Stupid Deck Idea: Lost Junior (Mime Jr., Lost World)

by Ed ~ February 8th, 2011.

Mime Jr - CL 47Alright, so maybe this deck idea isn’t utterly stupid. In fact, I think there is a lot going for it. It does, however, still fall under what I laid out for our “Stupid Deck Idea” article guidelines. I built it on paper (actually on the computer). I obsessed over it for a while. Ultimately, I decided that I won’t be building a physical version of the deck anytime real soon, so instead I’m posting it here for all of you to ponder.

I think it’s the type of deck that can just win any matchup. Unfortunately, it’s also the type of deck that can lose any matchup. It’s got a luck component to it that can end up in either player’s favor. So, take a look at the article/decklists. Maybe you want to build the deck and test it out. Optimizing the lists might just make it competitive. At any rate, I think it would be a fun (and annoying to the opponent) league deck. At least comment and let me know what you think about the idea (or decks like this).

The basic idea here is to exploit the new Mime Jr. from Clash of Legends. He has two features that we want to make use of. First, his FREE attack puts the top card of your opponent’s deck into the lost zone and puts Mime Jr. to sleep. Normally, this would just be disruptive to the opponent, but combined with the new Lost World stadium, this can win games. Second, his PokeBody prevents all damage to Mime Jr. if he’s asleep. Obviously, this can save him from being KO’d.

Lost World Clash of LegendsYou attack, Lost Zone something of theirs, Mime Jr falls asleep, and he can’t be hurt while sleeping. Unfortunately, this isn’t as great as it might sound. Let’s get the negative out of the way, so we can focus on the positive. Mime Jr. is a 30HP weakling. He can get taken out by the lightest of hitters. Luckily he has no weakness, so he may withstand a first turn Uxie or whatever. After that, though, if the opponent can attack, they can probably do enough damage to KO Mimey. Be prepared to lose many mini Mimes over the course of the game.

To mitigate his weakling status, Jr. will attempt to use his Pokebody. You attack, he sleeps, his Body takes effect. Well, that is unless he wakes up. Don’t forget that you have to flip after every turn to see if he awakes. So, you attack, he sleeps, you flip. If he wakes up, his Body is useless. If he stays asleep, the opponent can still get KOs on your bench or by bringing up another Pokemon from your bench. To top this all off, even if his Body stops the opponent from attacking, you still have to flip again to see if he stays asleep into your own next turn. If you flip tails twice in a row, Mimey will sleep through breakfast and be useless. For this circumstance, you need ways to wake him up.

The goal of the deck is to Lost Zone (LZ) 6 of the opponent’s Pokemon as quick as possible, and then win via Lost World. If you aren’t LZing a Chatot GPokemon each turn, there’s a fair chance you’re losing the race. Now, there are 2 ways to win a race. You can go faster, or you can trip your opponent. Idealy, do both.

Luckily, LZing your opponent’s stuff can really trip them up, especially if you can select which of their things gets LZ’d. This is where cards like Chatot G and Slowking come in. At this point, you might be thinking that this deck is starting to look a lot like Pikkdog’s Absol/Palkia Lost World deck, and you woudn’t be entirely wrong. They have very similar goals. This one can do it without energy, though.

I’m going to show you two builds that I came up with. Either could be fairly extensively modified, and I would recommend toying with anything between the two lists. Swapping out some of the Chatot Gs for Slowking can give you the ability to Second Sight yourself into better draws. If you run any Psy Energy, it can even help trip up the opponent with paralysis, but then you’re slowing yourself down.

Let’s look at the more focused list first.

