Team Omar Takes 2nd At 1st BR

by Ed ~ September 18th, 2010.

The title is slightly misleading, but it’s true. Today’s Team Omar crew consisted of Ava, my 7-year-old daughter, and myself. Ava and I both went 3-0 to start the day. Then Ava got paired against the other top junior player and lost. That put both of them into top cuts (top-2), so they played again. She lost again, but that gave her 2nd overall on the day winning her 4 packs. She had a good time, and I’m very proud of her. She played Donkphan, and it’s built mainly around cards she already knows from previous decks. She really only played it once before the tourney, but she knew how it worked.

For me, today marked TOSSED’s inaugural voyage into the seas of tournament play. TOSSED used to stand for Team Omar Super Secret Excellent Deck. Yeah, I know, it’s lame, but it’s not meant to be explained worded out like that. It’s kinda a backronym anyway, and now that it’s been played, it’s not so secret. It’s just TOSSED, so the player can say something like, “You just got TOSSED!” At some point, I’ll unveil its new meaning when I’m ready to give out more info about the deck. For now, though, I’m still playing it, so I’m not quite ready to publicize the list.

So, on to my mini tourney report.

Round 1: Justin K.
Justin had some horrible luck in this match. First of all, he starts with a double-mulligan. He follows that up by only ever getting 2 energy (both of which I got a KO on). To be honest, there isn’t much more to say here.

Round 2: Mark J.
Oddly, Mark is playing a deck that isn’t completely dissimilar to TOSSED. He’s made some very similar deck choices to mine, but his twists are different. This match went to the 30+3 time limit, and I was up by 1 prize. That’s mainly because after he got an important KO, I was able to Premier Ball my X back in (to stop his next OHKO and maintain my lead.

Round 3: Conner M.
Conner was playing LuxChomp, but he did not have a strong start. That put his back to the fence from the get-go, and it never got better. He got some KOs, but even with those, I was able to run through his Pokemon one by one.

Round 4: Michael Slutsky
Michael’s deck is really a bad matchup for me. He’s pretty confident before the match. We get set up, and he starts acting like the tourney is over for him. We flip, and he has a lone Bronzong G. I go way out of my way to overextend for the donk, but the problem is that my hand is full of supporters, and I can hardly Uxie for anything. I finally attack with Uxie, but it’s not near enough for the KO. The luck is definitely not in my favor, and within a couple turns, Michael really has it locked up. I think I put up a good fight to make him work for his win, but it’s really no contest.

Round 5: Ross T.
I don’t know Ross from before, but he seems like a cool kid. I get the impression that he’s nervous, but he still plays well. On my first trainer turn, I get a chance at a double-KO, so I go for it. Unfortunately, instead of getting 2 KOs in 1 turn, I fall flat on my Set Up, and end up getting 0 KOs that turn. I was 10 damage away on each. This game probably looks like a good fight from the grandstands, but really it should have been a lot more in my favor. My top decks were horrible, and I never got anything I needed. I was forced to choose suboptimal plays almost every turn. I felt like I was one lucky draw away from turning it around almost the entire game. We went into our +3 turns, but Ross snagged his last prize during them.

Update: I heard that Ross went on to win the whole thing. You can see a couple pics of the top-4 below.


In top-4, I think Ross went on to play the one girl that was running trainer lock. I think that the other matchup was Lucas vs. Jon N. I’m not really sure about either of those, though. I’m pretty sure Michael went 4-1 and missed the cut, which was surprising to me.

So, I’m pretty pleased with TOSSED. I actually have 3 different variations of TOSSED, and I may switch for tomorrow’s BR. I dunno, though. I feel like all of my matches were winable, so that’s a positive thing for evaluating the deck.

I’m very pleased with Ava’s performance. Getting 2nd and 4 packs was a pretty big deal for her. A big thanks goes to Pikkdogs for lending her some Donphans. Without him suggesting it, who knows what she’d be playing.

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  • Anonymous

    Go Ava! wooo.

  • Roman

    Nice job! This was my first BR i went 3-3. Lost 2ice to Gangar Decks with Tombstone and Vileploom. Also lost to a fossil deck. Won against a Gangar deck, against a Kingdra deck and Feraligatr Prime and Blastoise deck. I played my TR Prime deck worked very well but Gangar decks got lucky and got heads when i knocked them out so taking out my big guy because of luck.

  • Nice job Ed! But stop teasing everyone about TOSSED… all I can tell is that the deck plays Uxie and at least 1 Energy. The suspense is killing me…

  • Michael

    I TOSSED you both today and yesterday BOI. Get owned. You almost donked me yesterday but proceeded to get hit by a deafen lock for a good few turns. As for today, I Garchomp C/Double Colorlessed your Unown Q for game and then went on to win like a bamf. G-g-g-g-g-g-get OWNED! Or as you say: Get TOSSED.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll tell you a secret……. It plays Bebes Search.

  • Ed

    The version I played today didn’t. I went 1-3, so arguably, it should have. Today wasn’t great. I want to test the different variants, so I can tell which is best. Today’s wasn’t the best, but I feel like I didn’t do it justice, either. I could have easily gone 3-1, but I made some questionable plays.

  • Ed

    I can’t do anything about the Unown Q donk. Many decks run that, and you’d have won against anyone that started lone Q in that situation. At least I don’t feel like it was my fault for losing that one.

    I feel like I should have won the previous round. To be honest, I don’t really know how I lost.

    • Lukas

      yeh honestly not to totally be a dick to ross but he played a moderately bad pluff. he ran into only two sp all day, one being myself in swiss where i donked his sunkern(active) and unown q T1. The second was jakelong for finals who started with one uxie and one crobat, no supporters or energy. Since the top was not 2/3 ross won after jakelong passing 3 turns. Meh :/ it was only a battle roads.

      • Ed

        Jon, is that you? It sounds like some sour grapes.

        • Noobed

          STFU NOOB

          • Ed


          • Jon

            That wasn’t me. But no need for sour grapes cause he beat me based on the fact that i had nothing. All that matters is that people know that i am better than him, and if him or anybody else wants to play for money we can do that this weekend.

          • Ed

            It’s a sad sort of existence when all that matters is making sure other people know that you are better than them.

          • Jon

            That wasn’t me. But no need for sour grapes cause he beat me based on the fact that i had nothing. All that matters is that people know that i am better than him, and if him or anybody else wants to play for money we can do that this weekend.

  • Ed

    That ain’t bad for your first BR. To get around the trainer lock, you may need to rely more on supporters. That can mess you up in your other matchups, though. It’s a tough call. It sounds like you saw a bunch of that in your area, though. It’s not that popular here.