Battle Road Report, Rambles, Rants and Raves!

by Joel ~ June 4th, 2011.

Hello everyone in the world of OneHitKO, Joel here with another article (and might as well give Pikkdogs a bit of a break). First off I would like to apologize for not writing in a really long time, but when you work 2 jobs it gets hard to find time. With getting my first day off in a good 3 weeks, I attended the battle road in Hartland, Michigan. The tournament was held in a nice library in the middle of the small town. There were roughly 30 masters, 5 rounds with a top cut of 4. I went to this tournament with no intention on winning, so I played ReshiBoar, and the whole deck was HGSS-on. I will share my list at the end of the article. On with the tournament report! (I would like to apologize in advance for not going into full detail on all of my matches as I just wrote down the names of my opponents, their deck and my win-loss record).

Round 1 vs Andres T. with Donphan/Flygon/Nidoqueen
I met Andres a few times before but have never played against him. We both came with the intention on just having a good time and he built the deck the night before. Game starts and I go first. I start with a Cleffa active and a Reshiram, Tepig and Vulpix on my bench. I attach rescue energy to Reshiram, and use Eeeeek to refresh my hand. He goes, drops BTS, drops Phanpy then Donphan attaches to Donphan and passes. I don’t remember much except for getting my Lanturn out, changing him to a water type and KO-ing Donphan. He also had Flygon and Nidoqueen in his hand but couldn’t draw the basics needed. I end up winning with Reshiram.

Round 2 vs Clair D. with Kingdra/Garchomp C

This was a close match. She manages to KO 2 Reshiram with Kingdra (not the prime) and snipes a Tepig with Garchomp C. I KO Garchomp C with Reshiram and fry the rest of her Kingdras and Uxies with Lanturn. (I apologize once again for not going into more detail, I should probably write more of what happened during my matches next time). Lanturn won the game for me

Round 3 vs Diane S with Gengar/Garchomp C

Diane is not only a PokeMom, but also a great player. I start with a Reshiram, Tepig and Vulpix and she starts with 3 Gastlys. I go first, attach Rescue to Reshiram and pass. She goes, and the most she can do is trainer lock me with Gastly. I attach fire to Reshiram, evolve to Ninetales, roast reveal to draw into a Pignite and Emboar, evolve to Pignite and outrage. She goes, attaches to Gastly, evolves to Haunter and poisons Reshiram. My third turn I manage to get Emboar set up and 2 Reshiram with 3 energy. I pick off all her pokemon for the game, but this won’t be the last time I see her.

Round 4 vs Matt V with Kingdra

Matt is a good friend of mine, and a good player.  I start with Cleffa and Reshiram to his 3 Horseas. I go first and immediately collector for a Tepig, Vulpix and Chinchou. I bench all 3, and use Eeeeek to refresh into an amazing hand. He goes, drops Uxie, attaches to a benched Horsea and passes. My refreshed hand consisted of a Lanturn, Ninetales, Rare Candy and a few energy. I evolve to Lanturn and Ninetales, Roast reveal and draw into 2 energy and an Emboar. Candy to Emboar, retreat Cleffa and charge up my Lanturn attack. He couldn’t do much since Lanturn basically fried his Kingdras.

Round 5 vs John H. with Sabledonk

John is one of the nicest players I met and he told me he was playing Sabledonk just to ensure rotation. Not much I can say except you really can’t win against that deck with a lone Cleffa.

At this point, I’m 4th seed going into top cut and I’m playing John again. I’m not looking forward to this.
Top Cut Game 1 vs John
I start with 2 Reshiram, a Tepig and a Cleffa against his Sableye. He doesn’t manage to donk me, and scoops after a couple turns to save time.
Game 2
Lone Vulpix, ’nuff said.
Game 3
I start with 2 Reshirams, and a Tepig. Opening hand consists of a Collector, Candy and Emboar. I get fully set up by my 2nd turn and steamroll his belted Sableyes with Reshiram.

Top Cut Round 2 vs Diane with Gengar/Garchomp C
I’m going to summarize both games, Donked. I start with bad hands, and she starts with Sableye both games. I have lone pokemon in both games and the PokeMom gets a Victory Medal. Still, coming in 2nd place is pretty cool seeing I have only made top cut 4 times in my career and this is the first time I have ever made it past the first round of top cut.

Now that the report is out of the way, here is the list I ran.

3 Reshiram
2 Tepig (promo BW07)
1 Pignite
2 Emboar
2 Vulpix
2 Ninetales
2 Chinchou
2 Lanturn (prime)
3 Cleffa
2 Junk Arm
4 Energy Retrieval
2 Professor Oak’s New Theory
4 Pokemon Collector
3 Rare Candy
3 Interviewer’s Questions
2 Fisherman
4 Pokemon Communication
2 Rescue
2 Lightning
13 Fire

I like ReshiBoar because not only is it fun, but it’s also consistant and hits hard. Reshiram is such a good card too, it has 2 good attacks, and Emboar helps you constantly deal damage. I got the idea for the Lanturn from my friend Tyler, it works good in mirror matches with his Poke-Power Underwater Dive, which changes Lanturn from an electric to water type, that way I can take out not only fire types, but the water type decks made to counter Reshiram. I know my trainer and energy counts could use more work, but as I said I had no intention on doing good today.

I’d also like to take the time to rant about Sableye. I hope the mid-season rotation comes because as John told me after we were playing, you don’t need to be skilled and win if you are running Sableye. As my final round in Swiss and top cut showed, I probably would have won if it wasn’t for Sableye. On the bright side, if Sableye doesn’t donk, it will have a hard time winning (especially against tanks like Reshiram and Zekrom).

That’s all I have for now, hopefully I can get another article for you guys soon. I was going to write one a couple weeks ago but everything I could possibly talk about has been already covered. Also if you aren’t already, follow me on twitter @TheJoelHowe.

Thanks again everybody!

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