicule your ideas. Keep up the good work.

    Sorry to get heavy but I like your site and want to keep it positive for my kids.

  • Ed

    Thanks, Pmccarty7. This was the most constructive comment I’ve seen on our site for quite some time.

    I also want to keep this site positive. I feel like Radu and his band of followers have very intelligent things to say, but they always want to wrap it in garbage and throw it at you instead of presenting it in a constructive way.

    I’m glad people like yourself can wade through the muck and still come away with the useful bits.

    I do have to apologize if your kids have a less than positive experience here. It has gotten to the point that I wouldn’t want my own kids reading much of the things that are written here, and that’s a bit sad.

    I’m trying to police it a bit better, but I never wanted to have to censor things. I guess that’s what Radu wants, though. He gets some perverse enjoyment over getting kicked out of places and he loves it when he can get under someone’s skin.

    Where do you play, by the way?

  • Pmccarty7

    Hi Ed,

    thanks for your efforts. My boys (6 and 9) and I play in San Diego in 3 of the local leagues. We have some great teens that are solid players but they always seem to find the time to play with the younger kids and share the stoke either by helping them improve their decks or just throwing some cards at them.

    I started just taking them to play but have found myself being just as excited about the game as they are. I am glad you and Adam are putting alot into your websites.

    I love bringing my boys over and showing them an article and reading it with them, building it and playing them at league.

    Don’t worry about the trolls (my boys love that word and concept!), I am glad that some of that teen angst is getting burned off here. I could think of a lot of worse things they could be doing. I know it’s fun for them to spout. Don’t censor the ideas or opinions, just maybe the f*&! letter words.

    Again thanks for your work in spreading the stoke!

  • Ed

    I think that there is a lot of critical thinking that can be exercised/learned just from analyzing deck ideas. On top of that, the “Stupid Deck Idea” theme was intended to showcase a deck idea that we know is flawed, but there may still be some merit in it. Maybe a new card comes along later that patches a weakness. Maybe like 10% of the deck could be transplanted into another deck. It’s kinda like a brainstorming session. If everyone just holds their stupid ideas in, we can’t work together to turn them into something useful.

    I think that it’s a cool idea to have your kids study stuff like this. Yeah, the deck itself probably won’t lead them to a victory in Juniors, but the thought process behind analyzing why a deck ultimately works or fails is important in and of itself.

    Plus, the kids are much more likely to get excited about a cool combo (like this article’s) than something seemingly unspectacular like LuxChomp. Then, it’s up to us as parents to explain why it isn’t what it seems. It’s just like watching TV.

  • Guest

    Why do I come on here? You said it. To slam and get a good laugh. I slam your dumb ideas, and then I watch as you reply by commenting on my life and how life should be lived and stuff about positive attitudes, because deep down, you know I am right.

    Pikkdogs, its funny how you post all these fun decks. Granted, they are all right, for like league play or even battle roads. But it seems that ALL you post is fun decks. Fun decks don’t win. Stop cluttering this site with “fun decks”. You want new players to get better? Try putting your brain, or whatever power you have when it comes to thought processes, and make an article about competitive decks and decks that win. Maybe then we wont slam you. Because new players shouldn’t care about fun decks. If they come to learn about the game, then they obviously want to have a chance at winning. So if you want them to be sitting next to you at the lower tables playing Gengar Viletomb while you play Dialga/Alakazam, thats fine. Just watch the smart ones be at the top playing DialgaChomp or Luxchomp.

  • Ed

    What’s funny is how you demand Pikkdogs to stop cluttering this site as if you have some authority here. If you find that his articles are too much toward the “fun” side of things, then by all means, submit articles that will bring it more toward your Pokemon TCG utopia. You obviously need no help, because you already know what will win. Why not share your knowledge as you so vehemently urge others to do?

    • Anonymous

      Throw in a 1-1 line of the new dodrio. Alakazam gets free retreat. Problem solved. Now the fun deck is even more fun. And it has great synergy with the garchomp and crobats too. But hey, its a fun deck so maybe try and fit it in there? And hey, you can even take out the unknown Q. How pro is that?! Cant believe you missed that Michael.

  • Guest
    • Anonymous


  • S-s-s-s-stutter

    Well guys it doesn’t matter how bad this deck is. If OMAR played it the damage counters which would supposed to be spread around the field by alakazam would start to dissipate. So let’s be honest if OMAR was playing this deck why would he even need to play garchomp? nice deck *thumbs up* Pi-pik-pikkdog