Cyrus’s Lost World- Absol G and Palkia G.

by Pikkdogs ~ February 6th, 2011.

Hey all members of Omar-Nation, this is Pikkdogs here with a deck analysis. This article is about a lost world deck. Not to be confused about one of my favorite novels,”The Lost World”, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  If you haven’t read it, I recommend it. Its about Dinosaurs, poisoned arrows, and Hot Air Balloons, what could be better than that?  But anyway, this article is about  the card, not the novel.                                 

Like most people out there, I had long been interested by Lost World, and was thinking of ways to use the card.  Most people were thinking of using Gengar Prime, but without Claydol, Gengar decks aren’t as consistent as they should be.  Since they are also slower, it is very easy to play around Gengar.  So I looked for other ways to play Lost World.

I remembered a match that I played at 2009 Fall Battle Roads against a person from Ohio.  He was using a speed version of the Cyrus Engine, and Absol G to place a lot of cards in the lost zone.  I ended up winning that game, but I always remembered that unique deck.  So when I saw Lost World, I thought it was the right time to copy that guys idea and make a deck out of it.

So thats how I came up with Cyrus’s Lost World.  The purpose of this deck is to get 6 Pokemon in the lost zone as fast as possible.  This is achieved by using Palkia G and Absol G.  Palkia will mostly be around to limit the opponent’s bench and clear room on your own, though it can help to put their opponent in the Lost Zone.  Of course, Palkia G has a “Lost Cyclone” Poke-Power that lets each player choose three benched Pokemon, and the rest go to the Lost Zone.  Absol G will be the main Pokemon that puts others in the Lost Zone.  He has a Poke-Power “Darkness Send”, that lets you send up to the top 3 cards of your opponent’s deck into the lost zone, based on coin flips.

To get Pokemon cards on the top of your opponent’s deck you could either use Chatot G or Slowking HGSS.  The better choice for this deck is Chatot G.  His “Disrupting Spy” Poke-Power lets you re-arrange the top four cards of your opponent’s deck, once you play him from your hand to your bench.   After you do this, you can follow it up with “Darkness Send” and hopefully get 2 Pokemon in the lost zone.  Repeat this for about 4-5 turns, and you should be able to win the game.

This deck also uses the SP engine for consistency and disruption.  A Cyrus’s Conspiracy is great for picking up the Poketurn and Supporter you need.  The deck also runs Power-Spray, it does not need to be in this deck, but its such a great card that one would be crazy not to think about including it.

One of the better techs in this deck that nobody talks about is Rotom UD.  His Poke-Power “Mischievous Trick” lets you switch the top card of the deck with one of your prize cards.  This tech is needed because this deck almost never takes a prize, so you might need some of your prize cards.  If you use it with Azelf LA you will no exactly what your prize cards are.  Rotom  lets you take a prize card whenever you need it, like if you need a Pokemon Collector if one is prized you can just use the power and take it.  The only drawback is that you never know what the top card of your deck is, so you might be putting back something good.  If absolutely necessary you can snipe for 80 with Palkia G to take a prize card, but its usually not needed.          

The strategy of this deck is simple.  Use trainers/supporters/call energy on your first turn to get 2 Absol G’s and 1 Palkia G on your bench.   Next turn get a Chatot G in your hand, use “Disrupting Spy”, then promote Absol G.  Level up Absol and use “Darkness Send”, Poketurn Absol G Lv. X, and then play Absol G back down.  If necessary, promote the other Absol G and do “Darkness Send” again, with or without another “Disrupting Spy.”  Then Poketurn the Absol G Lv. x,  put the Absol back down, then promote Chatot G.  You can use “Search and Escape” to get a trainer card and then shuffle Chatot back in, you would normally get a Poketurn or Junk Arm.  Hopefully, you would then promote Palkia G, level up and retreat him next turn, promote Absol G, and start all over again.

Here is the list that I use.


  • 2-2 Absol G Lv.X
  • 2-1 Palkia G Lv.X
  • 2 Chatot G
  • 1- Azelf La
  • 2-Uxie
  • 1-Rotom Ud

Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums- 36

  • 4- Junk Arms- Poketurns are your livelihood, this card lets you get them back
  • 4-Poketurn- Probably the most important card in this deck.
  • 2- Powerspray
  • 3- Lost World
  • 2- Premiere Ball- needed to get Absol G Lv. X wherever he is.
  • 1- Luxury Ball
  • 2- Dual Ball
  • 2- Handy 910’s Pokedex
  • 3- Super Scoop Up- helps you re-use Absol, Uxie, and Chatot.
  • 2- SP Radar
  • 2- Twins- you never take a prize, so you will always be behind.  So whenver you use this card, except on the first turn, you can grab any 2 cards you want.
  • 3- Cyrus’s Conspiracy
  • 2- Seeker- serves as a late game Poketurn.
  • 3- Pokemon Collector
  • 1- Palmer’s Contribution


  • 2- Water Energy- Can be used to retreat or attack with Palkia G.
  • 3- Double Colorless Energy- mostly used to retreat Palkia G, but can be used to attack with Palkia G.
  • 4- Call Energies- Needed for a decent start.

Even though this deck is good, it has a lot of concerns.  Hand Disruption kills this deck, if you run into a Judge Heavy deck, you would need a lot of luck to get 6 Pokemon in the Lost Zone.  Gyarados seems like it would be a good matchup, it has Magikarp that are important to not have in the Lost Zone.  It also runs a lot of Basic Pokemon that are susceptible to being “Lost Cycloned.”  But, the deck overall is a bad matchup because it can discard extra Pokemon with Junk Arm and Regice.  Mesprit LA, is also a terrible matchup because you need to use Poke-Powers. And since this deck runs a lot of trainers, its also auto-loss to trainerlock.

For this reason, I would suggest that this deck remain a fun deck.  I wouldn’t take it into a big tournament because you are likely to run into a lot of various decks that work well against this deck.

It does have some decent matchups.  It actually has a good matchup against Luxchomp.  Eventhough Luxchomp will take 6 prizes in 6-8 turns, you should be done by then.  Plus Luxchomp should not be able to get every Pokemon in their hand, and uses a large bench.  Another good matchup is any stage 2 decks, like Machamp.  Usually you should be able to put a good card in the lost zone, making it hard to make a fast Stage 2 Pokemon.

So it is a pretty good deck.  It is a consistent build that has some room for customization.  Perhaps you can make a better list that can beat trainerlock.  It is not a great deck, but isn’t terrible either.  So give it a try and see how you like it.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

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