Top 5 Impactful Cards of Call of Legends.

by Pikkdogs ~ February 1st, 2011.

Hey all members of Omar-Nation, this is Pikkdogs here with a set review and the top 5 cards of Call of Legends.

If you look on any Pokemon site now a days, you will find no shortage of people bashing this set.  A lot of people are calling it the worst set ever, and are just mad at it. It only has a handful of playable cards, and most cards are reprints of so-so cards from the last couple sets.  Most players call this set a total blunder for Play Pokemon.  The poster child for this so called blunder is Phanpy.  Phanpy has a Poke-Body that twice misspells its names.  The card just sums up what a lot of people think Play Pokemon did with this set.

But, there are people who think that this set is pretty good, we call these people collectors.  These collectors love challenges, and this set features 11 shiny Pokemon, that is what I call a challenge.  There is sure to be value in these Shiny Pokemon if you pull any from the pack, a lot of collectors will be happy to find the rare cards of this set.

Besides being a good set for collectors, this set does still have some luster in it.  Of course this set has one big giant card, Lost World.  This card is what players have been waiting for for months.  In addition to Lost World, there are still some good playable cards here, so lets look at some of the best cards of the set.

5. Tangrowth

One of the cards that nobody has talked about is Tangrowth. It may  not seem like a great card to look at, and it honestly never seems great, but it is a good combo with Tangrowth Lv.X.  Well lets look at the card.     

It has 110 HP, a 4 retreat cost, a weakness to fire, and a resistance to water.  The HP is decent for a stage 1 and the resistance is good with Gyarados running around, but the retreat cost and weakness are terrible.  It has one good attack, its called “Grind”, which does 20 damage times the amount of energy attached to it.  Besides being able to use DCE, it works great with its Level X.  Besides adding 20 HP, the Level X adds an attack that will let you attach as many grass energy cards from you discard pile as you like to any of your Pokemon.  If you were able to discard a lot of Grass Energies, you can then use “Big Growth” to attach energies, and then attack with Grind for a lot of damage.  The Level X also adds healing, which is always good for a tank.

This combo is a little slow and isn’t the best, but is worth a look.  It will be a good fun deck, but it won’t ever be Tier 1.

4. Mr. Mime

Mr. Mime has 70 HP, a 1 retreat cost, and a psychic weakness. These stats aren’t very good, but they aren’t what we are here for.

We are here for the Poke-Power.  “Trick Reveal” forces each player to reveal their hand to one another, and Mr. Mime can use this power each turn, and he does not need to be active.  It is all in all a great power, it would be nice to not have to show your hand, but the only thing Mr. Mime will cost you is a bench spot.

The most common combo for this card is Gengar Sf, since you will be able to see if your opponent has enough trainers in his/her hand for a knock-out.  It should find a home in any Trainerlock deck right away.  This would be a great use for Mr. Mime, and I’m sure you could find other combinations for it.

3. The Reprints

In this category I am grouping a lot of different varied cards.  There are a lot of decent cards that got a re-print in this set.  Some of the good ones are Smeargle, Slowking, Professor Oaks New Theory, Copycat, Umbreon, Ninetails, Dual Ball, Interviewer’s Question, and the Reverse Holo Energies.

These cards are all playable and the reprint will let you get a lot of copies of these cool cards.  Also if a card got new artwork in this set, its usually pretty sweet (except Eevee, I think this Eevee was inbred or something).                                                                      

2. Lost Remover

Lost Remover is a trainer card that lets you put one special energy card that is attached to one of your opponent’s Pokemon, and stick it in the lost zone.

Right now this is not good enough to be a staple, but I think it soon will.  Once the SP engine rotates out I think Special Energies will be more popular, and this card will stop them.  Even now you can use it to combat Tyranitar Prime and Steelix Prime. Putting a Special Metal card attached to Steelix in the Lost Zone would be devastating.   So its not a great card, but it is a card that I believe will be good soon.

1.  Lost World-

This is the grand-daddy of them all, Lost World.  This is what makes this set worth it, a game changing card.

It lets anyone win the game, if their opponent has 6 Pokemon in their Lost Zone.

It is format changing because it makes cards like Gengar Prime, Palkia G, Absol G, and others playable.  It will probably make at least 1 or 2 first or second tier decks.  Now people will be trying to get Pokemon cards in the Lost Zone, when the Lost Zone was once ignored.

It will cause a lot of things to be changed, because each deck and player will have to adjust to fight this new way to win a game.  Only time will tell how impactful this will be, but for right now it seems like this card will be extremely impactful.

I don’t get a lot of people who bash this set, it is a decent set that will get you a lot of playable cards.  Nobody seems to like this set, but I bet everyone would love to get another Smeargle, RH energy, or PONT.  Despite what everyone says, it is a decent set that has some good cards in it.  I highly recommend that everyone go to the next pre-release that its in your area.  For some reason these pre-releases are very fun to go to.  And of course, these events are always great to trade at.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

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  • Anonymous

    While I agree with pretty much every thing you say here Pikkdogs, I have to say that I am still a bit disappointed in this set. It’s hard for me to put my finger on exactly why I am disappointed but I think it has to do with the lack of any *great* new pokemon. There are no PRIME, no Lv.X, no Legend cards at all.

    And while Lost World changes the game, literally, I can’t shake this feeling I have about it that it will play out just like Vileplume has – lots of hype, several decks built around it for a round or two of tournaments and then it goes away.

    I wonder how long we will see anything that talks about the Lost Zone? When I search for Lost Zone at I get back 14 cards. Of those, 6 are SP era, of the ones that are not SP era, 4 of them are putting energy cards into the Lost Zone. In fact, the only cards that are not SP that are putting pokemon in the Lost Zone are Gengar, Mew, and Absol (these last 2, Mew and Absol are actually putting your own pokemon in the Lost Zone). So, if the next rotation is HGSS forward, then we will effectively see Lost World only pairing with Gengar PRIME, unless of course the Lost Zone is supported going forward in Black & White (I’m not holding my breath since it was a Platinum thing originally).

    • Ed

      When Phanphy is the most talked about pokemon in a set, you know something is wrong.

  • I can believe that Lost Zone will be still around in Black and White. Most of the new cards that are not reprints are dealing with the lost zone. (ex Mime Jr and Relicanth)

  • Anonymous

    On the actual card, it does NOT have Phanpy misspelled. It was only scans. That’d make Phanpy so much awesomer though.

    • Anonymous

      yes it does. I have a phanpy and it is misspelled in its Pokebody.

      • Anonymous

        Mine doesn’t. I am now jealous :(

        • Anonymous

          wow, thats weird. They must have caught the mistake, so some of them have “phanphy” others dont.

          Its interesting to note the difference in this set. In triumphant there was a Psyduck that instructed the player to “FILP a coin”, yet no one seemed to care. But in this set players were looking for something to blame Play Pokemon for because of this sub-par set, and they grabbed this Phanpy as the symbol.

        • Anonymous

          I have several copies of the Phanpy card and they all have the spelling error. Although I did get them at the same prerelease that Pikkdogs got his at. Might be a distribution issue too.

        • Anonymous

          i could trade one to you for something small. email me.

  • Anonymous

    what ever happened to promo noctowl? your opponent flips his/her hand and you don’t flip urs for no cost.

    • Anonymous

      good idea, I forgot about that card.

      The only drawback is that you have to evolve it. And most of the time it isn’t that bad if your opponent sees your hand if your playing Trainer Lock, it isn’t good though.