Feedback Needed: Website Design

by Ed ~ May 2nd, 2011.

Hey guys. When we changed the website to the new name/URL, I also created a new look for the site. Now, the new look was not something that we originally discussed as being a part of the change. I mostly just felt that it would be fun to have a new look and feel to accompany the new name, so I took it upon myself to create the new design. After a weekend of getting used to the new look, what do you guys think?

I would really like feedback on this, because I’m not necessarily attached to the new layout. I could be persuaded to go back to the old, stick with the new, come up with something in between, or try something entirely new.

I’m no graphic artist here, so I know that my artistic abilities and tastes are (well let’s lay it out there) virtually nonexistent. I could use some help. If you’re into designing stuff like this, maybe you want a shot at it. Maybe you just want to voice your opinion. Maybe you’re like me and don’t have a strong opinion, but that’s important for me to know, too.

Here are a few options that are on the table. Any of these are ready to roll. New designs are definitely doable, too (but maybe not by me?). At any rate, please comment and let’s figure this out together.

Old Theme

Old Theme + New Background/Title

New Theme

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  • Anonymous

    Hey Ed,

    I like the new name and the new site design! I think it may be he background which puts off from the main part. The colours and the way they work with the Hitmonchan on the left is nice, but I personally think the background could be a little ‘less busy’? If that makes sense :P
    I’m into web design actually and make my own website while it was online and my custom playmat site currently online. If you need any help with design and stuff then drop me a message/email :)

    Hope this helps,


    • Anonymous

      I agree with Dan–as you scroll through an article, the fact that the text layer is transparent and that you can see the colorless energy symbols in the background is distracting, and it’s not clear why at first, so your eye spends time trying to figure it out. (Or at least that’s what my eye said–I don’t argue.) Go with a solid background.

  • Anonymous

    I really like the old design better. Its a much cleaner design Also, its simpler and the colors really go well together.

    • Ed

      Yeah, I guess that’s what you get when you rip off the Pokemon colors/look. This is what you get when an analytical thinker tries creating a new look.

  • Ed

    I talked to PokemonDan via email. I think he might come up with something new, but I have no idea how soon. Maybe I’ll make a few tweaks in the interim. It seems that the background is the main “problem” at the moment.