by Austino ~ September 20th, 2010.

Throughout this budding season, the format has undergone a massive fluctuation in speed. Some decks have sped up while some have slowed down. Claydol (or lack thereof) is mostly to blame.

With Stage 2 decks getting the shaft by relying on trainers such as Rare Candy, Pokemon Communication, Luxury Ball, etc, Stage 1 and Basic pokemon are picking up rapidly. The format is starting to clutter with sablechomps, luxchomps, dialgachomps, Legends, and a few fiery stage 1’s such as scizor and donphan. These SP decks have picked up massive popularity lately simply because they work! Why not run a deck that does everything you want without having to evolve your pokemon? The real question is “What can I do to topple these giants?” Here’s your answer:

Take Out

Get your pick-up lines ready ’cause you’re about to take SP’s on a date they won’t forget (and you won’t return their calls later). Machamp (Stormfront) is once again a deck to be reckoned with, and yes, I’m talking about “straight” Machamp. The ability to win a game on the first turn is still a strong possibility as well as “super-effective” to gaining the points or Victory Medals you’re after. Many may call it a cheap win, but if you can design your deck to win on the first turn 9/10 games, then your skill is still there, but more in your deck building rather than playing (Yes, there is a difference!). In this article I want to share with you how you can take Machamp and turn him into an SP-smashing, turn 1 donking, late-game killer of a deck. After the list, I will give a brief strategy on how the deck works, followed by a tournament report.

The List:

4-3-3/1 Machamp
4 unown r
3-1 uxie
1 unown q

4 judge
3 collector
2 bebe
1 palmer
4 rare candy
4 poke drawer+
4 pokedex
2 warp point
3 communication
2 dual ball
1 lux ball

2 dce
5 fighting

The deck purely focuses on setting up Machamp turn 1 for Take Out, but also boasts 4 judges to disrupt your opponent and keep them from setting up their field as fast. Your goal as the operator of the deck is to take 2-4 prizes before your opponent is set up. Typically, you can get them to sacrifice a few prizes to machamp while they do. With the new 30 minute time limit, it’s much more important to hold onto a prize lead this season, so any chance you can jump out with a 3 prize lead, you’re *likely* going to win. Machamp will tend to “fizzle-out” late game if you’re playing against a Stage 1 or Stage 2 deck, so Machamp Lv. X, Warp Points, and DCE come in handy later in the game when you’re ready to Level Up for extra damage, Rage, or warp point a couple of prizes to finish off your opponent.

Oklahoma City Battle Roads – Sep 18th, 2010

Round 1: Gengar/Vileplume
He flips over lone uxie to my machop with him going first. He attatched and psychic restored. I play my hand out and end up with the rare candy/machamp/fighting energy for the donk.

Round 2: Sablelock
He starts with sableye and impersonates a Cyrus Conspiracy to start setting up. I collector for my Q, Machop, and an Uxie and pull the T1 Machamp again for the donk.

Round 3: Machamp
I’m playing Taylor who agreed to play Machamp with me today (almost the same exact list save for 2-3 preference cards). We’re both undefeated and we know it comes down to whoever goes second. He goes 2nd and gets the T1 champ as I managed to still set up my Machamp but he leveled up and hit the 3 heads to OHKO my machamp.

Round 4: Sablelock
He opens sableye to my lone machop, attaches SP Dark and overconfidents my machop for 20. I guess he didn’t think I had the ability to evolve or grab another poke, but either way I lux ball/rare candy into machamp, judge, and attach fighting energy for the Take Out. After 2 more turns of Take Out he scoops.

I tied for 2nd place in win% opp. win% and opp.opp. win %, but TOM gave the other player the spot in top 2, so I watched Taylor take the Victory Medal with our deck. All in all, it was a great tournament with the deck going a combined 8-1 with it’s only loss being to itself.

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