PokemanDan’s PokeClass Episode 21 – The European Challenge!

by PokemanDan ~ February 26th, 2011.

The European Challenge Cup was this week and it has shown us some great things for the game. It seems to me that the meta is starting to show some light past SP, with many rogue decks and crazy ideas actually doing well in high grade tournaments. This episode will go over the best parts of the ECC which took place last weekend. There are some good things coming from Europe at the moment and wait til you see what Gengar Prime did!

Thanks for watching!

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the great report Pokemondan!

    Its nice to hear about whats going on in Europe, although traditionally they aren’t as powerful as Japan and North American. Is the tourney still in the Benalux region?

    Thats cool that Lostgar’s trainerlock got 2nd. I have a friend who plays it, and it can work well. But it has a couple of strikes against it. 1. It is a hybrid of two decks so it continually gets torn between two decks. If your not careful you can end up take 2 prizes and put 4 Pokemon in the lost zone, and thats no good. You need a really good list to guard against this. And 2. It loses every game that goes to time or sudden death.

    This deck can be pretty cool, but I don’t see the other rogues going very far. I do like the Regirock tech in Magnezone, thats pretty cool.

    Its nice to see some rogues doing well.

    • Anonymous

      If you wanna read the 2nd place report, I will post it below this. Man he really did get a lot of luck to make it to 2nd place, but I guess that anyone who gets to 2nd place in a big tournment needs a lot of luck. But, even though he messed up at the end, the gods of fate were more on his side then against him.