Pikkdog’s Michigan State Report: If You Live by the Sword….

by Pikkdogs ~ March 12th, 2011.

One of my favorite quotes by Jesus is in Matthew 26 verse 52

“For those who take the sword, will perish by the sword.” (English Standard Version, 2001).

And you say, “Pikkdogs this is a Pokemon site not Sunday School, why are you talking about this verse?”

It is a verse that sums up my day at the 2011 Michigan State Championships.  I tried to live by the sword, but I ended up dying by it.  

The event was held at the Radisson in downtown Lansing, Mi.  We normally play the states out in the burbs, so being in an urban area was kind of a shock.  Besides some parking issues, this new venue wasn’t too bad, although the playing area is smaller than in our previous location.

I decided to play Uxie donk for this event, there were many reasons why I chose this.  1. I was tired of getting pushed around by Luchomp, so I thought I’d play something that could beat it. 2.  Radu wrote a great article on this site that told people how to play the deck in a very easy to learn matter.  With a couple reads through this article I felt I knew everything I needed to know about it.  3.  I was getting tired of everything else, so why not try Uxie?

I will not post my list here, but not because I am keeping it secret.  I will not post it because it is very similar to Radu’s decklist.  I just took away 3 victory medals from this list, and added 2 Unown R’s and 1 Quick Ball.   I have to apologize a little for this report.  Uxie donk is a cool deck, but there is not much to talk about.  The games will not sound to interesting, because in fact they weren’t.  But theres not much we can do about that.

Through-out this article I will not post my usual pictures, but instead will post the incredibly medicore pictures that I took at States.  These pictures are more inserted for comic relief than anything, except for the one of Cheffords that one is pretty cool.  Man these pictures are terrible, I should take a class on pictures or something.

The event was very Luxchomp heavy.  So much so that basically any deck other than Luxchomp was considered rogue.  There were a couple Machamps, a couple Gyarados, and a couple trainer lock decks; but not very many.

So I get to the tournament about 20 minutes before registration, and hung out in the lobby for a while.  I got my sleeves checked and turned in my decklist then went in to meet some of my Pokemon friends.  I loved talking to all my Michigan Pokemon buddies, it was kind of better than the event itself.   When the orgainizers finally get ready I get paired up for round 1.

Round 1 Magnezone

My English brother Pokmeon Dan was hyping up Magnezone ever since the European Challenge Cup, and at the event we find a couple Magnezone decks.

I think I go first and start with a Crobat G.  I only have trainers in my hand, so I have to pace.  He starts with two Magnemites, but doesn’t have any supporters.  So all he can do is attach an energy and an expert belt, then end.  This leaves me with 2 Magnemites to run over.  I use trainers to get a Seeker, that takes care of one Magnezone.  Then I get a couple flashbites on the active and “Psychic Restore” for the win.

1-0. Exactly how the game is supposed to be played.

Round 2 Regigas

This game was against my good Friend Ryan Graham.  Even though  I have known him for a while, I haven’t yet played him.  He starts with something (maybe Crobat G) and a Giratina.  I go first and I have an Unown Q, I draw but don‘t get anything.  Ryan then plays a Collector and gets an Uxie and a Regigas.  He retreats for Uxie, attaches an energy and then knocks out my Unown Q.

1-1.  I play 11 other basics, but I have to start with the 30 HP Unown Q.

After this round me and Mat (Chefford’s friend) take a walk to Subway for a sandwich.  We have a good lunch time chat, and then walk back to the hotel.

Round 3-Dialga Chomp

This was a really weird game, but I play through it.

I start with Crobat G, and my hand consists of 2 Super Scoop Ups, 2 Poketurns, 1 Expert Belt, and 1 Poke Blower +.  What am I supposed to do with that?  My opponent starts with Garchomp C, and I go first.  I draw into another Poketurn (yay) and pass.  He goes and Cyrus’s to find a Dialga G with a metal energy and an Energy Gain.  But he does not have a Poketurn to get Dialga G active.

So he passes and I draw into a Luxury Ball.  I play it for the Uxie, and have to setup for 1.  I get an Unown R, and “Retire”.  After getting another Super Scoop Up, I have to play all three of my Super Scoop Ups.  On my last Scoop Up I finally get Uxie back in hand.  I then Poketurn Crobat G and start “Flash Biting” the active.  I eventually get a seeker, and find enough resources for the knockout on Garchomp C.

2-1.  He got a fairly bad start, but Uxie is meant to take advantage of this. 

Round 4- Luxchomp

This match was what Radu would call a “Game State Two.”  He set up a lot of basics so I could not donk him.  I did take a long turn and knockout two Pokemon, so I should have a good advantage.  On the next turn he uses a Pokemon Collector and gets a Drapion 4.  Who plays a Drapion 4??????????????  I don’t think anyone has ever played this card, ever.  He played this card to tech against Gengar Prime, but he brillantly used it as a wall against me.  It has 100 HP and a psychic resistance, this means that I need to do 120 damage for a knockout, which I can’t do.  And because he also has a Luxray Lv. X, I can’t get a knockout on that Pokemon either.  All he has to do is wait till time is called and he wins.

2-2.  Who plays Drapion 4????????????????? Just my luck that I play the only person who has ever played Drapion 4.

Round 5- Machamp.

I start with an Uxie, and he starts with the double Machop.  Since I only have 1 Pokemon, the person who goes 2nd will win this matchup.  I luckily win this matchup.  I play my hand out a little and get a Seeker and a Cyclone energy.”

3-2-  I get Lucky

Round 6-Gyarados

I start with an Uxie and he starts with an Unown Q and a Crobat G.  I again get lucky and go second.  He can’t draw anything on his first turn so I go. I actually only play 1 trainer card this game.  I play a Pokedex and get a Cyclone Energy.  I then use the Seeker from my hand and take card of the Q with “Psychic Restore.”

4-2 I keep going.  Now I am at a spot where there is 1 game left.  If I win I go on, but if i lose I get to go home.  Just like Michigan State, I am a bubble team.

Round 7-Luxchomp (I think)

This was against a guy who always has fun decks.  This time his deck isn’t too fun.  I start first for the 5th game out of 7, terrible luck for an Uxie deck.  I only have a Unown R active, and he has an Ambipom G and a DCE, thats game.

4-3.  Thats it, my day is over.  I would have gotten in with a win, but I got donked myself.  I end up getting #20, so I finish decent but  not what I wanted.

This brings me back to my original Bible verse.    When I played Uxie I made a commitment to live by the donk, but unfortunately I also had to die by the donk.  When you play Uxie you can also get donked yourself, its all about luck.  After the tournament I went out to dinner with my brother and his wife, who live in town.  So, all things considered it was a good day, I just wish I had  a little better luck.

Thats what happens when you live by the sword.

Now for some props and slops


Judges- Michigan Judges always do a great job.

Radu- For the decklist and inspiration.

My Pokemon Friends- For a good day

My Brother Wayne- For buying me dinner


The regular Hotel that we play at- for being under construction

Parking in Lansing- Only decent if you got there early

Luck- For not being with me 100%

The Format- for being 99% Luxchomp.

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