Pikkdog’s Stupid Deck Idea-World B. Free-A Yanmega Prime Deck

by Pikkdogs ~ January 19th, 2011.

Hey all members of Omar Nation, this is Pikkdogs here with a Stupid Deck Idea.  As most of you know, our Stupid Deck Ideas are basically fun decks that either show a little promise or are just fun to play.  This deck fits in the former category, and features Yanmega Prime.

I call this deck World B. Free, after one of the craziest named NBA players.  The name kind of fits because Yanmega Prime can attack without any energies, or for free.       

First I got to give props to Cheffords and his buddies at work.  While they did not help me with this deck, they are the only other people I know with a similar deck.

So, on to the deck strategy.  The strategy of this deck is to have the same number of cards in your hand as your opponent does, so you do not need to pay for any of Yanmega Prime’s attacks, thanks to his “Insight” Pokebody.  Yanmega Prime has two attacks.  With “Linear Attack” you can snipe for 40 damage, and with “Sonicboom” you can do 70 damage.  While 70 damage isn’t a great attack, if you can combine it with disruption it may be enough.

To make sure you have the same number of cards as your opponent does you can use either Judge or Giratina Pt #9.  Both of these cards have the same effect, each player shuffles their hand in their deck and draws 4 cards.  This not only lets you attack for free, but provides hand disruption.  To further the disruption I have added Mesprit La to this deck.  Its Poke Power “Psychic Bind” forbids your opponent from using Poke Powers on his/her next turn.  This can be very disruptive, especially when used with “Let-Loose” or Judge.

Things to Remember

  1. Keep an early powerlock on the opponent, don’t let them use any powers until their 4th or 5th turns, you should have a prize lead by then.
  2. Don’t play any cards after you “Let Loose” or Judge.  After you use these effects, the only thing you can do is attack.  If you use any cards you may not be able to attack on this turn, because you won’t have exactly 4 cards in your hand.
  3. Make sure you keep an eye on everyone’s hand size.  You may not need to waste a Super Scoop Up or Seeker on Giratina.

The List

Here is my list- along with some insights on the cards.


  • 4- Yanma- Any set as long as it isn’t Triumphant.  The extra 20 HP and the lack of a x2 weakness is nice
  • 4-Yanmega Prime
  • 3-Giratina Pt #9
  • 3-Mesprit La
  • 1- Uxie
  • 4-Sableye Sf- You really need to start this game off with a Pokemon Collector, so just use “Impersonate” to get one.
  • 1- Giratina Lv.X.  This card isn’t pivotal to this deck, but since you are running Giratina and 4 Warp Energies, there is no reason not to.


  • 4-Warp- This card saves you from a bad start, and if someone decides to pull up Giratina to the active spot.  You could switch this to Warp Points, but for some reason I liked Warp Energies.
  • 2-Rescue Energies- Not needed, but these are good for an obvious reason, and can help you retreat if needed.


  • 4- Junk Arms- This card lets you re-use all the trainers you have.
  • 4- Super Scoop Up- Lets you create bench space or re-use “Let Loose” or “Psychic Bind.”
  • 3- Pokemon Collector
  • 3-Pokemon Communication- This card is key because you will sometimes have to use Seeker or Judge as your supporters.
  • 2-Expert Belt- 70 damage isn’t enough.
  • 4- Plus Powers- These cards could be substituted out, but they can help you add the damage you need to KO the defending opponent.
  • 4-Judge- After your bench space is gone, you will need to use this a lot.   Giratina - PL
  • 3-Seeker.  Same as Super Scoop Up.
  • 2- Bebe’s Search
  • 1- Luxury Ball
  • 2- V.S. Seeker- key to re-using Judge or Seeker late game.
  • 2- Pokemon Rescue- kind of used as a place holder for now.

As you can see this list is not as tight as it should be.  There is room to add in some new techs.  Here are a few

  1. Exploud SV- This card can negate your lightning weakness, though it will slow your deck down.
  2. Regice– This card will let you discard cards from your hand, it might help you equal the number of cards in your opponents hand without using a Power or Supporter.
  3. Pokemon Reversal– You can use this card to target any benched Pokemon, and make it active.  It can be used to knock out a Dialga G before it becomes a Lv.X.


A deck is only as good as its matchups, so here are a list of a few matchups.         

  • Luxchomp– Unfavorable.  You can provide a lot of disruption with Mesprit and Judges, they will have a hard time getting their Cyrus chain.  But the fact is, your weakness makes sure that Luxchomp will almost never lose.
  • Gyarados– Favorable.  The rule of thumb here is to Judge early and often.  While you powerlock and Judge, your opponent will find it hard to get setup.  Hopefully you can get a big enough prize lead before they finally get setup.
  • Dialgachomp– Autoloss. Right now you have no counter to Dialga G. “Time Crystal” negates “Insight” so you cannot even attack.
  • Uxie Donk– Balanced.  You do run a lot of basics, so that is good.  But you never know how things will work out.
  • Trainerlock– Unfavorable.  You run a lot of trainers, so you need a lot of luck to be able to survive.
  • Machamp– Favorable.  Yanmega is an evolved Pokemon that has a resistance to fighting, two things that help against Machamp.  You will have a hard time getting a OHKO on Machamp, but they will be in the same boat.  So as long as you Powerlock first, your opponent will not be able to setup as fast.  If you setup faster, you win.
  • Regigas– Balanced. You both powerlock, so whoever gets the better setup will probably win.  Regigas has the better attack, but you can Judge and setup faster; its fairly even.
  • Random Stuff– Favorable.  Given that this category contains a lot of random rogue decks, it is hard to predict whats coming.  But your disruption will keep most rogue decks at bay.

So there is a run down of this deck.  It is a fun deck that will probably shock your freinds at league.  But, I wouldn’t count on it as saving you at a State or Regional tournament.  If your bored throw this deck together, it does work fairly well. Thats it for now, have fun in your initial testings for States.

So Long and Thanks for all the fish.

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