PokeClass Episode 14 – Machamp, Back At The Top!

by Ed ~ December 6th, 2010.

I don’t know what happened to Dan this week. He usually posts his vids here, but maybe he fell asleep at the wheel. Anyway, I noticed that he had a new one up, so I’ll post it for him.

This week is another deck analysis on one of the top decks appearing at City Championships at the moment, Machamp. This deck used to fail to keep up to speed with everything that wasn’t SP or Regigigas, but with Machamp Prime for Triumphant, this deck is slowly crawling its way back to the top spot!

Watch for analysis and skeleton list!

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  • Anonymous

    So sorry I didn’t post it up here, been ill for most of the week and haven’t got round to covering every website, but thanks for putting this up for me!

    Will be more on the ball next time!

    Sorry again, Dan.

    P.S: No new episode tomorrow, have a Cities to attend :)

    • Ed

      No problem. I hope you’re feeling better. Good luck tomorrow. I think I’ll be playing tomorrow, too.