PokemanDan’s PokeClass Episode 6 – Battle Roads Report!

by PokemanDan ~ October 9th, 2010.

This week, I am giving you a detailed report on how we did at our Battle Roads tournament we went to, starting our road to Worlds 2011! :)
So where did I come in? Watch to find out..


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  • Anonymous

    Good job guys

    Yeah the stupid 30 +3 rule and the sudden deaths are the reason that I kinda gave up on Gengar Viletomb. You can beat SP in the long run, but most times it comes down to sudden death, and you dont have a chance.

  • I played VileGar today and got second. Almost all of my games went to time

  • Cool video, but: In the final game of round 4, why didn’t you simply Mach Blow his Garchomp for the KO? You had a Dragonite with L, R, and Energy Gain. Unless I’m missing something, you didn’t need to do the Poke Turn/Oak shenanigans.

    Cool report nonetheless.

    • Ed

      I saw this question on YouTube, also. His reply…
      “Thats true, I definitely PONT’d for the game so I must have just muddled up what happened before then :P”

      I’m pretty impressed with how much detail we get out of report like this. It’s not surprising that there are a few mistakes with so much to try to recall.