Lost World Deck HGSS-On- Mew Prime, Mime Jr. and Gengar Prime.

by Pikkdogs ~ May 18th, 2011.

As you can see I got really creative with the name of this deck. 

Hello all you OHKOers out there.  This is Pikkdogs here with a deck idea for the HGSS-on format. I spent most of last weekend working on some HGSS-on decks.  I tried a lot of good decks, one deck that was unexpectedly good was my lost world deck.

Before we talk about the deck, we have to mention that Battle Roads start this weekend!  This is the time where you can go and prove that the Md-BW format is pretty terrible.  Although most people are not excited about the format, it could be just the time for you to go and steal a Victory Medal.  So go and have fun with your Pokemon friends, and hopefully you can pull down a medal.

How the Deck Works

Anyway, lets go back to the deck.  Like all Lost World decks, this decks only purpose is to get 6 of your opponent’s Pokemon in the Lost Zone.  Unlike the popular Lostgar deck, this deck has no way to grab 6 prizes if needed, but thats not really something you need to do.

The main way you will get Pokemon in the Lost Zone is by using Gengar Prime’s “Hurl Into Darkness” attack.  But you will never have an active Gengar Prime, instead, you will throw Gengar Prime into your Lost Zone and then make Mew Prime use “Hurl”.  Mew Prime can use any attack of any Pokemon in the Lost Zone thanks to his “Lost Link” Poke-Body”.  You put Gengar in the Lost Zone either with Mew Prime or with Relincanth Cl.  You will also put your opponent’s Pokemon in the Lost Zone with Mime Jr. Cl.

Mime Jr. is a very useful card in this deck.  His attack “Sleepy Lost” sends the top card of your opponent’s deck into the Lost Zone.  To make sure you will send a Pokemon to the Lost Zone with this attack, this deck uses Slowking Cl to arrange your opponent’s deck.  His Poke-Power “Second Sight” lets you arrange the top 3 card of either of the decks.  This power can be used to either help you setup, try to give your opponent a bad draw, or to setup “Sleepy Lost.”  When I first made this deck, I thought I would only use Slowking to help with “Sleepy Lost.”  But, I soon found out that if you can get Slowking setup before your opponent sets up, you can delay their setup for a long time.

How Do You Setup?    Mime Jr - CL 47

This deck has an abundant amount of good starting Pokemon.  This deck runs 4 Mew Prime, 2 Relincanth Cl, and 2 Slowpoke (Rambunctious Party).   Either would be decent to start with.  Ideally you would want to start with Mew Prime or Relincanth and Gengar Prime in your hand, and you would be able to get Gengar Prime in the Lost Zone on the first turn.  If  not you should be able to setup with Slowpoke or draw cards with Relincanth.

After you have tried to get Gengar Prime in the Lost Zone, your next job is to setup a Slowking.  Hopefully you started with a Pokemon Collector or some Dual Balls.  After you use these cards  you should have at least 1 Slowpoke, Mew Prime, and Mime Jr.  Eventually try to get multiple copies of each card in your hand, and a Mr. Mime. Next, use a Pokemon Communication to snag a Slowking.

Once you got your Slowking, you need to decide which attacker is the best to use.  First use Mr. Mime’s “Trick Reveal” to see if the opponent has any Pokemon in their hand.  Next use “Second Sight” to see what is at the top of their deck.  If you can take 2 Pokemon with Mew, than do it.  But if you can only take 1 and you have Pokemon both at the top of the deck and in the hand, then you can choose which one you will want to put in the Lost Zone.  Ideally you would want to put the most important one in the Lost Zone, but most of the time any Pokemon will do.

Now that you got your first Pokemon in there just keep on using “Second Sight” and “Sleepy Lost”, as well as Seeker with “Hurl Into Darkness”.  You should know within the first few turns if you can win the game.  If you can put 2 in the Lost Zone before they can take a prize, you should have an easy win.  If they setup as fast as you did, your probably not going to win.  This is why an early Slowking is important.  If you can use Slowking to slow down the opponent for even a turn than you have a better chance at winning.


Of course a deck is only as good as its matchups, so lets see if this format will be kind to this deck.

  1. Reshiboar70/30 Reshiboar is probably the best deck in the format, but it has a hard time attacking if you can limit the amount of energy it receives.  Because Reshiram requires a discard, if you can use “Second Sight” to keep the Fishermen and energy out of their hands, you should be faster than them.  Good players will probably try to attack with Emboar, to get around the discard, but a lot of people will not know to do that.
  2. Stage 1 decks (Cincinno, Donphan Prime etc….)- 50/50– It all depends on if you setup first.  This is a fast deck, so it is a 50/50 chance that you will setup first.  If you can get that early Slowking, you should be good.
  3. Zekrom- 40/60-I haven’t tested this matchup, but this should be a tough matchup for this deck.  Since Zekrom is really fast it has a decent chance of out speeding the Lost World Deck.
  4. Stage 2 Decks60/40– Even though this category is very broad, Stage 2 decks take at least 3 turns to setup.  Hopefully, you should be lost zoning by turn 2.  So if you see an Oshawott and a Totodile on the first turn, take a big sigh of relief.

The List

This is just my list of the deck.  I only made it a couple days ago, so it is far from perfect.  So feel free to experiment with it and make it better.


  • 3- Mime Jr.
  • 1- Mr. Mime cl
  • 4- Mew Prime
  • 2- Slowpoke(Rambunctious Party) 
  • 2- Slowking CL
  • 2- Gengar Prime
  • 2- Relincanth Cl
  • 1- Spiritiomb Tm- For forcing my opponent to refresh his/her hand.

Trainers- 32

  • 4- Seeker- A sure-fire way to get a Pokemon with “Hurl into Darkness”
  • 4- Professor Juniper- the best hand refresh for a deck that doesn’t evolve a lot
  • 4- Twins- You will never take a prize, so you will be able to use Twins a lot
  • 4- Pokemon Collector- You have so many basics that you can’t afford not to run this card.
  • 2- PONT
  • 1- Flowershop Lady- This card has quietly become a staple in any deck.
  • 3- Revive- an easy way to get Mime Jr. and Mew back without wasting your supporter for the turn. Helpful mid to late game.
  • 3- Dual Ball- a way to get basics without using a supporter
  • 4- Communication- you need this to get an early Slowking
  • 3- Lost World- You can run 2, some might run 4.


Psychic-11-You might wanna add another energy or two, because you could burn some on Relincanth or Slowpoke.  But, I only run 11 because Twins makes it easy to get energy when you need it.

Closing Remarks

Well there is the list.  Its not the best list but it is a good place to start if you wanna test this deck.  You could possibly take away some Dual Balls and a revive or two for another Slowking line or some Lost Removers.

When I tested this deck I realized that it can really work, but I still can’t help but think that this deck is just a turn too slow to work.  It will depend on the Metagame, but I think this could be a good deck.

So long and thanks for all the fish!

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