16 Pokemon 21 Trainers 19 Supporters/Stadiums 4 Energy
4 Mime Jr. – CL
2 Chatot G
1 Crobat G
1 Giratina Let Loose
1 Palkia G
1 Palkia G Lv. X
1 Azelf
1 Uxie
1 Combee
1 Smeargle
1 Mesprit
1 Unown Q
4 Poke Turn
3 Warp Point
4 Dual Ball
1 Luxury Ball
2 Pkmn Comm.
2 Pokemon Rescue
1 VS Seeker
4 Judge
4 Seeker
3 Pokemon Collector
2 Cynthia’s Feelings
2 Twins
4 Lost World
4 Warp

This deck will try to attack with Mime Jr. as soon as possible. It will use Dual Ball and Pokemon Collector to first retrieve Jr himself and then Pokemon such as Chatot G, Giratina, Mesprit, Uxie, Combee, and Azelf to exploit their CIP (Come Into Play) Poke Powers. It will Seeker, SSU, and PokeTurn to reuse these CIP Powers as often as necessary to gain the edge in the race. Judge and Giratina may be useful when you think the opponent has a good hand or no Pokemon near the top of their deck. You will quickly get behind on prizes, so cards like Twins and Cynthia’s Feelings will help you maintain your strategy of LZing their important Pokemon.

Warp Energy, SSU, and Warp Point are included to help you bench Junior when he is sleeping through your turn. They also double as ways to retreat Palkia G when you level him up or when Giratina (or anyone else) gets Bright Looked.

Basically, you attack with Jr., Use Chatot G to put a Pokemon on top of their deck. If you can’t, then chances are they have something else important that you can LZ. You will lose Pokemon, so use Rescue and Combee to retrieve them. Reuse Chatot G whenever you need to reorder their topdecks (maybe each turn). Otherwise, use Judge and Giratina to disrupt and to draw cards.

Put Palkia G on your bench so that they can’t afford to fill theirs. This is another form of disruption. When you can level up Palkia G, then you can either use it to LZ their Pokemon or to clear space on your own bench for more CIP powers. Mesprit is another form of disruption that can be reused here. Crobat G is here just to give a chance at a quick KO. As I’m writing this, I’m thinking it may not belong in this first list. It may only belong in this next one.

17 Pokemon 12 Trainers 19 Supporters/Stadiums 12 Energy
4 Mime Jr. – CL
2 Chatot G
1 Crobat G
2 Giratina Let Loose
1 Giratina Lv. X
2 Uxie
1 Uxie Lv. X
1 Combee
1 Smeargle
1 Mesprit
1 Unown Q
4 Poke Turn
3 Warp Point
1 Luxury Ball
4 Seeker
4 Pokemon Collector
4 Cyrus’s Conspiracy
2 Judge
1 Palmer’s Contribution
4 Lost World
4 Warp
4 Psy

Giratina LvX - PL 124

The idea is the same here, but now you can actually attack for damage. Giratina Lv. X can disrupt their attacks with his Invisible Tentacles Body and help LZ multiple Pokemon in a single Darkness Lost attack.

Uxie Lv. X can attack here, too, but he’s mainly there for extra draw power. As you can see, this build is less trainer heavy, so it may do better against trainer lock. Crobat G and Chatot G can attack in a pinch, but again, if you’re attacking for damage without LZing anyone, you’re slowing down your own race.

Dual Ball and Pokemon Communication are out. In their place is another Collector and a Luxury Ball. Unfortunately Lux Ball can only get us basics in this deck, so you might want to think of other options. Again, there is probably some room between the two decklists that may prove to be the best.

Give it a look/try and let me know what you think. I’d be curious to hear if you have ideas that may fit well here. I’ve been going for a lot of synergy in these builds so that most cards have a dual purpose. Maybe there’s something that will focus on the goal a bit better. Cards like Mesprit, Smeargle, and Giratina (when not attacking) are doing little to speed you along. They’re meant to trip up the opponent. It’s possible that a bunch of Uxies may help win the race faster. I don’t know. Play with it and let me know what you find.

