Pikkdogs Pikks Three: Garchomp C Lv.X, Pokemon Reversal, and Seviper CoL

by Pikkdogs ~ January 24th, 2011.

Hello to all members of Omar-Nation.  As you can see from the title of this article, Pikk Three is back. I have not done this article in a while, since the season was in full swing, there was a lot to talk about.   The Undaunted set brought in some new decks, and the Triumphant set changed a lot of the decks out there.  But now, Battle Roads and City Championships are over, there are no new decks out there (none that anyone will talk about anyway), and the next set seems to be fairly boring.

So because of these reasons, I think its time to go back to the Pikk Three article.  If you don’t know what this article is, I’ll just have to tell you.  Its an article where I review three cards, one that is popular, one that I think is under-used, and one that is coming out in a new or yet un-released set.  Its basically a card of the day article on steroids, so without further wait, here is the article.

The Staple-Garchomp C Lv.X

Description-Its hard to believe that I have never reviewed this card before, because it is probably the best card in the format.  It is of course a basic Lv.X with 110 HP, a free retreat, and a colorless weakness.  It has one Poke-Power, called “Healing Breath”, it lets you remove all damage counters from all of your SP Pokemon when you level up Garchomp C.  Garchomp’s one attack, “Dragon Rush” cost CCC and does 80 damage to any on of your opponent’s Pokemon.         

Analysis-This card is one of the better cards in the format because a lot of these basic stats.  Its free retreat combines great with “Healing Breath.”  It is this combo that has made it such a great combo with Dialga G Lv.X.  “Dragon Rush” gives the card a lot of sniping ability, which gives the card a lot of disruption ability.  This makes it a great combo with Luxray Gl Lv.X.

Garchomp C has seen a lot of play with both Dialga G and Luxray GL.  It has seen play in other decks, but not as much as in the Dialgachomp and Luxchomp decks.  Garchomp C has made the Luxchomp deck what it was today, the best deck around.  The ability to heal and snipe is a great thing to have in any deck.

Before the release of this card, SP decks relied on Luxray Gl Lv.X for knockouts.  They used to count each Poketurn as a knockout from the “Bright Look” Poke-Power.  Now, SP players count each Double Colorless Energy as a potential prize, because of its synergy with “Dragon Rush.”

To use Garchomp C Lv.X, an SP player would probably first attack with Luxray Gl or a different Pokemon, then promote Garchomp C.  They would then put the Lv.X on Garchomp C, use “Healing Breath”, attach a DCE and an Energy Gain, and then be ready to knock out any Pokemon with less then 80 HP.

Final Rating-10/10-  This is the epitome of a 10/10 card.  It revolutionized the whole format and constructed the current best deck in format.

The Underdog-Pokemon Reversal

Description– This is a trainer card with a simple effect.  You may flip a coin, if heads you may switch the defending Pokemon with any of your opponents benched Pokemon.  If you are older then 20 years old you will know what I mean when I say that it is like a flippable Gust of Wind.      Pokemon Reversal

Analysis– This card was released in the HGSS set, and had seen some play when it first came out.  Some people played it in decks like Donphan Prime, but it never really caught on in any major decks.

I think this card is underrated because it does what few other cards can do.  It can pick one of your opponent’s benched Pokemon that he could be hiding and be able to knock it out.  This is used in some decks that rely on a prize race, and do not do over 110 damage each turn.  It could be used in Gyarados decks and other popular decks that have a flexible list.  The ability to select your opponent is great and can help you win the prize race.

Though I think this card should be played more then it is, it could see a lot less play in the future.  This is because in the Black and White Collection we might get a card called Pokemon Catcher, which is just basically a re-printed Gust of Wind.  It does everything that Pokemon Reversal does, but without a coin flip.  If this deck does make it to the U.S. it will kill all play of Pokemon Reversal, but until it does I think its a good play.

Final Rating- 7/10– A good play in a lot of decks.  Even though this card may not be used later, I think its still a good play now for a lot of decks.  It especially has a good combo now with Junk Arm.

The Young Gun- Seviper Call of Legends

Description-Seviper usually doesn’t get a lot of good cards, but this one isn’t too bad.  It is from the new Call of Legneds Set, which begins its Pre-Release season this weekend.  So we don’t have much time, lets look at the card.                                                                                   

It has 90 HP, it is a basic, it is weak to Psychic, and has a retreat cost of 2.  It has two attacks.  Its first attack is called “Poison Buildup” and its only effect is that is poisons Seviper.  You may not think that it is not such a good thing, but wait until you read the next attack.  For PC its next attack, “Poison Effect”, does 20 damage, or 80 damage if Seviper is poisoned.  80 damage for just 2 energies isn’t bad.

Analysis-   So we can do 80 damage for 2 energies and you don’t have to evolve.  But to get Seviper poisoned, you will want to find a better way then using his first attack.  This is where Skuntank G comes in.

If you have Skunktank G on the bench, a Stadium in play, and Seviper active; you can use “Poison Structure” to poison both active Pokemon.  If you need to have a stadium in play, I would suggest using Snowpoint Temple, which gives basic Pokemon extra HP.  You might also want to look at Team Galactic HQ which penalizes your opponent for evolving.  With this combo you can easily get 80 damage going in each turn.

If you use this combo you can also use Expert Belt to do 100 damage.  If you combine this with the damage your opponent receives from poison, you would get the magic number of 110 damage each turn.  110 is the magic number because Gengar SF has 110.  And since the last 10 damage comes from poison, your opponent will not get to flip for “Fainting Spell.” 100 damage also leaves you just a “Flash Bite” or Plus Power away from knocking out Luxray Gl Lv.X and Garchomp C Lv.x.

This can be a very effective combo, but I don’t think that this will be a top tier deck.  Seviper only has 90 HP and a psychic weakness.  Almost any deck can OHKO Seviper with Uxie Lv.X.  And since it takes 2 energy to attack, it will take a lot to get a string of Seviper’s going.  If the game turns into a prize race, Seviper may be in a bad spot.  Perhaps one could add in Pokemon that disrupt, like Mesprit LA.  This would slow down the opposing deck, and this would give you a big advantage.

Final Rating– 6/10-  I don’t see this being a great deck or great attacker.  It could be used in other decks, like Genar/Vileplume.  But its best use is probably in its own fun deck.  It is an interesting card, that I wouldn’t be mad if I pulled in a pack.

So that is my first Pikk Three article since the new season began.  Feel free to add your own reviews of each card in the comment box, and leave any comments you have.

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