Pikkdogs Pikks Three: Ditto Triumphant, Plus Power, and Relicanth Cl

by Pikkdogs ~ May 15th, 2011.

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there, this is Pikkdogs here with another special Pikk Three article.  This special edition of  “Pikk Three” will feature Pokemon that were not used in the previous format but could be great in the HGSS-on format.  The upcoming rotation will drastically change the face of the game.  Not only will we see new decks, some cards from previous sets that were not very good will now be really important.  Here are some cards that could possibly fit this category.

Before we get into the article, I would like to go a little bit of a P.S.A.  If you guys hit up Pokegym.net, you will have seen that there is an article about a young girl who plays Pokemon, who was just diagnosed with Leukemia.  Friends from her Pokemon league are calling on all Pokemon players to come together to donate some Eevee cards and merchandise (Eevee is her favorite Pokemon).  Even though Eevee cards are not very valueable, I think it would be a cool thing if we could show our support by sending her a couple thousand Eevee cards.  It would be cool because she would know there are a lot of people out there who are praying for her and supporting her.  To donate Eevee cards and merchandise to her, follow the instructions in the original Pokegym article that you can find at this link:    http://pokegym.net/forums/private.php?do=showpm&pmid=1555548

Now lets get to the article:

Card #1 Ditto Triumphant

The first card is a card that does something that nothing else in the format can do, it can limit your opponent’s bench.  Even though it is very useful, since it came out, Dito was ignored by all players.  So lets look and see if it should still be ignored or not.

Description– Ditto is a basic colorless Pokemon with 40 HP a weakness to Fighting and a 1 retreat cost.  Its one attack, “Sharp Point” does 20 damage for any two energies, so it is obvious that Ditto is not a great attacker.  Its Poke-Body is called “Dittobolic” and does not let your opponent have more than 4 benched Pokemon.  If he/she already has a full Bench, he/she must pick one to discard.

Analysis– The ability to limit a bench is really good.  Even with 5 bench slots, I still find that I don’t have all the room that I need.  In the next format, bench space will be even more at a premium thanks to the many starting Pokemon that will soon be used.  Not only is it disruptive to any deck, but there are some decks that NEED bench space.  I am talking about the Cincinno deck, the Jumpluff deck, and the upcoming Victini card.  If they do not have a full bench, they are not nearly as effective.  Dropping a Ditto on any of those decks will be very important in any game.  The drawback of this card is that Ditto does nothing else, so in effect you will also be limiting your bench.  But, I think it could be worth the drawback.

Final Rating7.5/10– Ditto could be the only thing holding back Cincinno and Victini.  It is an easy way to stop a very powerful deck.  I think it will see a lot of play.

Card #2- Plus Power

Plus Power is a card that has been in the format for a long time.  But, it has never been  a widely played card.  Recently, it has been played in Donk decks, but with the new Plus Power rule it will no longer work well with Donk decks.  But I still think that it will see a surge in play.

Description– Plus Power is a simple trainer card that when in play will boost the attack power of any of your Pokemon by 10.  The card used to be attached to one of your Pokemon, but now it is played down like a supporter once was.

Analysis– The reason that Plus Power will be a good card in the format has nothing to do with changes to the card.  Instead, the format will change enough that it will seem necessary to play Plus Power, there are two reasons for this.  One is the fact that we no longer have cards like Expert Belt and Crobat G that can boost the attack of a Pokemon or lay damage counters.  So cards like Donphan Prime might seem a little underpowered. Plus Power will help Pokemon like Donphan deal out some more damage to get a knockout.  Another reason is the possible popularity of Zekrom and Reshiram.  Both of these Pokemon have 13o HP and have an attack that does 120 damage.  If you were to use Zoroark to knock out Zekrom or Reshiram, you would need 1 Plus Power to OHKO them.  And since they have a good “rage” like attack, OHKOing them is vital.  I think because of the loss of Expert Belt, and the rise of Zoroark, Plus Power will see more play.         

Final Rating7/10– Like I said before, the format is dictating us all to use this card more.  What once was a “crap” card will now be a staple.

Card #3- Relicanth Cl

Relicanth is a card that could be a starter in certain kinds of decks.  Lets see if he is good enough to be that starter you need.

Description– Relicanth is a basic Water Pokemon with 80 HP a weakness to Grass, and a 2 retreat cost.  Its “Prehistoric Wisdom” attack costs 1 energy and lets you put a card from your hand into the Lost Zone and draw 3 cards.  It does have another attack, but its not worth talking about.

Anlaysis– 80 HP is pretty good, it might even last for two turns against an early attack.  The 2 retreat cost is very hefty, if your opponent does not knock out Relicanth, it will be stuck there for a while.  It will also be a liability later game if your opponent is able to make it active.  But its attack makes it very good for some decks.  Some Pokemon like Mew Prime and Lucario CL rely on having certain cards in the Lost Zone.  If you are able to get those cards in the Lost Zone early and draw cards while doing it, you will be off to a great start.  But, I do not think this card is good enough to play in decks other than Lucario or Mew.  I think that there are better starting Pokemon.

Final Rating 6/10-  Although Mew and Lucario are not the best decks I think that they will be good enough to see considerable play.  And even though most people will probably want a Mew start, having two starters can make a deck more consistent.  I think Relicanth will see some play in this format, and it will be a decent card.
So that’s what I think of those cards.  Please let me know what you think of these cards by leaving your thoughts in the comment box.
So long and thanks for all the fish!
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