A Tale Of 2 Roads (The Battle Type)

by Ed ~ October 3rd, 2010.

Blaziken FBEh, there’s not much to say, but I figure that I ought to write something up. This weekend, there were 2 BRs in the area. Ava, Abdi, and I went to the first one. Abdi played Machamp, I played “Hot TOSSED” (as it was dubbed), and Ava played Donphan. Ava and Abdi couldn’t make Sunday’s tourney, so Gyarados and his pals accompanied me.

We had a higher than normal turnout at both events, thanks in part to a group of guys that road tripped it from South Dakota. It seems that the Sioux Falls league is poorly run, and they never receive their proper promos or prerelease swag at the events there. Someone ought to do something about that, because if these guys are that into the game attending a mismanaged league, just think how well things could be going (and how many people they could get into the game) if league and other events were run properly.

Well, on to the reports.

Saturday, Misty Mountain Games
As I mentioned, I played “Hot TOSSED” which features the Blaziken FB tech to try and shore up some concerns with Dialga and Vileplume matchups.

Round 1: Jon Nichols (aka Jake Long) with Chenlock
I really had nothin’ going in this game. My hand sucked. He Impersonated Cyrus’s Initiative early on, and my hand was so bad that he chose an Energy Exchanger. That’s all that’s worth mentioning.

Round 2: Girl (maybe her name was Amanda, but I could be totally wrong) playing VileTomb/Bellossom
There was really one thing that happened in this match: Luring Flame. Actually, I think I took out a Spiritomb early on with my Uxie, and then proceeded to Lure up anything with a high retreat. I think she took 1 prize, and I ended up taking a second from the burn damage. Time was called, and I won on prizes. I guess that speaks to the inclusion of Blaziken for the Vile matchup, but it still wasn’t pretty.

Round 3: Lukas with DialgaChomp
So, here was my other problem matchup. I think I got Blaziken out, but I really couldn’t do anything with the trainer lock. I didn’t get any help, but I faked putting up a fight for a while. Good Game, Lukas.

Round 4: Nick D. with Sablock (IIRC)
I started Ambipom. I think he started Sableye. He donked. We played again for fun, and I ran through his field. That’s the game of Pokemon.

Round 5: Matthew Y. with Charizard
Matthew started Charmander and used the Call For Friends to get another on his bench. I used Shuppet and Crobat to KO the ‘Mander. He brought up Char off the bench, and used Call again. I KO’d again. This went on until he had 1 Charmander left, and he didn’t bring it active. Garchomp took care of that one. I think I got 6 prizes in 6 turns. This is how TOSSED was built to work, but all the trainer lock has forced me to tech the deck in ways that drop its consistency.

Sunday, Dreamers
If you want to win, I think SP is the (or at least A) way to go. The problem is that I don’t usually have that much fun when I play SP. I built TOSSED to look like an SP deck, but play much differently. The more it’s been teched for the current meta, the more SP-like it has become. This was our last BR of the season, and I wanted to play something else. I had Gyarados almost ready from the previous seasons, so I threw it together. I had talked to Austin about his current list, so I went with something like that. Volkner replaced Felicity, and the rest isn’t really worth mentioning.

Round 1: Baqi
Uhhh, there’s not much to report here. Baqi Psychic Restored.

Round 2: Radu with 2 Spiritombs
Radu can not beat Gyarados. It’s a proven fact. He started Spiritomb, and I almost had the donk. He benched another Tomb, but I slowly set up Gyarados and KO’d both.

Round 3: Jon N. (aka Jake Long) with Chenlock
I could have donked if I could have retreated or SSU’d Azelf on turn 1. I went for a bunch of Uxie type action, but I never got SSU. Starting Azelf active also sucked, because I had a prized Karp. After missing the donk, there wasn’t much more fight to put up. I put up some lame fight for a while, but really had nothing.

Round 4: Michael A. with Sablock
Michael got a first turn Cy’s Initiative on me, but he rolled 2 tails. If he’d gotten 1 heads, I wouldn’t have had a Collector. I slowly built a Gyarados over time, and once it was set up, I just got KOs.

Round 5: Andy W. with BLG (Blaz/Lux/Garchomp)
I was kinda burnt out by this time. On my first turn, I searched with Collector, and I think my mind turned off. I knew I had some problems due to prizing, and I just didn’t care enough to figure it out. I’m truly not making excuses. I played it out, but I didn’t really have a chance due to Andy’s good deck/play, and my bad luck/play. I’m actually glad that Andy won and made top cut because of it. I’d rather have him there instead of myself at that point.

So, Gyarados without Felicity is kinda junk, as we already knew. Volkner is a sorry replacement. Speaking of junk, that’s what I’m waiting for. The Junk Arm will make my day.

That’s it. If you guys know how tops went in either day, please comment.

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