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  • Anonymous

    It’s funny, I was thinking of something very similar to this idea myself. Going into the Call of Legends pre-release I was thinking that an all baby Pokemon deck would be pretty fun, if not just funny, to play for a pre-release event. During that day I actually faced a deck that had 3 different babies with multiple copies each. Mime Jr. It was during this game that it occurred to me that Mime Jr. could be a pretty effective Lost World Pokemon (this was actually the game that I decked myself because Mime Jr. got so many of my cards in the LZ).

    So, while I was playing with Pikkdogs via Skype against his Absol G deck I mentioned to him about mime Jr. and he sent me a preview of your list here. So now I see your article and it is right after I decided I would put together a build of my idea to test out.

    My idea goes in a slightly different direction than either of yours. Basically I combine parts of Pikkdogs’ deck with Mime Jr. to maximize the LZ of cards per turn.

    So I am looking at this Pokemon lineup:
    2 – 2 Absol G LvX (or maybe 3 – 1)
    4 Mime Jr.
    2 Chatot G
    2 – 2 Slowking
    3 Uxie

    And my trainers/supporters would be at least this:
    4 Lost World
    4 Poketurn
    4 Super Scoop Up
    4 Seeker
    4 Warp Point
    2 or 3 Twins

    And of course 4 Warp Energy.

    The basic twist here is to do the Absol G LvX trick during the turn and then finish with Mime Jr. attacking. You should be able to get a lot of cards in the LZ rapidly with this.

    Like I said I am building this tonight to play with buddies at work and league. I can report back on how it does later.

    • Anonymous

      if ya got some time send me an email so we can test this on skype.

      You can combine Absol with Mime Jr. because Absol doesn’t attack, it only takes away from the trainer that you could get with Chatot G.

      The problem is getting 3 Pokemon on the top of your oppoent’s deck. You need something like the Triumphant Spiritomb to get them to shuffle their deck.

      • Anonymous

        So I got 2 games in with my build today and I learned a couple of things. The first thing is that Absol G followed by Mime Jr. is very effective at getting cards into the LZ from your opponent’s deck. So much so that a secondary strategy is to win by decking your opponent. I did this in my first game by putting a total of 19 cards into the LZ. I only actually got 4 Pokemon in the LZ because they were wise to my plan and got as many Pokes into play or into their hand as they could.

        Which leads directly into my second lesson which is I need a way to force the opponent to shuffle their hand back into their deck (i.e. Judge and Lookers). In both of my games, I was un able to get 6 Pokemon into the LZ mainly because they were able to either get so many into play (stage 2 Pokemon can take 3 cards to build up) or they held them in their hand. So you need a way to get them out of their hand and back into the deck so you have better odds of putting them into the LZ.

        I will tweak tonight and hopefully play some more tomorrow and report back.

        • Ed

          Giratina Let Loose could work as well. I don’t know how clogged your bench gets, but it pairs well with Seeker/SSU.

          • Anonymous

            Nice idea, I’ll have to try it. Although my bench is definitely crowded, I am thinking about dropping the 2 – 2 Slowking from the deck. Slowking was too slow to setup in both my games. Although once it is setup you no longer have to think about recycling Chatot G. Also, in both games I got to the point where I didn’t care what was in the deck I just wanted to put anything I could into the LZ.

            I will tweak and test and report back.

          • Ed

            Well, I think Chatot G can be a problem if you’re using all your PokeTurns on Absol G.

            Palkia G can help with your bench crowding, but you have to be careful against anyone else playing Lost World. I kinda like the synergy of Seeker/SSU/Poketurn combined with all the come-into-play Powers of Chatot G, Absol G X, Giratina, Mesprit, etc. Palkia can help that situation, too, and it can also help toward a win condition. It’s just risky in the field of LWorld.

          • Anonymous

            Ideally you don’t have to use Poketurns on Chatot G if you use his attack that shuffles him in the deck.

          • Ed

            That’s right, but if you’re using Mime Jr, you can’t really afford to waste your attack. With the Absol strategy, it’s not a bad play, though.

