Pikkdogs’ Stupid Deck Idea: Ampharos Prime.

by Pikkdogs ~ April 10th, 2011.

Hello to all members of Omar-Nation, this is Pikkdogs here with a Stupid Deck Idea for the new format.  As we all know, stupid deck ideas are decks that either are meant to be played for fun, or decks that show promise but have not yet been tested.  This deck falls in the later category.  

Ampharos Prime has  been out for about a year now, and has yet to see any noticeable play.  But with the changes in the format, it may just be time to dust off your Amphy Primes and make a deck out of them.

Ampharos Prime has the “Conductivity” Poke-Body, which lets you put 1 damage counter on every Pokemon that your opponent attaches an energy to from his/her hand.  It has one attack “Crunch” that does 40 damage for LCC, and allows you to flip a coin.  If you flip heads you do 40 more damage, if you flip tails you can discard an energy from the defending Pokemon.

The reason that Ampharos Prime might make a good deck is because of the increase in the amount of decks that attach a lot of energy.  Thanks to Feraligatr Prime’s “Raindance” (that allows you to attach as many water energies to any water Pokemon that you want) and Emboar BW (which allows you to attach as many fire energies as you want to any of your Pokemon) it is now easier to attach a lot of energies.  Soon, Pokemon like Kyogre/Groundon Legend, Ho-Oh Legend, Charizard G, Samurott BW, and Blastoise Ud will be very playable.

To counter these Pokemon, you can use Ampharos Prime to put a lot of damage counters on any Pokemon that gets energy.  For example, say your opponent is running a Charizard G/Emboar deck.  If he attaches a Rescue Energy for the turn, and then attaches 4 Fire Energies thanks to Emboar’s ability, you can then put 5 damage counters on Charizard G.  Putting 5 damage counters a turn, isn’t too shabby, and it sets you up to get an OHKo.  Now that we know the premise of the deck, lets look at some techs that will help make this deck work. 


Ampharos Pt– The Ampharos from Platinum lets you stop all Poke-Powers from Pokemon that have damage counters on it.  It is not a game changing Poke-Body, but its good enough that you should play it if you can.

Spiritomb Ar– Spiritomb is your starter here, and helps you get a fast Ampharos.  He also stops trainers when he is active, thanks to his “Keystone Seal” Poke-Body, this makes him essential for stopping Sabledonks.

Sunnyshore City Gym– If you are gonna play a deck where a lightning Pokemon attacks, you should at least consider running this card.  It takes away weakness from all lightning Pokemon, and prevents resistance from being applied to their attacks.  This card turns a Donphan deck from an auto-loss to an even matchup.

Cincinno– This card is your secondary attacker.  Ampharos Prime is kind of a lack luster attacker, so Cincinno will be very helpful.  You already play DCE, and if you have room for it there is no reason not to play this good card.  For just one Double Colorless Energy, you can do 100 damage if you have a full  bench.

The List

I have not tested this deck out, partially because this deck will only good in the future.   But, this is a list that I drew up.  If you do end up testing this out, just use this as a guide to building your deck.  You will have other ideas and other techs to try out.


  • 4 Mareep Pt   
  • 3 Flaffy Pt
  • 3 Ampharos Prime
  • 1 Ampharos Pt
  • 4 Spiritomb Ar
  • 3 Mincinno
  • 3 Cincinno
  • 2-Uxie La


  • 4- Pokemon Collector
  • 4-Bebe’s Search
  • 2- Pokemon Communication
  • 2- Rare Candy
  • 2- Warp Point
  • 1- Luxury Ball
  • 1-Pokemon Rescue
  • 2- Sunny Shore City Gym
  • 2- Broken Time Space
  • 2- Expert Belt
  • 3- Hand Refresh Card of your Choice (like PONT, Juniper, or Copycat). 


  • Lightning-8
  • Double Colorless Energy-4

So that’s it, just a little list to point you in the right direction.  As mentioned before, this deck isn’t very good right now.  But, possibly if Feraligatr and Emboar become popular this deck will be a great counter to them.  I also considered adding Luxray Gl or Garchomp C to this deck.  Luxray Gl can take advantage of the lightning energy, and Garchomp C can do the same withe DCE.  But, I think Cincinno is better for basic testing.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

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