Regigigas: Power Lock Power House

by Andrew R. ~ November 19th, 2010.

Hello everyone.  I’m Andrew Ramey and this is my first article here on Team Omar, I hope you guys enjoy this.

Regigas PromoWhen i first started glancing over the new set of triumphant, I noticed right off the bat that some old decks were going to get their hype back and possibly be top tier decks. I had read in a few articles on other sites which mentioned that Regigigas had placed 12th in Worlds ’10.  I was actually pretty surprised to hear this. I further then researched to find more information on this. I  never found a deck list from the original creator, but i did find a very good promo card that he had used. It is Regigigas (DP40). The first attack for (CCC) is Drag Off, does 30, and reads, “Before doing damage, you may choose 1 of your opponents benched Pokemon and switch it with the defending Pokemon.” WOW.  A few things ran through my mind quick. OHKO Garchomp C if Gigas is belted, and the other thought. DISRUPTION. It is not a bright look by any means at all, but bring in a Pokemon with a high retreat cost is a great thing. It gives you more time to set up the Gigas X. When I put 2 and 2 together (Triumphant and Gigas DP40) I knew i was building Gigas right away.

The 2 main cards out of the set that i think gives this an incredible boost are: Twins (89/102) and Black belt (85/102). These two cards are really great cards in Gigas, and I will explain. It is obvious that i would run the Lvl X form of Gigas (SF 100/100). The Lv. X has a Poke Power that more less makes Regigigas. It is called “Sacrifice”. Once during your turn you get to choose one of your own Pokemon, it is now knocked out (YOUR OPPONENT TAKES A PRIZE). You might think well dang that stinks, I am down a prize. Well come to find out that’s not so bad, in certain situations.

After your opponent takes their prize, you get to attach 2 basic energy cards from your discard pile to Regigigas and remove 8 damage counters. DANG. He is a tank. Okay now lets start fitting some pieces together. After you sacrifice your opponent takes a prize, well if you can manipulate the prize count just right and sacrifice a Pokemon when prizes are even, you are now down a prize. This now enables you to use Twins and Black Belt. Your are now doing 90 damage to anything on the field if you are belted (and you get to count weakness)! Now you are thinking, “Well if I’m going to be sacrificing Pokemon, I might as well let it be to my benefit.” And it is.

The answer is Mesprit (LA 34/146). The reason it is a great card is because of its pokepower. When you lay Mesprit down from your hand onto your bench your opponent can’t use ANY poke powers next turn. Although this can be sprayed, I run 3 and 85% of the time i end up starting with it. But then you ask, “Well after I Psychic Bind once with that Mesprit, he is useless?” No that’s why you run Pokemon Rescue, Super Scoop Up and Seeker, another new card from triumphant. Pokemon Rescue lets you put one pokemon from your discard pile into your hand. Sacrifice Mesprit, Rescue him out, ” Psychic Bind”.  Being able to “Psychic Bind” for about 5 or 6 turns is amazingly good and will help you win the game. It is definitely possible to bind all through a game, I have actually done it multiple games.

Now for the other break down of Regigigas X’s Poke Power. The energy attachment from the discard pile. You can take up to 2 basic energy cards and attach them. There are a few different ways of doing this. 1. is Regice (LA 36/146). His Poke Power lets you discard 2 cards from your hand, and when you do this, if your opponents active is a basic, they must switch with a benched. Man this is great. Discard 2 energys, move the basic, and I get to sacrafice a Mesprit. Removing 8, attaching 2 cards i just discarded. Plus if you have Rescue in hand, get to bind once again. Do you see where i am going with this. Once you get this set up, there is no turning back, my friend. Just be careful and not to sacrifice unless it’s really needed.

Next, I will be talking about possible techs. Though there is really not that many for this deck, we should always keep our eyes peeled. The first is Crobat G. Crobat is almost a tech for anything nowadays. The second would have to be Abomasnow from LA. Snow Play (CC) does 20 to everything. Well you go play in the snow and then come up with Gigas. You can drag off any Pixie and its already done 20 to everything else. Another tech with be Chatot G SV. Using its poke power disrupting spy lets you look at the top 4 cards of your opponent’s deck and put them back in any order. The main reason this is a tech would be to combo with Regigigas X’s main attack, Giga Blaster 100 (WFMC). The effect of the attack discards the top card of your opponent’s deck and one randomly from their hand. Well, say you go spying on the 4 cards and put something fancy back that they need, then Giga Blaster and buh-bye. Another tech would be the lock tech. Giratina PL (Let Loose) and Cyrus Initiative. When you play Giratina from your hand, you and your opponent shuffle your hands into your decks and draw 4. This will slow anyone down, and if you have the luck of Letting Loose then drawing into a Initiative and getting double heads, your opponent has 3 cards to work from when they draw.  Plus, if you Binded the turn you Let Loose, they have no powers to work from, either. Below is the current deck list of Gigas I am running.

black belt

3 Drag off Promo Regigas
1 Regigigas X
3 Uxie
1 Uxie X
3 Mesprit
1 Azelf
1 Regice
1 Unown Q
1 Giratina (Let loose)

3 Collector
2 Bebe
2 Twins
2 Black Belt
2 Seeker
2 Cyrus Initiative

2 Communication
1 Luxury Ball
1 Premier Ball
4 Super Scoop Up
4 Pokemon Rescue
3 Expert Belt
2 Energy Exchanger
2 Switch

3 Fighting
3 Water
3 Metal

I hope everyone enjoyed reading my first article on Team Omar. I hope it is not my last! Thank you very much.


