Pokemon Black & White Mall Tour @ Mall of America

by Ed ~ March 7th, 2011.

Ava and I attended the Black and White Mall Tour on Saturday. It was a pretty well run event for the most part. We were planning to meet some friends at about 9:45. Unfortunately, we had car troubles (dead battery), so we ended up arriving just after 10AM. The first showing of the Zoroark movie was at 10, and they got in. We missed it.

We kinda got hosed on the whole movie deal. We arrived at the first info booth at about 10:10. It was too late for the 10AM movie, but we were told that they hadn’t yet received the 12:00 movie tickets. We’d just have to come back.

Ava and I then proceeded to rush around the mall to get 5 stamps before the lines became unbearable. It’s a good thing we did. After getting 5 stamps, people then had to wait in line to spin a wheel to see what prize they would receive. When we got there (at about 10:45), there were exactly 0 people ahead of us. We waltzed up and spun. Ava got a Snivy stylus. I got a Snivy patch. And there was much rejoicing.

We then decided to go back to see some of the stuff we zoomed by before, so we headed back to wait in line to play the new videogame. In line just ahead of us was a loud group of Team Rocket cosplay girls and a bit behind us was the Lesky crew (with Troy sporting a new tattoo which I should have captured on film). All the cosplayers were one of the more interesting attractions of the day, actually. It gave the event a fun and friendly feel.

Speaking of cosplay, we ran into Umbreon along the way. After the event, I looked him up. Apricot the Gerbil had a password giveaway, which was quite cool. Ava really appreciates the Mew bouncy ball she received.

Oh yeah, at one point, we headed back to get our noon movie tickets. We were informed that they ran out. All they had was 2:00 ones. Well, Ava had to be at a hockey game at 4:15, so that wouldn’t work. We found a young couple of Pokemon trainers before leaving and donated our 2PM tix to them. Hopefully they had a good time at the movie.

We did finally meet up with our friends, but we were all done with the stamping by then. We walked around with them and ended up meeting Grumpig. When we decided to leave, they went to wait in line for the wheel spin. Man, that line was LONG. I’m so glad we bolted through the stamp process early.

Here are our pictures. It was fun. States is coming up on Saturday. I’m definitely not prepared.

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