Deck Analysis: Miss Plume- Mismagius Cl and Vileplume Ud

by Pikkdogs ~ May 20th, 2011.

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there, this is Pikkdogs here with a deck analysis.  This is a deck I tried out last weekend and I have grown to kind of like it.  It is a natural evolution of the Vilegar Trainerlock of the last format.  Of course, this deck is for the HGSS-on format.


The goal of this deck is to disrupt your opponent by locking trainers, and then using the trainers in their hand to hurt them with Mismagius’s “Poltergeist” Attack.   Thanks to the rotation, Spiritomb Ar is no longer in the format, so trainerlocking the entire game is no longer possible.  This makes it impossible for trainerlocking to disrupt an early setup.  Even though Vileplume is not as disruptive as it could be, trainerlocking is still effective.  It is hard for any deck to recover without using cards like Pokemon Communication and Rare Candy.

Your main attacker in this deck is Mismagius Cl.  This card has the “Poltergeist” attack that Gengar SF had.  In the past format Gengar was a better attacker because the Level X could counter Dialga G Lv. X.  Now that Dialga G is gone there is no need for a counter to it.  And since Regice and Regirock are gone, and Junk Arm is not playable under trainerlock; it is very hard to discard trainers from your hand.  These facts make Mismagius a pretty good card.

I also run Noctowl HGSS in this deck.  Since the Mismagius and Vileplume lines only add up to 14 Pokemon, you will have some room to have Pokemon that add consistency.  I find that the best Pokemon to fit into this deck is Noctowl.  He lets you draw 1 card during your turn with the “Night Sight” Poke-Power, the power does stack.  Drawing 1 card is not an amazing power, but it does add a considerable amount of consistency.  I feel that it is a good play for this deck.

The Setup

This deck uses Stantler as a starting Pokemon.  Its “Call for Family” attack lets you grab 2 basics from your Pokemon and put it on your bench.  It is the best starter for this deck.  It lets you get Hoothoots, Misdreavuses, or Oddishes; and setup very quickly.  Misdreavus is also a decent starting Pokemon.  It’s “Dual Draw” attack forces each player to draw 3 cards, it lets you setup and puts more trainers in your opponents hand.

Your first goal in setting up is getting a Vileplume.  Even if you have to sacrifice a  couple Pokemon, getting a Vileplume is worth it.  Next, it should be easy to get a Mismagius and load two energies on him.  You might lose a couple Mismagiuses, but hopefully you will be able to catch them with a stale hand full of trainers, and you can easily bring up more Mismagiuses.

The Drawbacks

The biggest problem with this deck is that it is a little slow.  Setting up a stage 2 along with a stage 1 takes a lot of time.  If you are going against a deck that can setup by turn 2, you might find yourself too far down by the time you actually setup.  Another drawback is the fact that you won’t be locking trainers until at least turn 3.  This leaves them plenty of time to setup.

The Good

What I like about this deck is that it is something that most people aren’t planning to go against.  Most people are worried about Zekrom or Reshiram, if they are thinking about anything else it is Donphan, Cincinno, or Gengar Prime.  Nobody is thinking about trainerlock right now.  If you run this deck you will be surprising a lot of people.  This deck is easy to counter, but if nobody is expecting it, nobody can counter it.  I think it could be a good deck for the next format.  It may be a little slow, but I do know that it works well.

The List

Like most my lists I don’t have this list tweaked to perfection.  This is just a rough basic list that I 4-5 times.  I originally ran 4 Rare Candies in this list, but I never could seem to use the Candies, so I took them out.


  • 2- Vileplume
  • 2-Gloom
  • 2-Oddish
  • 4-Misdreavus
  • 4-Mismagius
  • 4-Stantler
  • 1-Mr. Mime Cl- His “Trick Reveal” Poke-Power lets you see the hand of your opponent.  With this guy you can see if you will get a knockout on “Poltergeist.”
  • 1-Spritiomb Tm- Is used for refreshing your opponents hand, if he/she is able to get the trainers out.
  • 2-Hoothoot
  • 2-Noctowl


  • 4-Professor Elms Trainer Method- Lots of Evolutions in this deck, getting an early Vileplume is crucial, and this helps.
  • 2- Twins- possibly the best supporter in this format, 2 is standard in any of my decks.
  • 4- Pokemon Collector
  • 4- Professor Oak’s New Theory- I prefer PONT to Juniper in this deck because of the fact that I run so many evolutions.
  • 1- Flower Shop Lady
  • 2- Copy Cat- your opponent will have a big hand, you might as well benefit from it.
  • 2- Sages Training
  • 4- Pokemon Communication


  • 10- Psychic
  • 2- Rescue
  • 1-DCE- can be used to retreat Vileplume or to attack with Noctowl.

Its not the best list ever, but its enough for you to go on and test this deck for yourself.  Its a pretty basic list that you can tweak yourself by changing cards like Sages Training and Noctowl for other cards that you want to play.

Closing Remarks

I think this deck may be a little slow, but I think it is a good solid idea. When Gothitelle comes to the format, Vileplume may fall out of favor, but for right now it is a decent play.  I didn’t analyze any matchups in this article because I feel that this deck doesn’t differ in most matchups.  I encourage you guys to give this deck a chance and see if you like it.

So long and thanks for all the fish!

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