The Many Faces of Gengar Prime

by Pikkdogs ~ February 23rd, 2011.

Are you guys getting tired of hearing about Gengar Prime?  Well I am getting tired or writing about it.  But I haven’t shared any kind of lists or anything like that, so I thought I would write this one last article.     

I hate to repeat myself, but I probably should explain Lostgar a little.  It is a deck that uses Gengar Prime and Lost World to win the game by getting 6 of your opponent’s Pokemon in the Lost Zone.  This is mostly done by using Gengar Prime’s “Hurl Into Darkness” attack, which lets you put as many Pokemon that your opponent has in his/her hand to his/her Lost Zone up to the amount of energy on Gengar Prime.

Gengar Prime is a card that can be played in many ways.  One way is to play it as a speed deck, another is to play an Anti-Trainerlock Straight Gengar version, a third way to play it is with Cursegar, and a fourth way is to play it with Trainerlock.  Each version of this deck has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Speedlostgar is the fastest version and has the best chance at being a dominant deck.  It works to get a T1 Gengar Prime.  There is no getting around the fact that this build is fast and consistent, but unfortunately it is auto-loss to Trainerlock.  If you want to play Lostgar and still beat Trainerlock, one way is to play a build I call Straightlostgar.  

This version runs a lot of supporters instead of trainers and tries to win a slower game but without sacrificing consistency.  This version could still get a T1 Gengar Prime, and depending on the list could be using Mew Prime to “Hurl Into Darkness” by Turn 2.  Mew Prime is an easy way to use “Hurl Into Darkness” without having to get out the slow Stage 2 Pokemon.  This build can also run a 1-1 Palkia G Lv. X tech.  This tech can put more Pokemon into the Lost Zone thanks to the “Lost Cyclone” Poke-body.   Another way to play this deck is to use last years Cursegar deck as a blueprint.

This build uses the Gengar from Arceus that has the “Curse” Poke-Power.  It’s “Shadow Skip” attack does 60 damage for PPC, and you can switch Gengar with one of your benched Pokemon.  This build relies getting a The last way to play this deck is to merge Lostgar with Trainerlock (the Vilegar version).   If you are able to get a knockout with “Shadow Skip” you can switch Gengar with Gengar Prime and thanks to his “Catastrophe” Poke-Body the Pokemon you just knocked out will go straight to the Lost Zone.  You can do this as well as “Hurl Into Darkness” to get the six Pokemon in the Lost Zone that you need.

In Trainerlock you are already running a Gengar line, so it wouldn’t  be too difficult to add in a Gengar Prime and a Lost World.  This version relies on locking trainers to disrupt the opponent and either attack with Gengar Prime or Gengar SF to defeat the particular deck you are facing.  You can either win on prizes or win by using Lost World.  This build is nice because you will be able to disrupt your opponent significantly.

I mentioned talking about lists.  I haven’t tested a lot  of these lists, but I will give you a skeleton Lostgar list and then give you a list of other cards to fill in the deck for each type of Lostgar build.                                 

Skeleton Build


  • 4-Gastly Sf- Nice because of the “Pitch Dark Attack” that can stop speed decks by locking trainers for one turn
  • 3-Haunter TM- free retreat is nice, but you can use other Haunters if you like.
  • 2- Gengar Prime
  • 2-Uxie
  • 1-Spiritomb Tm- This card has a “Spooky Whirlpool” Poke-Power that will make your opponent shuffle his/her hand in to his/her deck and draw 6 cards.  It’s like a Poke-Power version of Imposter Professor Oak, but with 6 cards instead of 7.  This is used because if your opponent is trying to keep the Pokemon in their deck they will most likely draw 1 out of 6.
  • 1-Mr. Mime Cl- For it’s “Expose” Poke-Power.  If your opponent doesn’t have a Pokemon in hand you can attack with “Cursed Droplets instead.


  • 1-Palmers Contribution
  • 4-Pokemon Collector
  • 2-Bebe’s Search
  • 3-Twins (you get to grab any 2 cards you want with this card, and since you most likely won’t be taking many prizes you can use this card a lot)
  • 4-Seeker (a surefire way for you to hit a Pokemon with “Hurl Into Darkness.)
  • 3- Professor Oak’s New Theory.
  • 2-Lost World


  • 7- Psychic                                                       Lost World Clash of Legends

Additional Cards

Well that’s 41 cards.  So you still got 19 left to work with.  Here is how each build might use those 19 Spots.  The numbers listed below are in addition to the ones in the list.


  • 2-Gengar Prime
  • 2- Broken Time Space
  • 3-Pokedex Handy 910’s
  • 4-Pokedrawer +
  • 2-Rare Candies
  • 1-Pokemon Communication
  • 1-Luxury Ball


  • 2-Gengar Prime
  • 1 Palkia G
  • 1 Palkia G Lv.X
  • 4- Mew Prime
  • 1-Luxury Ball
  • 2-Pokemon Communication
  • 2-Warp Energy                                                                                   
  • 3-Psychic Energies
  • 1- Lost World
  • 2-Rare Candies


  • 2- Curse Gengar Ar
  • 1-Twins
  • 2-Pokemon Communication
  • 3-Rare Candies
  • 3-Broken Time Space
  • 4- Psychic Energies
  • 3- Spiritomb Ar
  • 1-Luxury Ball

Trainerlock LostGar

  • 3-Spiritomb Ar
  • 1- Gengar Sf
  • 1-Gengar Prime
  • 2- Unown Q
  • 1- Uxie Lv.X
  • 2-2-2-Vileplume Ud
  • 2- Bebe’s Search
  • 3-Psychic Energies

So there are some basic lists that you can start testing.  A lot of these lists I haven’t tested yet, so don’t just copy this list and head off to States, its just a jumping off point.  Also, depending on the list you choose you will have to adjust the skeleton build a little.  For example, you will proabably want to adjust the skeleton list to fit in 3 BTS if you are running the Speed build.  Or, perhaps you only want to run 1 Prime in the trainerlock build and you want the Level X instead.  You also might be able to drop a Collector or a Seeker here and there, for a card like V.S. Seeker or other cards that will help your build with consistency.

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