          • Anonymous

            This is true, with Mime Jr. you want to always end your turn attacking with Sleepy Lost to get that extra card into the LZ. However, I have found that Chatot’s attack is a very nice way to get him out of the way without using a SSU/Poketurn/Seeker on him. This is especially important as the bench gets full and you have 1 or 2 Slowking in play. Anyway, I tend to focus my Poketurn on Absol since he is the main attraction when it comes to putting cards in the LZ.

          • Anonymous

            I added a single Giratina and removed a single Uxie and this seemed to be a good call. Let Loose is great for a couple of reasons – it lets you refresh your own hand without having to play a supporter, it reduces your hand and plumps up your deck, it forces your opponent to shuffle their hand which can put more Pokemon back into their deck, because it is a CIP you can scoop/seeker him and use it again if you need to.

        • Anonymous

          Thats why Palkia G is a good partner.

          Im not sure if absol and mime jr. are best together, maybe they are better seperate. Cause perhaps you can build a mime Jr. deck that doesn’t get killed by trainerlock.

          • Anonymous

            I was actually thinking about Flygon LvX as a partner for Absol G to enhance the deck milling aspect of this strategy. I’d still run a few Mime Jr.’s though because he puts 1 card in the LZ for free and potentially is untouchable. Oh, I take that back, he is touchable. My second game yesterday, the one I lost because they took 6 prizes was because they were able to poison, burn, and confuse Mime Jr. which cancels out the sleep but also puts 30 damage on him if you hit tails on burn. I hit tails on burn 3 times, so they got 3 KO’s on Mime Jr. that way.

        • Anonymous

          I played a few more games with my version of this idea and learned a few more lessons. The main lesson is that this deck, or at least my build of it, is heavely luck based. There are at least 4 ways that luck comes into play with this deck:
          1) With 4 Mime Jr. and 1 Unown Q in my build I have 5 basic Pokemon that have only 30 HP. There is a high-risk of being donked with this many low-hp Pokemon. You are lucky when you start with multiple basics in your opening hand.
          2) Mime Jr. puts himself to sleep as part of his attack, you want him to stay asleep going into you opponent’s turn but to wake up coming back into your turn. That’s two flips of the coin to see if he wakes up – lady luck strikes again.
          3) The main ‘weapon’ so to speak of this deck is Absol G Lv.X’s power – Darkness Send – which let’s you flip 3 coins and for each heads put the top card of your opponent’s deck into the LZ. That’s 3 coin flips for every time you use the power, which can be anywhere from 4 to 10 or so times. Luck much?
          4) Prizes – sure, you can run Azelf (and I do) but Time Walk only gets Pokemon out of your prizes. This deck wants all 4 Poketurns, SSU, and Seeker. Not to mention Warp Points and War Energies. If this stuff is prized you have no way to get them into your hand (unless you use Pikkdogs trick with Rotom). This is not coin-toss based luck but rather odds and percentages of card count and randomness of shuffling etc.

          So here is the list I settled on, it sets up very fast and sends cards to the LZ on turn 1 with Mime Jr. nearly every game. I have yet to win a game by using the Lost World stadium because I can’t seem to get the magic number of 6 Pokemon into the LZ.

          4x Mime Jr.
          2x Chatot G
          2-2x Absol G Lv.X
          2-2x Slowking (Second Sight)
          4x Unown R
          2x Uxie
          1x Azelf
          1x Giratina (Let Loose)
          1x Unown Q
          3x Pokemon Collector
          3x Seeker
          2x Twins
          1x Palmer’s Contribution
          4x Poketurn
          4x SP Radar
          4x Pokedex
          4x Super Scoop Up
          2x Warp Point
          1x Luxury ball
          1x Premier ball
          4x Lost World
          4x Warp energy

          Now that I have played it enough to see the pros and cons I will build Ed’s list verbatim to see how that does.