Pikkdogs Pikks Three- Donphan Prime, Weavile Ud, and Victini

by Pikkdogs ~ May 26th, 2011.

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there.  This is Pikkdogs here with a true Pikk three article.  In this article we will look at three Pokemon cards.  One that is a popular card, one that I feel is under-rated, and one from a new or yet un-released set.

I hope your first weekend of BR’s went well, and you are ready for week 2.  It is possible that last weekend’s BR might be my last.  This weekend we don’t have much going on because our tournament orgainizer Derek is whimping out cause his wife just had twins.  Its not like they had eight kids or something, that would be a good reason (just kidding Derek, all your Michigan players love ya and are thinking and praying for your two new additions!).  Then the weekend after that I am being forced to “volunteer” at a graduation ceremony at the seminary that I work at.  I might still be able to make something on Sunday of that week, but I probably will be really tired.  If you do not have a victory medal, I would encourage you to hit all BR’s possible.  A lot of people are refusing to play with the current format, so you have a good chance at getting a medal.

Anyway, back to the Pikk Three.  The reviews in this article will assume that we are playing under a HGSS-on format.   Lets jump right into the article.

The Staple- Donphan Prime

Description-  Right before the HGSS set was released there was a lot of hype about Donphan Prime.  A stage 1 that could attack for 80 with an Expert Belt was very attractive.  Donphan did see some considerable play, but not much success.  Now that we are in the HGSS-on format, will Donphan have any better luck?

It is a stage 1 fighting Pokemon with 120 HP, a water weakness, and a 4 retreat cost.  Its “Exoskeleton” Poke-Body reduces all damage done to Donphan by 20.  It has two attacks.  “Earthquake” does 60 damage for 1 fighting energy, and does 10 damage to each Pokemon on your bench.  “Mega Impact” does 90 damage for three fighitng energies.

Analysis– The stats of this Pokemon are fairly solid. 120 HP is solid for a stage 1.  Its attacks are a little under powered, but comparably it is a good fast Pokemon for fighting Pokemon.  Without Expert Belt, Donphan will suffer for not being able to do a lot of damage.  The damage counters from “Earthquake” also do stack up on your bench.

I do like Donphan in this format.  It can attack on turn 2, and can hit Pokemon like Zekrom and Cincinno for weakness.  “Exoskeleton” also helps Donphan become a great Pokemon.  That body makes sure that Reshiram and Zekrom are not able to OHKO Donphan.  I think Donphan is a Pokemon that is great for this format, its deck should be fairly successful.  The only thing holding Donphan back is late-game playability.

Final Rating8/10- As I said, it should be a great deck.  I think it will make a deck that everyone should plan for.  Im not sure if it will win anything, but it will be a good deck.

The Underdog-Weavile Ud

Description– Weavile was also a card that recieved a lot of hype just before it was released.  This card however, did not see much of any play.  It may see more now that the major disruption cards in the format have been rotated out.

It is a stage 1 dark Pokemon with 80 HP, a fighting weakness, and free retreat.  It’s Poke-Power “Claw Snag” lets you look at your opponents hand and discard 1 card.  Its attack, “Feint Attack” does 30 damage to any of your opponents Pokemon for 2 energies.

Analysis– Its obvious that the attack is terrible, the HP is very low, and the weakness aint the best, however, the Poke-Power is amazing.  With so few disruption cards in the format, having the ability to discard a card of your choice from your opponent’s hand is amazing!

I could see people using this with Slowking Cl and Team Rockets Trickery to provide a lot of disruption.  Those who liked to play Sablelock might have a new deck to play.  I will try this deck out with Slowking, Weavile, and Absol Prime.  I think it could be a deck to be reckoned with.

Final Rating6/10– This card does have a lot of potential, but it has yet to do anything.  Not many people played it last year, and only a few have tested it out in the HGSS-on format.  Once it gets  a better following it might be rated higher, but for now its all talk.

The Young Gun- Victini

Description– This card comes with a disclaimer.  The card has not be announced yet for U.S. release.  I believe this card was a promo in Japan.  I am expecting it to hit North America and Europe in the second or third Black and White set, but we can never be sure.  So don’t be testing it quite yet, because we do not know for sure if it will ever be ink and paper outside of Japan.

Victini is a basic Fire Pokemon with 70 HP, a 1 retreat cost, and a water weakness.  It has no abilities and only one attack.  “V-Generate” does 100 damage for two energies, but you must have a full bench.

Analysis– The stats of Victini are pretty poor.  70 HP is woeful and its a flying Pokemon without free retreat!  But, doing 100 damage for 2 energies on a basic is really good.  You only need 1 fire energy and a colorless energy to do 100 damage, without a discard or anything like that.

I see Victini fitting well into a Cincinno deck.  If you run out of Cincinno’s you can send up Victini and he can keep on hitting for 100 damage.  It also seems like Victini can be splashed into a lot of other decks.  I think it will be a good card to look out for.

The problem with Victini is Ditto.  If Ditto hits the field on your opponent’s side you will only be allowed to have 4 Pokemon on your bench.  And if you do not have 5 on your bench, you cannot use Victini’s attack.  That means it is very easy to totally disrupt Victini.  It is also very easy to knock out Victini.

Final Rating7.5/10- Considering all aspects of Victini, I think it will be a good card.  It may not be a great card, but I can see it making an impact.  It seems like it will work well in a tool box deck, or a disruption deck.

Well there is what I think, make sure to tell me what you think by leaving your thoughts in the comment box.

So long and thanks for all the fish!

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