PokemanDan’s PokeClass Episode 16 – New for 2011!

by PokemanDan ~ January 10th, 2011.

It’s been a while since my last episode so here’s the first of the new year :)
PokeClass is back for 2011! This episode takes on the new format of the show and includes news about our new Call of Legends set, a discussion about Gengar Prime, Lost World and Donks. On top of that we have a deck analysis on Uxie Donk and a section about a new part of my show to featured in future episodes. Hope you enjoy!

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  • Ed

    Funny. I was just writing up an Uxie Donk decklist article, myself.


    • Anonymous

      There been alot around recently.
      I’ve just read your article actually and really like it. Really tempted to run this for a Cities but don’t know if I can take the luck factor :P.

      P.S thanks for fixing the vid.. I can never get it to work :S

      • Ed

        Well, it’s a great deck if
        1) there’s little/no trainerlock around
        2) you despise long matches
        3) you’re addicted to gambling
        4) you want time to go get lunch
        5) you don’t care to make friends with your opponents
        6) Sableye is very popular in your meta

      • Ed

        Oh, I forgot PokeBall as an alternate card. I added it to my article.

        Do you have 4 Victory Medals?

  • Anonymous

    you need unown q incase you start r, also only two energy (cyclone), and only two seeker your goal is to win on the first turn, so more supporters isn’t necessary