PokeClass Episode 29 – ZPS Deck Analysis w/Playthrough

by PokemanDan ~ June 14th, 2011.
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Hey all of you at OneHitKO! This is PokemanDan bringing you the next episode of PokeClass.

This week is the start of the HGSS-On deck analysis for all of you that have Nationals coming up soon!
ZPS is one of the most hyped deck of the new format since it can get a very powerful donk going on through the first turn. A very tough deck that has very strong early game presence, but maybe that’s the biggest weakness. Watch the video to find more in-depth analysis!

Now, I’ve included the playthrough video in this post to save you having to click elsewhere. It simply goes through the first turn of Zekrom, showing you how you can manage to do 120 damage on just the first turn, including 3 energy attachments! Watch below for more.

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Enjoy and comment below what you think about the deck.

See you next week,


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  • Why not an Unown Dark and a darkness energy? That way you dont rely on the luck of sages training to get the cards you need. You could have used that collector to get shaymin, unown dark and another zekrom also getting the dark energy with unown.

    • Anonymous

      I do agree. This build was ‘experimental’ with the Sage’s Engine and I’m trying out a newer build with the Unown Dark too. Thanks for the comment and I’ll be sure to include a video with the newest build soon!

  • Bob

    Hey Dan, nice Dunsparces :)

  • Bwaaaa

    Lanturn prime is also a very good tech for donphan while also covering the fire decks that will be very dominant this format

  • Laura

    hi Pokeman Dan, I’ve found both your articles and all the others who work on onehit KO to be super helpful :D thanks!

    I’m really new to playing the pokemon TCG competitively and would love some advice about my first deck. I’m going to use it in a couple of days at my very first league!!! (Super excited!)

    So I’ve modified my Ignition theme deck (Supreme Victors Expansion) and I’ve kicked out the fire and basic pokemon. I’ve kept Venusaur for his green aroma poke-body and his special effects. I want to make a deck that will do some damage as well as throw every special effect possible at the opponent. 

    Also I’ve got “Miasma Valley” Stadium card (platinum) – whenever any player puts a basic pokemon (excluding grass or psychic) from his or her hand onto his or her bench, put 2 damage counters on that pokemon.

    So my deck is grass and psychic with the exception of a few normal and water pokemon, so I thought it’d be a great card to have in play for as long as possible.

    Here’s my list:

    3 x Bulbasaur (platinum supreme victors)
    2 x Ivysaur (platinum supreme victors)
    1 x Venusaur (platinum supreme victors)
    1 x Pineco (HS-undaunted)
    1 x Pineco (call of legends)
    1 x Caterpie (heart gold and soul silver)
    1 x Metapod (heart gold and soul silver)
    1 x Butterfree FB (platinum supreme victors)
    1 x leafeon (platinum rising rivals)
    1 x Shedinja (Diamond and pearl legends awakened)
    1 x Tropius (HS undaunted)
    1 x Oddish (HS undaunted)
    1 x Tangela (call of legends)
    1 x Dunsparce (Ex legend maker)
    1 x Eevee (platnum rising rivals)
    1 x Eevee (HS undaunted 48/91)
    1 x Drowzee (heart gold and soul silver)
    1 x Hypno (Heart gold and soul silver)
    1 x Deoxys (call of legends 2/95 rare holo)
    1 x Exeggcute (diamond and pearl legends awakened)
    1 x Slowking (call of legends)
    1 x Slowbro (heart gold and soul silver)
    1 x Slowpoke (HS undaunted)
    1 x Miltank (heart gold and soul silver)


    2 x Moomoo milk (heart gold and soul silver)
    1 x Full heal (heart gold and soul sliver)
    1 x Pokegear (Heart gold and soul silver)
    1 x Wally’s training (EX sandstorm)
    1 x Buffer piece (Ex dragon)
    1 x Good rod (HS unleashed)


    2 x Interviewers questions (HS unleashed)
    1 x Bill (heart gold and soul silver)
    1 x Professor elm’s training method (heart gold and soul silver)
    1 x Palmer’s contribution (platinum supreme victors)
    1 x Flower shop lady (HS undaunted)


    1 x Miasma Valley (platinum)


    1 x Cyclone energy (EX unseen forces)
    8 x Basic psychic energy
    11 x Basic grass energy
    Thanks lots for reading all the way down here <3 hope you can help me!