Pikkdogs Pikks Three: Mesprit La, Jirachi, Ul, and Rescue Energy.

by Pikkdogs ~ September 12th, 2010.

Hello to everyone in Omar-Nation.  This is Pikkdogs here, ready to “Pikk” Three.  As always I will review three cards.  One card is a commonly used card, the second card is a card which I think deserves more play, and the third card is from a new or unreleased set.

Since my last “Pikk” Three article TPCI has unveiled the new set, named Triumphant.  It shall be a combination of most of the cards of the Japanese Clash at the Summit Set and the Lost Link Mini Set.  It will have around 117 cards in it and will introduce a new mechanic that will change the game.  But, we will get to that in a later Pikk Three article.

Through my web surfing I have found a YouTube page that is similar to Jwittz’s Prof-it series.  I don’t know if it has all the promise that Prof-it has, but still has some decent episodes and videos of deck testings.  The show is ran from the UK and is called” Poke-Class.”  You can find it at http://www.youtube.com/user/PokemanDanLv45.

And one last bit of housekeeping.  This upcoming weekend starts the fall battle roads.  So all of the testing that you guys did this summer will hopefully pay of when you first get a taste of the new format.  So make sure to check out www.pokemon.com or your regions Pokemon website to find the time of tournaments near you.

Okay now that all that’s over, lets Pikk Three.

The Staple: Mesprit La.                                                                                                                                     

Description– Mesprit is a 70 HP, basic Psychic Pokemon with a +20 weakness to psychic and a 1 retreat cost.  It has one attack, which for two psychic energies does 20 damage or 70 damage if you have the same number of cards in your hand as your opponent.  It also has a Poke-Power named “Psychic Bind,” that you may use when you first lay him onto your bench.  Psychic Bind does not allow your opponent to use Poke-Powers during his/her next turn.

Analysis– Mesprit is a great Pokemon that has seen play since its release over a year ago.  It has most commonly been used in decks with Palkia Gs, though it has been used in Regigas decks.  It is a powerful card when you use it with TGI Power-Spray, to make sure your opponent does not set up or use Poke-Powers during most of the game.  Most decks that use Mesprit try to keep a Power Lock on the opponent through out the game to ruin their setup.

This strategy can only be more useful now that Claydol has rotated out of the format.  Almost all decks rely on an early Uxie drop to set up their decks, but Mesprit will stop or delay your opponent’s strategy.

But there are negative aspects to using Mesprit.  One is that his power can only be used once, and once you use him he is there clogging your bench.  Another is that he has average stats and an attack that is hard to pull off.

Final Rating7/10.  Mesprit is great to use in Palkia G and Regigas decks, and can be used as a tech in every deck.  But is pretty useless after you use him.

The Underdog- Jirachi Ul                                                                                                        

Description-  Jirachi is a basic Psychic Pokemon with 60 HP, a psychic weakness, and a 1 retreat cost.  It’s Poke-Power is called “Stardust Song”, and will allow you to flip three coins when you first play Jirachi from your hand.  For each heads you flip you may attach a psychic Energy card from your discard pile to Jirachi.  It has one attack called “Time Hollow,” which for 1 psychic energy, allows you to remove the highest stage evolution card from 1 of your opponents Pokemon for each energy you have attached to Jirachi.

Analysis– Wow what an interesting card here.  This card was released in the Unleashed set to little or no buzz, it has since not seen much play.  Its Poke-Power is great, but situational.  Its attack is good, but also is situational.  So what we have here is a situational card, so what can we add to it so it can be usable.

I think it could be a card used or used against the new trainer lock decks.  A person using a trainer-lock deck could use it to give itself an advantage in the mirror matchup.  And a person playing against a trainer-lock deck can use it in their SP deck to finish off a Vileplume that was Dragon Rushed the last turn by Garchomp C Lv.X.  It can also be used to combat high HP Pokemon like Steelix Prime, Gyarados, and Charizard.

The worst thing about Jirachi is the fact that he only has 60 HP and a 1 retreat cost.  This means that your opponent will most likely be able to knock-out Jirachi right after you use “Time Hollow,” and the retreat costs means that you will have to burn an Energy or an Unown Q if you get lucky enough to have Jirachi survive your opponents turn.

Final Rating7.75/10– Jirachi is a card that I think can see a lot of play this season.  It is situational, but can be a game changer when used right.

The Young Gun- Rescue Energy

Description– Rescue Energy is a Special Energy with a simple effect.  It provides 1 unit of Colorless Energy, and when the Pokemon that the energy is attached to gets knocked out from damage by an attack, you may return the Pokemon to your hand.

Analysis– This doesn’t seem to be a game changing card like other Special Energy cards like Double Colorless and Call.  But I think this card will still be used in a lot of decks.  SP decks as well as normal decks will like the option of returning a knocked out Pokemon back to their hand.

Final Rating6.5– Im not sure how well used this card will be, but I think most decks will find a spot for it.  This card will just about replace the play of Floatzel Gl Lv.x.

Well thats it for my “Pikks.”  I hope you guys will comment and  tell me what you think of these cards, and if you have any suggestions for the next “Pikk Three” article please leave them there as well.

Good luck in your Fall BR’s!  This is Pikkdogs signing off saying so long and thanks for all the fish.

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