PokemanDan’s PokeClass Episode 7 – Gyarados, The Comeback!

by PokemanDan ~ October 18th, 2010.

Ed’s Note: This is Team Omar’s 100th article! Try to imagine 100 balloons dropping from your ceiling and people blowing silly noisemakers as you read this. Anyway, I wanted to point that out and say THANKS to all you guys who read our ramblings. Well, without further ado, I’ll let you get back to your regularly scheduled PokeClass, and we’ll start working on our next 100!

This week, I am analysing a deck that was very popular last season and even took second place at Worlds in Seniors. However, after rotation it has suffered a bit from the loss of certain cards but here I am looking at how Gyarados can be better than ever before after the release of Triumphant!

P.S Went to a second Battle Roads on Saturday and managed to get 2nd place, only losing to the guy who went on to win so I’m pleased with that!

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  • Anonymous

    Congrats Ed on the 100th post. We sure have came a long way in 100 posts.

  • Ed

    Everyone seems to think that Gengar Prime is just going to kill Gyarados. I don’t think it’ll be so one-sided.

    Dialga G will help against Gengar Prime’s PokeBody. The problem is if they have the Gengar Lv. X out, because they can Level-Down your Dialga G.

    Also, if you run the 4 Special Dark (as Dan recommended in the vid), you’ll be easily able to do 40 damage to Gengar. If you’re running the ExBelt or PlusPower, then you can bump that up to 80 or more. I know 40 ain’t a ton, but it adds up, and it makes them focus on your Sableye while you can set up a new Gyarados. I’m not sayin’ this is the Gengar killer, but it’s just another thing you can inherently do with the deck already.

    Just don’t let them KO your Gyarados, and you’ll be fine. Don’t leave unevolved Karp laying around.

    • Why would you play 4 sp dark when you can play 1 or 2 and unown dark instead? Sure, it’s a free Gengar sf prize, but that’s a turn they aren’t hurting you and risking another attack from Gengar.

      I’m not even too sure why people are playing 4 sableye still, anyways. A mix of sableye and smeargle would work wonders in Gyarados, as Portraiting an opponent’s Collector could get you a Sableye and Unown Dark for the donk, or let you use collector AND impersonate for volkners/another collector in one turn. It not forcing you to go first also l

      • Ed

        Unown DARK takes up bench space that Gyarados can’t afford. Also, it’s a sucky starter. If you run 4 SpDark, you can get donks, use ’em to attack for weakness, or use them to simply retreat your Sableye. I’d rather discard a SpDark from Sableye than waste a Warp Energy to retreat him.

        I agree that 4 Sableye has become more of a playstyle choice now. Smeargle is great if you get lucky. Going first isn’t as great as it once was, so Sableye can hurt in that regard.

        • Lucky? If you start with smeargle, there’s just as much a chance of you having collector as them.

      • Anonymous

        I agree with you, I like to just run 1 unown dark and 1 Special Dark.

        But there is a disadvantage with this. You don’t have the extra special darks to either retreat with or to discard with junk arm or regice. And Unown takes up bench space and can be easily killed.

        The choice is more for play style, each player will make their own choice, and no body is wrong or right.

  • Anonymous

    Problem for gengar prime is how difficult it is to KO something with it. It has virtually no damage output, meaning your gyarados *should* be fine for the most part while you wail on them.

    I like the video, but the importance of running azelf LA wasn’t emphasized, lol! I really hope people don’t forget to run it.

    As far as Rescue Energy goes, I really only think 2 will be the “right” number, seeing as the deck has worked fine without them. Junk Arm is another great card, that I’d like to fit 4 in, but I’m thinking 3 may work.

    Level Down isn’t much of an issue thanks to Rescue Energy. If you don’t have the rescue energy, you simply level up dialga g after they KO g’dos, play your recovery, and poketurn the dialga g x or warp it back to the bench if you’ll be KOing the gengar x. This is assuming under vilegar, not necessarily PrimeGar.

  • Anonymous

    The thing about Gengar Prime is that if they put a single Magikarp in the Lost Zone then your damage output is already down by 30 by using its first attack.
    Congrats on the 100th post on here btw!

    • Ed

      Yeah, I get that. I just think there are plenty of ways around it. If you get very unlucky, they could lost-zone a Karp on their first turn. You’d have to be holding a Karp and not be able to discard it turn 1.

      I suppose that if you didn’t know the opponent was playing Gengar Prime, you might use Sableye to Impersonate Collector putting some Karp in your hand through your opponent’s turn. That would leave you very open to a “Plunge Into Darkness” attack, so don’t do it!

    • Anonymous

      Thats a good point. Some Gengar Prime decks will probably have other ways to put your karps in the lost zone.

  • Anonymous

    Think outside the box guys.No karps in hand, collector for 2 and regi, regimove both karps. Still no karps in hand. Next turn, collector for other two karps if you don’t already have one in play, regi one, bench/evolve the other….still no karps in hand. All by not being an idiot (impersonating a collector).

    Not to mention the other ways of getting the cards out (bebe, communication, great ball, lux ball, etc).

    • Ed

      Yeah, the only drawback I see here is that you’ll need BTS, because you can’t afford to bench an unevolved Karp. On the plus side, the Gengar player will probably be using BTS himself, so you a very good chance of BTS being played.