– Andrew Ramey.

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  • Anonymous

    For the readers benefit. Andrew is one of my testing buddies who had this cool Gigas deck that was very annoying to play. So I asked him to write an article about it.

    Thanks Andrew for the good article, Im pretty sure your list probably is the best one available on the net. Its a really cool deck.

    The downside of this deck is that it does have its auto loses. Machamp decks knock it out easily, and while I haven’t seen this deck tested against a donphan, Im sure Donphan would make quick work of it.

    So as long as Donphan and Machamp aren’t big in your area, I’d say Gigas is a great play for cities.

  • Ed

    Thanks for the article, Andrew. I think that Regigigas is one of those under-the-radar decks that are actually good, but people don’t encounter that often. I think people are generally scared of KOing their own Pokemon, so people often disregard it on principle. Perhaps your article and this upcoming Cities will change all that.

  • bittyboy72

    …Until you play Donphan, Machamp, Both, or a WTF is that fighting deck! Lol! I love this deck though and great article! As far as the list goes you need to add in 3-4 Jirachi from Rising Rivals. It is great because of your slow set up and the way you can put yourself behind on prizes. You can use 2 Twins a urn then get any 4 cards you want or any Supporter twice for that matter it works great in Gigas! Also I’m not sure if I would play 4 DCE maybe 2 at max.

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  • Anonymous

    Good job Andrew, its a nice article and definitely a good deck.

    I don’t know about the Snowpoint Temple suggestion simply because in today’s meta, with all of the SP running around, you are helping them as much as yourself with the HP boost. Which of course hurts your chances of OHKO in some cases.

    Because of the prize manipulation, and the new 30+3 format, Regi needs to be able to OHKO the same turn he Sacrifices to keep the prize count even. If he whiffs, and then they Healing Breath, you might have just lost the game.

    Anyway, the Mesprit –> Sacrifice tactic is nice and the addition of the Triumphant supporters makes it a little more palatable. I am guessing with the posting of Professor Dan’s video on this deck and now this deck list, we will be seeing Regi at Citys for sure.

  • Anonymous

    You NEED a Machamp/Donphan/Mewtwo/ERL counter, and my friend, this is where Abomasnow comes into play. I ran this for BR’s and at my league and it’s one hell of a deck. Couple of third places because of crappy starts, but I can’t wait to fool around with the new cards and work the kinks out of my deck to run for cities. I really think that this could see the light of day. Twins and Junk arm make this guy huge.
    Machamp is definitely an uphill battle, but honestly, your counter can hold it’s own. Check it out. You’re already running water and DCE, so snover/abomasnow is a perfect choice.

    Love to see this deck getting recognition.

    TeamWarpPoint FTW.

  • Anonymous

    he looks like a giant tool. im talking about the kid who wrote the article.

    • Ed

      This coming from the guy who’s attire screams, “Please look at me, and pay me some attention!”?

      • Anonymous

        I wish I could like this comment a million times.

  • Anonymous

    Well if you win a tournament you can try and say that people shouldn’t look at me.

    • Anonymous

      Cool comeback. We’re in 4th grade.

      • Anonymous

        hey did you ever play in worlds?

        • Ed

          This again, Jon? All I can do is shake my head while rolling my eyes when you pipe in. It is fun, though.

  • Hey jon, u sound sooooo cool talking trash online. Keep it up! Good luck at cities… bahaha

  • Anonymous

    lol @ Nichols (aka 4-3 regs) still hanging onto the fact he played in worlds, without mentioning that he couldn’t even get his invite.

    • Ed

      Jon’s guide to commenting:

      1) Skim article for pictures.
      2) If one exists, make fun of it. If not, just make fun of the author. If at all possible, do both.
      3) Wait for a response.
      4) Ask if they ever played in worlds.
      5) Go to step 3.

    • Anonymous

      One bad tourney, still i’ve played in worlds. You haven’t. Makes me better than you.

      • Ed

        You ought to ask Radu for some tips on trolling. Your skills are sad. It’s too obvious. Everyone knows that a ratings invite is better than grinding in. Why don’t you just say, “I did well in a grinder once.” instead of “I’ve played in worlds.”?

  • kc

    technically u played in the grinder to get into worlds. Just because u had money to get there makes u good?

  • Anonymous

    trolling involves me posting and you responding about what i say. i played in worlds. yes i played in the grinder. i can guarantee that if any of you play in the grinder you make it into worlds.

  • hey man thanks for the guarantee. you sound so stupid online, id hate to hear u in person.

  • Anonymous

    4-3 regionals, grind in, do terribly in the event.

    Sounds like you got lucky in grinder.

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