Running with Scizors, and Umbreons.

by Pikkdogs ~ March 22nd, 2011.

A big hello to all members of Omar-Nation.  This is Pikkdogs here with a deck idea for you.  It may not be the best deck ever, but it is actually a pretty good deck that deserves some credit.  

A couple weeks ago I wrote an article about walls in the Pokemon TCG, well this is a deck that uses two of those Pokemon.  The idea of this deck is to hit for a moderate amount, while not letting your opponent attack you.

The Main Attackers

Scizor Prime has the “Red Armor” Poke-Body which does not let any attack damage him from a Pokemon that has any Special Energy cards attached to it.  This means that if your opponent is playing Steelix Prime or Garchomp C Lv. X there is a good chance that those cards will need to adapt just to even scratch you.  Since Scizor Prime is a Steel type it can benefit from Special Metal Energies, making it somewhat of a tank.

Umbreon Ud has an attack called “Moonlight Fang” which does 30 damage and does not let any Pokemon with Poke-Powers or Poke-Bodies inflict any effects of an attack on to Umbreon.  Since Umbreon is a Dark type, this means he can take advantage of Special Darkness Energies, meaning his attacks do +10 damage for every Special Dark attached.  So if you put an Expert Belt on him and 2 Special Darks, Umbreon is doing “Moonlight Fang” for 70 damage!  That is not a whole lot, but if its also preventing damage its great.  It also can hit Gengar and Gengar Prime for weakness.  Umbreon also benefits from the fact that it evolves from Eevee.  You can use certain Eeveelutions to make sure that he has free retreat, no weakness,  and an extra +20 HP.

The Techs

This deck also has a few special techs in it, that give it better matchups.   

Espeon Md– As mentioned before, Umbreon’s HP can be increased by 20 with the help of Espeon MD.  Espeon can make sure Umbreon can survive 1 good hit, so you have time to Seeker him back up.  With Espeon and an expert belt, Umbreon has 130 HP!  Thats not bad.

Espeon Prime– This deck is great against decks that use Special Energies or those that use Pokemon with Poke-Power or Poke-Bodies, but what about Machamp SF?  To stand up against Machamp SF you can play an Espeon Prime and be able to “Moonlight Fang” for a 2HKO.  This is because Espeon Prime’s Poke-Body “Evolutionary Memories,” let Espeon use the attack of any Eeveelution as its own.  Its 140 HP (with Espeon MD and Expert Belt) is also very hard to knock out by Machamp.  If your opponent tries to switch to Machamp Prime, you can just use Umbreon to wall.  If you include a Lucario GL in your build you can possibly score a OHKO with “Quick Blow.”  If you don’t like Espeon Prime, instead you can use Uxie Lv. X, but you might need to include Double Colorless Energy.

Spiritomb-  This card serves many purposes.  First, if you play against Uxie donk you are basically auto-loss.  This card will give you a fighting chance against it.  Next, it helps you get a turn 2 Umbreon or Scizor even if you start first.  It also provides a little trainer lock to confuse and mess up your opponent.

The List

Pokemon- 23

  • 4- Eevee’s (either MD or RR)
  • 3-Umbreon Prime
  • 1-Espeon MD
  • 1-Espeon Prime
  • 4-Spiritomb Ar
  • 3-Scyther SF
  • 3-Scizor Prime
  • 1-Scizor Md
  • 2-Uxie
  • 1-Unown Q


  • Special Dark-4
  • Special Metal-4
  • Basic Metal-2
  • Basic Dark-2

Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums- 25

  • 2- Conductive Quarry-Excellent for getting back Special Metals
  • 2-Energy Exchanger- This deck is a hybrid of two decks, so you need consistency in energy
  • 4- Pokemon Collector
  • 3-Bebe’s Search
  • 2-Pokemon Communication
  • 2-Warp Point
  • 2-Expert Belt
  • 2-Judge
  • 2-Seeker
  • 3-Professor Oaks New Theory
  • 1- Luxury Ball

So there is the list, it is a basic list that can be tweaked for your own tastes.  But this is a decent list that should keep you going even in times of trainerlock.


The two sayings I use most are, “Where’d my pants go?” and “A deck is only as good as its matchups”, so lets look at the matchups. 

Luxchomp– Its always tough to play versatile deck. Luxchomp players seem to be able to adapt to anything.  You better get your thinking caps on because this will be a very cerebral battle.  To be able to win you need to get 3-4 Special Metal energy cards on Scizor Prime and then you can tank through the field.  But a good SP player will be able to get rid of Scizor before it gets that many energies.  This is a winnable matchup for you as long as you don’t get matched up against a great player.  40-60.

Machamp-  Machamp has recently re- gained more popularity, and you need to be ready for it.  You don’t run basic Pokemon who attack, so your okay there.  This forces them to either attack with “Hurricane Punch”, or attack with Machamp Prime.  Use Espeon Prime and Espeon to make it tough for them.  The toughest part of this matchup is getting an umbreon and espeon on the bench, and an Espeon Prime active.  Once you do this, just 2 knockouts should seal the game for you.  A very winnable matchup, 70-30.

Gyarados– Easy matchup to talk about.  Unless your opponent is stupid and puts a Special Energy on Gyarados then you are auto-loss. 10-90.

Trainerlock-  This is an interesting matchup.  You have their weakness, and it is very hard for them to attack you.  But, with Gengar Prime little actual attacking needs to be done. Your opponent will try to put things in the Lost Zone.  Use Special Darkness Energies to try to OHKO a Gengar Prime, if you can do it about 2-3 times you should be able to win. 90-10

Uxiedonk– If you get an early double spiritomb you win, if you get behind on prizes or donked early, you lose.  30-70

It isn’t a great deck, but is really fun.  As you can see it has some good matchups.  It can run through trainerlock and Machamp, but SP matchup is tough and Gyarados is Autoloss.  It might not be worthy of regionals, but it still is something you should build to test against.  One of the problems of this deck is that consistency suffers.  Since it is a mix of Scizor and Umbreon you sometimes want to setup Umbreon but only have stuff for Scizor.  People will always run Umbreon and Scizor because they are both popular Pokemon, so you better be ready for them.

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