The Triumphant Return Of Scizor/Cherrim

by Ed ~ November 17th, 2010.

Scizor SFI’d almost want to call this a stupid deck idea, but it really doesn’t fit the definition we’ve worked with in the past.  This is a proven deck (albeit not top-tier) that had been fairly crippled by the recent rotation.

We’ve covered Scizor/Cherrim decks in the past, but I figured we could revisit this now that Triumphant has given it some new home in the way of Junk Arm.

In the past, the main idea of the deck was to use Scizor’s Pound Down attack for massive damage.  Whenever possible, you would want to finish off the defender with Scizor’s Accelerate attack.

Pound Down is a brutal attack that does 70 damage whenever your field is without Poke Powers.  This means that you can’t afford to run Pokemon like Uxie or Crobat G that might otherwise make their way into a deck such as this.

Accerlerate is Scizor’s other attack.  It only does 30 damage, but if it KO’s the defending Pokemon, Scizor can’t be affected by attacks on the opponent’s next turn.

Those two attacks are really the basis of the deck.  Sure, Scizor has a PokeBody that can prevent damage (if he already has 6 counters on him), but it rarely comes into play.  Let’s take a look at the list, and then we’ll get into the finer points of how it works nowadays.

20 Pokemon 23 Trainers 11 Supporters/Stadiums 6 Energy
3 Scyther (SF)
3 Scizor (SF)
4 Cherubi
4 Cherrim (SF)
4 Unown R
1 Unown Q
1 Chatot (MD)
4 Junk Arm
4 Poke Drawer+
2 Expert Belt
1 Luxury Ball
1 Pokemon Communication
4 Poke Blower+
2 Pokemon Rescue
2 Warp Point
1 VS Seeker
2 Energy Search
4 Pokemon Collector
2 Professor Oak’s New Theory
1 Bebe’s Search
1 Palmer’s Contribution
3 Broken Time-Space
6 Grass

Junk Arm TRIt should be obvious from the get-go that this build is very trainer-heavy.  Because Scizor and PokePowers don’t mix well, we must rely on trainers and supporters to get what we need.  Note that this deck will be fairly ineffective against trainer lock due to this reliance on trainers.  This is the main reason that it will not be top-tier, so be warned.  Play it at league.  Play it in juniors.  Use it to surprise your friends, but don’t expect it to match up well against the masters field.

Junk Arm is what really makes the deck work, now.  The goal of the deck has shifted from “Pound Down, and Accelerate when a KO is guaranteed” to “Accelerate for KO’s, and Pound Down whenever that’s not possible.”  This is a subtle difference in play, but it is a new direction in how the deck is built.

The deck is now geared toward bringing up a weak Pokemon from your opponent’s bench or pushing back a strong Pokemon from the defending position.  Warp Point can do the latter, and it gives you options when you need to retreat your own active.  Double Poke Blower+ can do the former, and the chances of getting a double + (either Poke Drawer+ or Poke Blower+) play are fairly good with Junk Arm at the ready.

Poke Blower+ SFEarly game, you can burn singles of either Poke Drawer+ or Poke Blower+ to jump-start your game.  For example, you might play a Blower+ to try for an extra 10 damage, and follow it up with a PONT.  Later in the game, you can hold these + cards.  Then, whenever you draw into a Junk Arm, you can do the double + play.  In the last game I played with this deck, I finished the game with a Junk Arm to retrieve a Poke Drawer+ which got me 2 Poke Blower+ netting me my final prize.  I think I played 3 double Poke Drawer+ and 1 double Poke Blower+ in that game.

Cherrim SFCherrim’s role is to sit on your bench and Sunny Day your Scizor’s attacks.  This gives you 10 extra damage for each Cherrim you have out, and it makes Accelerate that much more likely to get a KO.  Combine Scizor with a couple Cherrim and an Expert belt, and you’re Accelerating for 70 damage or Pounding Down for 110.  If you’re able to Warp Point or Blower+ up a weak opponent, then you’re untouchable next turn (unless they can do the same back).

What makes this deck work off of such little energy when it previously needed Roseanne’s Research?  Energy Search is the key here.  By itself, Energy Search is really just a deck thinner.  It grabs a basic energy out of the deck, so you don’t need to draw into it.  With Junk Arm, though, it is a reusable way to do so.

If you are free to play trainers, be prepared to plow through your deck.  You will usually empty your hand and then refill it with either Chatot or PONT.  I’d like to fit in a third PONT because of this, but VS Seeker (another Junk Arm combo) has done well.  Speaking of Chatot, you will most likely want to attempt to use him on turn 1 to refill your hand.  The deck’s main attacks cost 2 energy, so you’re unlikely to attack that turn anyway.

I think it’s a fun and surprising way to annoy your opponent.  If you can keep Pounding their big guys and Accelerating the little ones, they will have a tough time KOing you.  What do you think?

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