PokemanDan’s PokeClass Episode 19 – Money Matters #2!

by PokemanDan ~ February 5th, 2011.

This episode continues the Money Matters article started in a previous episode. Get to know the most expensive decks out there and other ways to build competitive decks for a fraction of the price. Building a competitive deck doesn’t have to cost a lot to be successful.



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  • Anonymous

    Most people don’t run uxie x in g-dos, so that deck will be cheaper then the others.

    And most people do run 2-2 luxray so that makes that deck more.

  • Anonymous

    In the video, Dan uses TrollAndToad.com as a source for pricing information, and I think it gives a good sense of a competitive price you’d pay from a commercial seller that offers immediate delivery. But cards can change in value quickly, and I don’t often find that commercial sellers (including Troll and Toad) keep up with pricing trends on a weekly basis.

    An alternative, more up-to-date source of info on this is a “Completed Listings” search on Ebay. Next to the Ebay search box click “Advanced”, and then enter your search term (“Uxie Lv X”) and check the “Search including: Completed listings” box. This will give you the prices on all completed auctions on the searched item over the last couple of weeks. (In green. Unsuccessful auctions & BuyItNow listings are shown in red.)

    Sometimes you can use this to spot trends in the pricing for cards, and decide whether now is the time to buy. For example, the price of Luxray GL Lv. X continues to drop, from ~$70 two months ago to ~$42 today. (This is actually a trend that T&T appears to be keeping up with, listing @ $50 as of today.) And you can watch the Gengar Prime craze in real time ($17 on January 14th, $38 today!).

    I know most of you know of this already, but just thought I’d note it in case.

    • Ed

      You’re giving away all the secrets.

      Actually, it’s a good post. Yeah, I use this feature a lot on eBay, but I’ve never kept track of pricing history for cards. That’s pretty interesting.

  • Anonymous

    When making trades at league or events, I often will use http://www.bebessearch.com/pokedex/Mobile.htm from my phone to check prices of cards. Bebe’s search uses http://www.professor-oak.com/ for its pricing of cards. I have never ordered anything from the Professor Oak site, but I have compared their prices to Troll & Toad and eBay and found them to be typically better.