PokemanDan’s PokeClass Episode 11 – Regigigas (Ultimate Lock & Disruption)

by PokemanDan ~ November 14th, 2010.

[Sorry for the delay, had computer issues!]

This week, I’m analysing the rogue deck that came 12th in Worlds, Regigigas Lock. I’ll show you how this complicated deck works and how to use it to full effect.

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  • Anonymous

    People don’t know how good this deck is.

    I have played against it several times, and man it can be hard to beat.

    The player can control the prize card count (with sacrifice) then use twins whenever they want.

    And the power lock lasts the entire game.

  • Anonymous

    crobat G!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Can you give me a basic Regigigas deck list.

    • Anonymous

      Yes there is now an excellent list on the teamomar homepage.

  • Anonymous

    I played a very similar deck back at the 2009 Michigan State championships. Obviously some of the cards are different since then but the basic combo of Regi Lv.X and Mesprit was the same.

    I know Mesprit being in the Palkia G deck was what made that deck a ‘locking’ deck too. I wonder with Seeker being basically a no-flip Super Scoop Up if we’ll start seeing more of it in decks now.

    A thought I had while watching the video was how will the idea of Sacrifice work with the 30+3 format? I know back when I played Regi Lv.X, I always had a tough time justifying the use of Sacrifice, especially if it was just for healing (i.e. no energy attach). It seems like giving your opponent a free prize is never a good idea, especially with today’s shorter game time.

    • Anonymous

      The 30+3 doesn’t effect sacrifice in my opinion. Now with black belt you can sacrifice and then get the prize back in the same turn.